Sunday, July 7, 2013

2 year blog anniversary.

 So this is my 2 year blog anniversary. I can't believe it has been 2 years already. You're like Ben, wait, why didn't you do anything for for your 1 year anniversary? And I will say I never thought about it. But now since I am, I'm going to go through some mandatory memory lane stuff like old posts, stats and all that good stuff.

 Let's dive in. My very first post ever: Why do I let what my friends do bother me?. The summary of this post is competition between friends, always trying to outdo others and shrugging it off. We haven't been friends with those people in quite a few years now. I do not miss them one bit. They were toxic, belittling and negative. That post helped me think out my feelings and helped me move on. It did take awhile to move on but I did.

 My next milestone? A viewer comment. I have actually only gotten comments on like two posts. Oh well. The blog post with the first comment is: Why do assholes prevail? Oh and by the way this post has gotten 121 views up until this writing. That is crazy to me. I normally have like 4 views and two of those are mine because I forgot to uncheck "Don't track your own views." Ha ha. This was my first time I felt like someone read my blog and it either helped them or it was helping me? Don't know for sure but it was indeed a milestone.

 It's weird going back over some of these posts. I don't even know where to begin with memory lane on my blog. Well let's skip forward another year.

 Well I didn't even mark the year anniversary on my actual start date in 2012. So I will show you the closest posts to that date. First one up 4th of July 2012 which was posted on 7-5-12. I actually took some pretty cool pictures on that blog. I have an amazing picture of the moon. The next blog post Cellphone pic Thursday 7-12-12. Not too bad of a picture taken with an iPhone 3GS. My highest page visit in my blog history happened in 2012. It was for my friend that passed away. I don't really count that as a post worth bragging about so I will pick the next highest blog views in history. My post on the Starbuck's 2012 edition ornaments it has 289 views. I only had one comment on my blog for 2012 besides for my friend's post it was for Rain storm 6-23-12.

One of my most favorite blogs was when I talked about my Special Edition movies and games. You can check Limited Edition post 1. And Limited Edition post 2.  For a while I was doing some weekend review blogs. This was my first ever weekend review. You can check that out here weekend review 1. I need to get back into the swing of things and start doing my weekend reviews. My very first Mars Rover Curiosity post.

 Well I think that was a pretty good walk down blogging lane for me. And that I don't have anything else to add to this blog. So I will leave it on a good note. I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Well till next time.

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