Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend review 5/31 - 6/1/14.

 Friday night:
I watched Vampire Academy. It was totally not what I was thinking. Kinda really dumb and they didn't even take themselves seriously. The worst part, they actually left it open for a sequel. No thanks, that's a skip. 

We wanted to go yard/garage (sale-ing?). We hit quite a few houses didn't really find much we were looking for. I did find a Xbox original for 10 bucks, but those things are huge and I wouldn't want to take up all that room, just for a Raspberry Pi in a case. After the sales, we hit some thrift stores. Melissa said she had seen a couple of GameCubes the previous day. So we were on the hunt for the elusive Moby Dick. As we entered the first store, I was trying not to run back to the electronics section.

 We got there and my eyes bulged looking for the GameCubes. My eyes got smaller and my sad face took over. No GameCubes to be found. We left the store and tried the next one. This one never has consoles. I didn't have my hopes up and I wasn't disappointed when there were no consoles except an Xbox original. Are they trying to tell me something? Well I am not listening. No Xbox for me. After perusing, we decided to have a picnic at Jennings Park. We stopped by Subway and grabbed a couple sandwiches. We found some benches under some shade and enjoyed ourselves. Saturday night:
We watched 30 Minutes Or Less. There were some funny moments, but over all kinda dumb. 

I had to some yard work. Nothing special. I took my recent PS1 purchase apart and found the locations for the USB ports. No pictures yet, but some coming soon. I was too into it to stop and take pictures maybe for the midweek update. Well, I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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