Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend review 3/22/14 - 3/23/14.

 This weekend was Melissa's first birthday weekend. She went to Oregon for an overnight stay, for a girls night. That meant I, got to have the house to myself. It was my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got some Amazon gift cards. My first purchase was a new internal hard drive for my computer. My primary drive was running out of space due to all my movies I had on there. I went with a Western Digital 2TB. Saturday I installed my hard drive.

 I knew it wouldn't be a full 2 terabytes when it was formatted, but I wanted some good space for my movies and pictures. So, as you see below, it came out to 1.81 terabytes, or 1,810 gigs. that is pretty damn good. 

 Since Melissa wasn't here, I didn't want to stuck in the office all day, so I decided to move the computer downstairs to the living room.

 I did all my backups of my primary drive and watched anime all day. Life couldn't get any better, except for Jimmy Johns delivery.

 Sunday, I had to do some cleaning around the house and pick up all my mess I made. Melissa came home Sunday night and brought me a few treats.

Mmm, brain flavored.

 I don't know if my brain will let me try these brain flavored mints or not? Nope I didn't take a lot of pictures and this blog is late but oh well. Ha ha. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekend. I hope you did too. Til next time.

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