Wednesday, November 28, 2012

New phone.

 Well I finally got a new cellphone. I had my 3GS iPhone for a year and a half. We upgraded to the iPhone 4S. 8 megapixel goodness for the camera. Siri. Oh and I forgot to mention speed. Did I say speed, this phone is extremely faster then the 3GS. Somethings still take a few extra seconds but damn. This phone as a whole is worth it.

Here is some fun with Siri.

 Here is some new pics from the stock camera and my favorite camera apps.

Stock not touched up.
Camera+ (plus).
 Of course you will be seeing more pictures and posts but I wanted to put this up really quick. I have noticed that now Instagram saves the photos at 800x800, instead of 600x600. The stock camera saves at 1536x2048. Camera+ (plus) saves at 1536x2048 also. Diptic (not shown) saved my collage at 1600x1600. Overall the quality has gotten better. I will report more later. Till next time.

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