Thursday, November 27, 2014

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Midweek update.

 Let's just right into it. So I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. After figuring out all the naming issues, save state issues and cross device playing. I love using GBA.emu, it has easy to use menus, the layout for settings are really good and there's a lot of other useful things. It has a built in Wii remote connection option, that's what I mainly use on my Nook. I have paired my Ouya controller on my Nook and it works amazingly. I just can't risk the Ouya controller by transporting it everywhere. So on the Minish Cap, I finally beat the level one dungeon.

 Yes I lost some heart, but I'm still getting used to the (R) button as a rolling maneuver. And when I first started playing, I was actually using the touch screen and no controller. I really like this game and I haven't played it in so long I'm actually really rusty, hence the (R) button. This is really the only game I have been playing. My goal for finishing games in 2014 has slowly been chipped away. I literally have just over a month left of the year. I really don't think I will be able to beat any games. One of my goals was to beat The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past, but the whole app fiasco has dampened that. I'm also not using any cheat codes for my completion quest. I use a different save for any cheats so I can just have fun. 

 So I have been doing some research about Nintendo Handhelds. So on the DS Lite, you can play Game Boy Advance and DS games. The 3DS, can play 3DS and DS games. And the Game Boy Advance, can play Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. The GameCube Game Boy Player, can play, Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games. Most of you probably already knew this and are asking why I'm posting it. I'm posting it because, what is the best way to play older video games? Emulators, the specific console or an adapter for a newer console that can play older games? I guess it would be better to ask what console or accessories you have first. Me personally, I have a GameCube and the Game Boy Player. Melissa has her DS Lite. I want to start collecting more pieces of console nostalgia, but I want to be able to use them. I need Minish Cap for my collection, but how am I going to play it? Well I have two options. Do I want to buy some hand held consoles too? We already had to replace the battery in Melissa's DS. I wouldn't want to by some consoles and have them die a horrible death because of battery issues. I want a SNES, NES, N64 and maybe a 3DS XL. The prices I have seen for these consoles are ridiculous and I will have to take them apart when I get them and clean the game cartridge contacts. And I will have to clean the contacts on the games themselves too. That's a lot of work to have some "retro" fun. I wouldn't be able to copy my saves over from any of my Android devices.

 I should have never gotten rid of any of my old consoles. I'm so upset about today, that I will never get rid of any console ever again. I remember when I was saving money for a Super Nintendo. I think it was my birthday so I got some extra money. I ordered it from the store over the phone. I had to wait for it to be there and we went to go pick it up. I actually forgot what store I ordered it from, so when I got to the mall, I didn't know where to go. I headed into Sears I think it was, I found my way back to the electronics section. I was in awe by the wall of video games, consoles and accessories. The guy behind the counter could see I was taken back by the selection. He asked me what I wanted. I eagerly told him I wanted a Super Nintendo. He said, "Good choice. What else do you want?" I said, "I want Street Fighter 2 and Super Mario World." Again he said, "Good choice. Can I show you a new controller?" I said, "Sure." He showed me the Super Advantage Joystick. I don't know if it was actually called that, but that's what I got. So in the midst of a dream come true, my mom came over to me and said, "Um, this is not where you ordered your game from." I said, I don't remember what I actually said, but I asked the guy if he could hold this stuff for me. He said he would.

