Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's time for the midweek update. Writing: I finished one story. Added some content to three more. Haven't even started on one of them. So I added it up, I am working on seven total stories. I didn't even know the total, in my head. I had to look at the draft section on Blogger. Ha ha. No wonder, I am having writers block. I will keep working on them as inspiration hits me, plus I don't want to rush my stories out, just to get them out. I want them to be quality. These stories and characters mean a lot to me and they deserve it.

 Video games: I beat level eight on The Legend Of Zelda. I haven't touched A Link To The Past since I beat Mothula. That shit was hard. I used my Good Bee, my green potion, Fire Rod and I still don't know how I beat him, but I did. That was an intense level.

 Random pictures from around the web.

I wish the person who made this actually spelt Xerxes correctly. I saw this and laughed out loud. 

I learned more from this, than I remember I did from class. 

This is me to a fucking t. Ha ha. 

 Sad news, over the weekend, Oso, in Snohomish county was hit by a landslide. The number of people missing and dead are still climbing. The picture below, illustrates just how big this landslide was.

 If you can please help by visiting  Anything helps. Till next time.

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