Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, the midweek update begins. I came up with a new story summary. All together I have, seven stories I'm working on. Two of them, are only summaries, so I don't have to focus all my time on them. Three stories, are in pieces. I have writers block on all three. One story, I haven't even began to work on yet. I need to figure out what direction I'm going in. And the last story I can't even begin, to think of how to write it. I think I need to take that off my list. I posted original ending to Bruce Vs, please check that out. I worked really hard on that ending and it shows more of the love story between Bruce and Betty.

 I have found a new to me, old for everyone else song. It's called Pink Floyd Time Remix by Pretty Lights. You can check out their site and hear some cool music. Pretty Lights website. I love Pink Floyd, so when I heard the Time remix I was intrigued. Pretty Lights, in my opinion, did a really good job on it. 

 Video games, I got to the Mothula dungeon, in The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past. Jeez, for being a 20 plus year old game, it's kicking my ass. And I wonder why I suck at video games so much, I can't even beat old games. Ha ha. I will keep working at it though. Below are some thought provoking pictures. 

 Till next time.

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