Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend review 9-21-13 - 9-22-13.

 So here is my weekend review. Technically this weekend review started on Tuesday. You're like Ben, why Tuesday? Because Tuesday the 17th is when Grand Theft Auto V was released. I have posted about Grand Theft Auto before. When I heard they were releasing GTA V on current consoles I was elated. I knew I would be buying it day one, without fail. Cut To Christmas 2102, Melissa, my awesome amazing wife, pre ordered it for me. If you noticed on that GTA V poster it said spring. Well it got delayed until September. I couldn't believe I would have to wait 5 years and some months for this game. Well the wait was worth it. Tuesday night after work I fired it up. After the mandatory install, the first mission you have to complete, I tried finding anything on the all blacked out map, I finally found the Vinewood sign. When I played this weekend, I took the time to fly around the whole entire map to get it uncovered. This took about 3 hours or so. I have played a couple of the beginning mission (No spoilers). Overall I'm impressed but, some things piss me off. The cops are way too aggressive now. It's really hard to lose them. I feel like sometimes you die too easy. I'm glad there's not "friends" nagging you every 2 seconds calling you to hang out. Then you lose friends respect because you would rather race around the airport runway. You can still call them if you want to hang out. Cool little trick I learned way too late, you can do a quick game save on your in game cell phone. I wish I would have known that Friday night, because I had started clearing the map but I got bored and started dying. I turned off my game because I thought the game was auto saving everything not just mission completions. I might do a little more in depth review later? It's definitely worth picking up if you like the game, or want to try something different.

Yes I even picked up World War Z.

I got the Atomic Blimp with my preorder.

The elusive Vinewwod sign, well, for me at least.

 Wednesday, iOS7 got released. I decided to go ahead and update my iPhone 4S. My whole update time was about 1 hour and 20 to 30 minutes. I was shocked by the complete redesign of the interface. It was crazy going through all the new settings, turning things off. That day was the worst day of my battery life for my phone, which makes sense because of all the settings and things I was playing with. So far my battery has been way less then normal. I couldn't get through a whole day like I had before. I had to charge my phone during the later part of my day. Which again is rare for me to have to do. I wanted to continue out the week and see how it did. Friday, my battery lasted a little longer but was at 1 percent when I got home. I had to consider wiping and reinstalling on my phone.

 The new iOS interface is way different then iOS6. it's a lot more white then I remember. 
 Friday when I checked my mail, my Saints Row IV was there. I had ordered it when it was on sale for 50 bucks. (As of this writing, it is still 50 dollars.) 54 bucks and change, shipped. Awesome deal, I love Amazon. I didn't take any pictures of Saint Row IV, but I will soon.

 Saturday was a game playing marathon for me. I played as stated above, for 3 plus hours clearing GTA's map. I got tired of GTA so I popped in Saints Row IV. I'm so glad Saints Row started making the game their own, instead of trying to compete with other games with the same "sandbox" style of game play. Saints Row IV is way over the top and that's what makes it so much fun. This time around, you get "super powers", (No spoilers.) You saw these on the game trailer. The soundtracks on both GTA V and Saints Row are amazing. Even Melissa bobbed her head a couple of times. I love making my own avatar. There's so many choices you can choose from. You get to customize every single thing. From the top to bottom. I will post pictures later of my Saints Row IV.

 Sunday I had to some work around the house, but after that I hopped back on Saints Row for a couple of missions. Then over to GTA for a couple of missions. all and all I think I got about 12 hours of game time. This is a rarity for me. Grand Theft Auto IV, took me about almost 4 months or so to complete. And that was with like a hour here and there. So I'm in no rush to finish GTA V. I have so many games that I still need to finish. Ha ha. I know this was kind of a jumbled weekend review but, welcome to my week I had. Definitely check out Saints Row IV and GTA V. You won't regret it.

 Oh and I did decide to wipe my phone and reinstall iOS7. A tip before hand, make sure if you're using iTunes, backup and sync ALL of you apps on your phone. That way when you restore from backup, all of your apps on on your phone. So far, as of this writing, may battery is at 88 percent. That is me having my phone on for 3 and a half hours with light use. So far it looks a little bit better then Thursday and Friday, but we will see. Till next time.

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