Friday, July 18, 2014

End of the week update.

 On the midweek update I added an update about how I tried OpenELEC on the throw away computer and it worked. So Wednesday night, I put the 500 gig hard drive I had in another computer into the the throw away computer. I installed OpenELEC and everything was smooth.

 I transferred over a couple movies, had the scraper get the meta data, added some weather widget and was good to go. I was about to re hook it up to my tv and surround sound, but I was like let me test this real quick. I ran down stairs, turned on the ps3 and scanned for media servers. Of course my office computer showed up, but the OpenELEC computer did not. I was like what the hell, let try and configure some more stuff. I adjusted some things, tried my phone with the remote app and that worked. I tried logging on from the web and that worked as a remote control not a stream like I thought, but I was like oh well maybe I can figure that out later. I ran back down stairs, tried the ps3 again and nothing. 

 Back up stairs I started up Psmc to look for renderers. The office computer, Xbmc, Ps3, Sony Blu-ray and an unknown renderer showed up. I was like okay that must be the OpenELEC. I tried streaming from it to the office computer running Xbmc and it couldn't even find the throw away computer. What the hell? If Xbmc can't see the throw away, there's no way that anything else would see it. Well there went a couple hours of time. I downloaded Mythbuntu installed that real quick, but I didn't have time to throw some movies on it. 

 So my thought is that OpenELEC is a client machine, meaning you would use that to stream from the server or a network computer that has your files on it. That is great and I will want and use that, but I need a server type computer.

 Thursday night, I was like I'm gonna try OpenELEC again, there has to be something I'm missing. I downloaded two versions of the generic amd64. I tried the one with the .tar extension, created the sd card, turned on the computer and there was some sort of failure and the install stopped. Next I wrote the .img extension to the sd card and it worked and I installed OpenELEC and was up and running. I took my time configured everything and the game room pc was born. The office pc found it and I transfered a couple of files over and they worked. I found the files from the game room pc on the office pc, everyhting was working. Psmc found the game room pc all was good. I restarted the computer to update the library.

 I ran down stairs turned on my Ps3, searched for media servers and tada? Nope, no go at all. The only media servers were my office pc, office pc Xbmc, Psmc and that was it. No game room pc Xbmc. I ran back upstairs, clicked on the network and I found the game room pc, but not as a media device, just as a computer. What the hell is going on? I have both computers next to each other so I hopped back on the game room pc and looked at the upnp everythign was still checked and good to go. I got back to the network screen and still no game room Xbmc. I Uncheck upnp and all of the other settings, then re checked them. Tada, game room pc Xbmc shows up on the network. I run down stairs, check my Ps3 and the game room Xbmc shows up. I go back upstairs, add a couple more movies and resrt the game room pc to update the library.

 I let the game room pc boot up try the movies and they work and look good. I glance over at the network screen and no game room Xbmc. I found the culprit! Every time I restart the game room pc it stops upnp from working and it will NOT work again until I un check and recheck the boxes. Fine, I'll take it. I can handle that. Now lets transfer some movie folders over from the office pc to the game room pc and let's start this server journey. I copy over about 25 gigs 45 minutes later they're on the game room pc in the folder I want so I start scraping the data. I got beautiful fan art, plot summaries and glorious back ground dvd cover wallpapers on every single movie I move my cursor over.

 Hallelujah, the gods of movies are smiling down upon this wondrous creation that is called OpenELEC / XBMC! I'm looking through my movies, trying to pick what I want to try real quick and I stop on Alien. It's a classic, nice surround sound and I added the regular cut and director's cut. But hey, wait a minute, I'm not seeing the directors cut. But I put them both in the same folder on my office pc, what could be going on. I look on the office pc, yup both movie files are there, both files play and work on Xbmc on the office pc. So I don't know what's going on with the scraper or what, but some files will show up, others won't.

 So I cleaned up all the files and just kept the file folders the way they were and I didn't scrape the data. It's going to be a server any ways so it doesn't need to look pretty. And I can still watch movies from it if I want to. Now I just need to hook it back up to the tv and surround sound and transfer all the files and folders over from the office pc. Well that's all I have for this update. Have a good weekend. Till next time.

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