 We headed out of the store, found the correct store and we went in. (To this day I still don't know what the store is called.) We headed back to customer service and my mom showed him the order slip. I asked him if I could get the joystick and Street Fighter 2 also. He said I could get the game, but they didn't have the joystick and that it would cost more. I was getting all sorts of pissed off. Remember, these consoles still cost $200 plus dollars and they didn't do price match. I told my mom I didn't want to get this anymore and I wanted to leave. The guy behind the counter, starts lecturing me on ordering something and not buying it and how much of a pain it is to restock the shelf. Now I'm really pissed off and embarrassed we walked out of the store. I guess I didn't tell her that it was a better deal cause, she was pissed when I told her I wanted to go back to the first store. I practically ran to the counter and I found the guy who was helping me before. I said I'm ready to get my stuff. He pulled out this huge bag and it was filled with my console and games. When we got into the car, i was getting yelled at for wasting time and not remembering the original store.The whole way home, nothing mattered except my Super Nintendo. I didn't care how bad I was getting screamed at by everyone in the fucking world. I got home almost in tears, I walked into my room and started hooking my SNES up. I remember over the years playing my SNES everyday. My friends and I, would have Street Fighter tournaments. My friend Anthony, had a Game Genie and we added some codes and had a blast. We would always play the stand up arcade version of Street Fighter, then we would go to my house and play some more.

 I don't even know how I could have gotten rid of my SNES with as fond of memories as I had and have. I bought my PS1 and I still have it and I always will. I want to have those memories again and I really think I want to start saving old consoles from oblivion. I have so many other things to work on and worry about, but if I see a deal, I will grab it.

 Movies I have been watching. I finished watching Thor: A Dark World. That's all the phase 1 and 2 movies I have. I need to buy or rent Guardians Of The Galaxy, other than that, I will have to wait for the next movies to be shown or released. I started watching King Kong 2005. I am still impressed by the stunning visuals and the look of King Kong. Little individual hairs blow in the wind, sound quality is amazing and it's not even a Blu-ray I'm watching. I finished watching House On Haunted Hill 1999. I can't wait for some movie deals so I can dd to my collection.

 Pictures from the internet.

Even Michael Myers plays a Nintendo DS XL.

  I don't really have any music, so on that note, till next time.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Weekend review for 11/22 - 23/14.

 Friday night, we watched Dawn Of The Dead 2004. I hadn't seen it in years, I guess my memories of it, held up better then the movie. The movie is really good, I like the premise, I like the characters, but I felt like it was missing something. Oh well, in still gonna buy it for my collection.

 Saturday, we went to get my tires balanced and rotated. Oh what fun.We headed to Fred Meyers to return an outfit, nothing to exciting so far. After that, we headed over to the movie theater. We watched The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1. It was really slow, it picked up in a weird spot, the characters seemed less like themselves and it was ended in a weird spot. I know, I know, you're like Ben, it's only part 1 and there's gonna part 2 soon. You know what? They should have left it a 4 hour long movie and completed it. It's just like how they ended The Matrix before The Matrix Reloaded. I can't stand that, I really can't. My friend actually reads these bound paper things, with a lot of words in them. She says, in her word laden paper, the movie changed some key scenes. It was a good movie and I like the series, I just hope the part 2, will make up for part 1. According to, Mockingjay Part 1, made 121 million. Now my take on the success of a movie is, the second week box office. It won't do no 122 million, but if it does over 40 million to 50 million, you know it did pretty well.

 Saturday night, we did a photo shoot. I watched Z Nation and then we watched this documentary and Brian Bosworth. Z Nation, is starting to get a little weird for me. I hate how they start a new episode. This episode started with Cassandra with a cut leg. The previous episode didn't end that way. I'm probably nit picking again, but come on. Addy and Mack are gone from the pack. Addy stayed at some women's camp and Mack is trying to save her. Some biker guy is either dead or a zombie? Some girl that jumped Murphy's bones is pregnant with what seems to be a zombie baby. The zombie bear was pretty damn cool though. Sunday, we did some house chores. Sunday night, we watched the AMA's. It was a really quick weekend and I need a new one stat. Well, that's what I got for this episode, on the next one, I will completely change everything up and have you try to figure it out. Sarcasm doesn't type out correctly by the way. Ha ha, till next time.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Midweek update.

