Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Superhero backlash.

So on a tv show I watch, they presented a question that I never thought of. If you were being attacked, and you were saved by a superhero but your car or house was totaled. Would you sue the superhero for the damages on your property? Who would pay for the damages on your stuff? Just imagine calling your insurance company and saying, "Well Killer Croc was attacking me, and Spider-Man saved me but my car is totaled." Imagine the insurance premium you would have if you lived in Gotham city. Batman dropping someone from the roof and they land on your car. Joker robs a bank and the shrapnel breaks your windshield. What would you do? You can't necessarily move away. I don't know anyone with enough money just to up and leave. Like
In Avengers. What would the city do? Yeah they're happy the Avengers saved the day but more then half the city is destroyed. Oh well that was just a question that no one asks. It's something to think about. Till next time.

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