Friday, September 28, 2012

App Review: Diptic. Update.

 Awhile ago I reviewed an app called Diptic. You can see that here. Well here's an update for that review. I recently updated the os on my iPhone 3GS to iOS 6. You can see that here. In iOS 6 Diptic updated some of it's features. You can see their website here. I am only reviewing for my phone the 3GS. There is other features available for different models of the iPhone.

 I hit on the fact that when I sent the picure to my email and downloaded it, the file size was 640x640 and a PNG file. The same thing happened again. See the pic below. I don't know why that is happening?

I saved the collage as "hi-res" and it is still 640x640.

  Let's get to some cool features. So now when I add effects, I can add filters to each individual picture. Or I can add them to all the photos at the same time.

  This was cool. Now I just want the resolution to be fixed when I send the picture to my email to use on my blog.

Finished project.
 I am happy with this collage app but I think there might be another good one out there. I will keep looking. For now this will work. And I don't want to spend another 99 cents until I know for sure it does what I want. I hope this helps you. Till next time.

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