 Movies I've been watching. I have continued to watch Marvel, phase one and phase two in release order. I finished watching Captain America: The First Avenger. I watched The Avengers out of order, but that 's okay and now I finished watching Iron Man 3. Next up is Thor: The Dark World. Now, I have hit on this in the past. Iron Man 3, has started the trend for me, as the movie that started the subtle differences in previous movies to the new ones. What I'm talking about is, how these movies feel different to me. The characters feel different to me. It feels as if the characters have changed and I can't pinpoint when that happened.To me, Iron Man 3 felt like a whole new company took over, but used the same actors in it. I don't even know how to explain what I mean. The end credits left the last tidbit of "Tony Stark will return." Not Iron Man, not Tony Stark and Iron Man, just Tony Stark. Dafuq!? I know there is phase 300 3 in the works, but what the hell. So if Iron Man 3 felt different, Thor 2 and Captain America felt different, what's to say the rest aren't going to as well? I read some story about the new X-Men movie will focus on Magneto and Mystique's relationship. How in the fuck does this have anything to do with Apocalypse? Everything was changed in Days Of Futures Past. I truly feel like Marvel needs to sue Fox and get the rights back to X-Men and make a Avenger-esque movie. But wait, if I feel like I do about about the newer movies of Thor and Captain America, why the fuck would I even want them to touch X-Men?

 Coming to the realization that you can't change anything really sucks. I love these characters and I want to like these movies more than I do. But when you see what they have planned, like having Jared Leto possibly be the Joker in the new Batman movie, futures of movies aren't looking so sweet after all. From a person who loves movies more than a lot of people, if this is what are stuck with and the caliber of actors are going down, it would be almost the death of these franchises and characters in my eyes.

 Video games, I have been talking endlessly about my ROMs, emulators and file naming issues. On Sunday, we were able to play Mario 64 without really having to mess with any more settings. That was nice, that is my goal. I want to turn on the Ouya, plug in my external hard drive and play a game without having to worry about the settings anymore. The only problem I foresee happening is, Dropbox or OneDrive will not let me choose save file from the sd card. The only way it will access the sd card is with the photo option, not "other files". I have to put my save games in my download folder on my Ouya and my DCIM  folder on my Nook. This is not a long term solution and I don;t know what else to do. The Ouya doesn't have Google Play on it so I can't use Google Drive and I don't want to always take the sd card out of my Nook to copy the game save file. I'll have to come up with something. I want to play games, not worry about game saves.

 Music, I did find some new music, but I can't post all the songs here. What I can do is, tell you who it is and you can YouTube it and listen to all the tracks yourself. I'm talking about Michael Buble and his cd called Christmas. I thought this was an amazing throw back to singers like Bing Crosby, Perry Como and many others that have epitomized Christmas music. Definitely check out all of the singers and their songs, it's worth it.

 Random internet pictures:

I guess this is the "making spirits bright" section of the song. Ha ha.

A new limited edition Nintendo 3DS XL. I would so buy it.

This reminds me of Interstellar.

Ming Chen from Comic Book Men and Ivy Doom Kitty.

How cool are these limited edition consoles. I'd buy them if I could.

 Well that's what I got, till next time.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Weekend review for 11/15 - 16/14.

 Friday night, we watched Goodbye World. This was a new-ish take on the end of world, fire sale-ish type movie. I won't bore you with the details. What did piss me off was, it wasn't realistic. These people knew the world was ending and they still just continued to act like, hey we're having a party and I don't care people want to steal my stuff. There were some sort of military guys in the movie and they were trying to control and intimidate everyone and the people were like okay, sure, no problem. What? I don't care if you're military or not, you will not steal my shit, especially if it was the end of the world. I didn't like the movie, Melisa did.

 Saturday, we woke up early to start some Christmas chopping and run some errands. while we were driving to the first store, we saw a church with a busted water pipe. We stopped at the police station and told an officer. That was crazy. I won't bore you with all the stores we went to, but I will highlight some good ones. So Ihop, is having some holiday pancake deal. We were all about it. I ordered the pumpkin cheesecake pancakes and Melissa had the caramel bon bon pancakes.

