Monday, December 31, 2012

Final post of 2012.

 Well this will be officially my last post of 2012. I will post a couple of my favorites of 2012. But first here was a weekend project scored for a great price.

 So the candles and candle holders we got from out friend who didn't want them anymore. The mirror we found at Target and it had some glue stuck on the mirror itself. Melissa asked for a discount because it was the last one and potentially ruined. Well Target being as cool as they are, did it. They gave us 15% off. Hey I'll take it. The mirror was $30 so $25 and change that's a deal. We brought it home and began to clean it up. We took a razor blade scraped off all the glue, cleaned the mirror, and it was brand new. Installing was my job. It was some work because the mirror was heavy. It turned out to be 98% perfect when I was done. Ha ha.

The full effect. I personally think this looks like a magazine.
 Now here comes a look back at of 2012.

1. Here are a couple pictures that are my favorite for 2012.

 Thirteen for good measure, and for 2013. Yes the SR-71 Blackbird is posted twice but it's my favorite airplane.

 Well I don't really have a list of my favorites, so I will just write about whatever I want to. We went to the free museum day. We went to the Museum of Glass, and the Museum of Flight. Those were really cool to see even if we were disappointed by MOG. We went on the Seattle Great Wheel. That was an adventure. We went to see the Gum wall in Seattle. That was interesting. Basically what I'm reflecting on, is we had an amazing 2012. We tried new things, and new places. I cannot wait to start 2013 with the same ambition we did this year. I want to go to more museums, more beach days on sunny days. More ice cream, just more of everything!

 I hope you had a good 2012. Well it looks like we did. Here's to 2013.

Happy New Year! 
To a new beginning,
a fresh start.

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