Monday, September 2, 2013

Weekend review 8-31-13 - 9-1-13.

 This weekend was amazing. Yes, I do say amazing for every weekend lately but this one takes the cake. This trip took place on Saturday. We went to the Granite Falls Fish Ladder and the Big four Ice Caves. I took so many pictures, I can't even take any out. I will get straight to it.

 First we went to the Granite Falls Fish Ladder. I know what you're thinking, a fish ladder? Yeah, a fish ladder. We headed on down the road and we found the fish ladder. We got out, we heard some rushing water. We followed a service road down to the waterfall and the adventure began.

A little reflection action happening.

The perilous walkway of steel grate death.

This picture is really cool but I killed my knee with a rock puncture for it.

This sign is self explanatory but, dumbass' walking out on the rocks. I was waiting for them to fall in.

No this isn't a trick shot. You literally have to walk on these steel grates. 
 This picture does NOT convey the anxiety inducing walkway this was. I was freaking out, but I was focusing on the big picture.

we saw this on the way out. I was hoping this would be a sign of things to come.
 Next we started our trek to the Big Four Ice Caves. It was a beautiful day. Hot and sunny.

The heavens shined down on the walkway to our goal.

This is the best picture I have ever taken in my life.

This was looking back as we were walking away from one of the most spectacular things I have ever seen.
 I am so proud of us for going on a hike. We didn't force ourselves. We paced ourselves and we made it. We accomplished a goal to see something amazing. Melissa kind of faced her fear of walking on grates. I went way out of my comfort zone and I am proud of us. Oh and a plus for me. 80 percent of these pictures are not touched up in anyway. I'm looking forward to more of our adventures but this was one the best ones we have EVER had. We definitely will be going back Till next time.

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