Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend review 9-28-13 - 9-29-13.

 It's monday that means it's time for the weekend review. So this weekend on Saturday it was Free Museum Day. We decided we were going to the EMP Museum. Now I had been to EMP back on opening day. When I went there again on Saturday, holy crap was it way different. Opening day, was a cluster fuck mess of people and closed exhibits. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Obviously I checked out the website before we went. When I first went it was only about music and music memorabilia. Now they have horror film, fantasy film and sci-fi film stuff. I was looking forward to seeing actual movie props, not replicas. This is basically Mr. Paul Allen's personal collection. have fun going through the picture journey of my experience.

So this is the guitar sculpture. I call it the guitar tornado. If you see it from farther back it looks like one.
 First we went to the Jimi Hendrix exhibit.

 Next it was the Nirvana exhibit.

Writing on the top of the picture says: If anyone has a problem with his dick we can remove it.

A guitar from Van Halen.
 Next is the fantasy exhibit.

The Ice Queen from The Chronicles of Narnia.

The Dark Crystal.

Percy Jackson.

Xena: Warrior Princess.
 Next was the horror exhibit.

The Blair Witch Project.

The Shining.

Alien. Facehugger.

Nomak from Blade II.

Phantasm. One of my most favorite movies.

Xenomorph from Alien.

These pictures do not convey the actual size of this. 

You can't have horror without Jason Voorhees.

Melissa's eye in the mask. 

 Here are some pictures of the best authors or directors of science fiction.

Creator of The Lord of The Rings and many others.

One of my most favorite authors. Creator of I, Robot.

Too many movies to name but some of my favorites, Terminator 2: Judgment day and Aliens. 
 More movie or TV show props.

Tribbles and Captain Kirk's chair.

Darth Vader's lightsaber

Yoda's cane.

Krypton spaceship.

Christopher Reeve's Superman outfit.

Spaceship from Independance Day.

Endoskeloton. I wish the eyes were dimly lit up.

The Matrix Setinel.

Teddy from the movie A.I.

Teddy looked really sad and I wanted to break him out and take him home with us.
 Side note, I would, if I had the money, buy every single one of these props and keep it for myself. Yes, I am that selfish. Ha ha. Could you even imagine having Teddy walking and talking around your house?

 Another side note. We took our DSLR camera with us. We ended up taking a whopping 43 pictures with and the rest on our cell phones. Isn't it crazy how you start to prefer the cellphone camera over you "good" camera. Ha ha. Oh well.

After we were done at EMP Museum we went to the "Armory's" food court. We had never been to MOD Pizza. After I tasted this nectar of the gods, I couldn't believe I hadn't been there before! It was so damn good.

Please do not drool on your keyboard, it isn't good for the electronics. Ha ha.

 After we were done eating, we made our down the "Mercer mess" to Heather Palooza 2013. This was a benefit for Melissa's best friend Heather. Please check out She is an amazing person who could use some help.

 Sunday we had some house chores and projects. I got some GTA V and SR IV time. The weather over the weekend here was crazy. There was flooding, trees falling over, power outages and a confirmed tornado in the state of Washington. How much more crazy can you get? I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the EMP. I can't wait for Museum Day next year. Till next.

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