Friday, July 20, 2012

R.I.P. Marco Lolli-Ceroni.

Te ne sei andato e ci mancherà, ma mai dimenticata. You are gone and will be missed but never forgotten.


  1. We will miss you my easy Marco.

  2. Hi I' an italian friend of Marco, can you give me more info?
    I talked with his brother and he don't know nothing about it.

    1. Hi, unfortunately the only information I have is from my manager saying he received a call saying he had passed away. I talked to my supervisor and he just heard the same information that he had passed and no details were given. If I do hear any other information I will post it here. I'm sorry for your loss.

    2. Soino in contatto con un suo amico, contatta questa persona e contatta il fratello, io non so come trovarlo. Questa è la sua email:

  3. Let us have some news, his family was informed in Italy?

  4. Yes Sonny Salinas told me about the news. I have no idea if his family was notified in Italy or not? I have no other news at all I'm still trying to get information myself. I'm sorry this is all the information I have.

  5. Hello, I'm his nephew, and I live in Italy with his brother (my father). Please for any infos related contact me at the following email address:

    It's more than important for us to have any possible additional infos related.
    I can send you also my mobile number for a direct contact.

    Thank you for any help.

    Pietro Lolli Ceroni

  6. Dear all, thank for your help. We have been in contact with some of you and this has helped us to find the right (and sad) news.
    Now we are in contact with the Italian Embassy to bring back home (in Italy) the body fot the Christian funeral with parents and frinds. It has been confirmed he had a brain hemorrhage.
    Sincerly thank you another time for your help and your friendship with him.
    I'm sure he is thanking you all from the Paradise! Now he has met his parents and one of his brother.
    Best reagards

  7. Pietro, tienici informati sugli eventi. Io sono a Imola, ti lascio la mia e-mail:

  8. Happy Birthday my friend. Joe and I miss you and talk about you often.

    much love to you
    Tamra and Joe Frausto

  9. I still miss my friend Marco, and so I dedicate my new song to him. GOD bless Marco. We prayed together at work some times, when we needed a prayer. I remember, Marco loved the LORD. I remember him telling me about the going to mass. It was very important to him. He really loved GOD, and that is one of the reasons, I really loved him. We both shared our faith with each other.