Pumpkin cheesecake pancakes.

Caramel bon bon pancakes.

 We devoured them. They were that good. It came with some eggs, sausage and hash browns. I would seriously go back and get that again today and tomorrow if I could. After that, we went our friends house for a little bit. We headed to Target, we were strolling around all the aisles. Our friend asked us to find her a Big Hero 6 ornament. We found it, but when I was looking, I saw these Marvel ornaments. They were amazing, but they were $7 bucks. Ouch.

Doesn't really look like the Hulk, but I could get over it.

 I wandered over to the electronics section and I spotted the Note 4 demo. Man that thing is big. One handed use is out for sure. I wouldn't buy it personally, but it was cool to see in person. I have found myself reading the reviews for all this cool new stuff and rarely do I get to see it in person. I found the Roku section, man oh man, these things are small. They are literally the size of a hockey puck. The reviews say that, but seeing it in person is really cool. I don't know what I would do with one personally, but again, it was cool to see. Now if they could have had a Raspberry Pi display or a Chromebox not just Chromebook display, Melissa wouldn't have been able to get me to move. I wanted to see the Android boxes I see everywhere, but they didn't have them. I wanted to even see the Amazon Fire TV, but they didn't have it either.

 It kinda broke my heart a little bit, the Ouya was on discount for $80 bucks, that means they're trying to get rid of it. The controller was $30 bucks though. I think my Ouya is amazing. The more time I get to use it, the easier it is to play all the games and watch all the media I want to. I wish people would give it a chance. I'm kinda rambling now, anyways, being tired and sore we headed to our last store.We found our stuff and we left. I didn't want to spend anymore time in the store. We headed home, I made some pizza and we relaxed. Saturday night, we started up Netflix and we watched Hostel: Part III. I was actually kinda disappointed in this movie, part I was a lot better for being older, if that makes sense.

 Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got to play a little bit of the Ouya with Melissa. We played some Mario 64. Melissa, actually scaled level 1's mountain thing better than me. She didn't get hit once. She got thrown of the mountain and handed the controller to me. Holy shit, I could barely get Mario up the mountain, let alone try to beat the bomb king guy. I eventually beat the bomb king and we were like yup, we're done. I turned on The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. My game saves worked again, (with a little persuasion). I got stuck, saved and turned it off. I really need to work on consistent naming formats. This has now affected my movies, tv shows and ROMs. You figure I would learn quick to make everything the same. Well that's what I got, I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

Friday, November 14, 2014

Midweek update, update.

 So on Wednesday, I told you about how I was having problems using the save files from my Nook tablet on my Ouya. Now I was and am, using the same build of Snes9x on each platform. I even emailed the makers to ask what was going on. I haven't heard anything back, but I really didn't expect it, these are free apps and the builders are very, very busy. I think they are probably inundated with emails anyways. Okay, so what am I supposed to do? I start using the combined geek powers of Google and myself. I deduced the problem! It actually turned out to be my fault, but I really wouldn't have noticed if this problem hadn't arise in the first place. Okay enough stalling, I had the wrong file name! Duh, this is kindergarten shit and it tripped me up hella bad. My nook plays, Zelda - A Link To The Past. My Ouya plays The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past. Notice the difference? First off, (Zelda -) is wrong,  second off, ( - ) is wrong. So when I was copying my game over from my computer, I originally had it spelt wrong. When I backed up my computer to my external hard drive, I named all of my Zelda games as, The Legend Of Zelda. I have naming issues and I am trying to correct that. Now the second problem I'm having, Dropbox app or OneDrive app, will NOT read files from either a usb drive or an sd card. What the fuck!? I had to put the game save file in the DCIM folder on my Nook so each of those apps could see it. Then on my Ouya, I had to download the game save to my Download folder. I do not want to use the system drive for storage. I want the system as lean as possible. I only want apps and app data as much as possible. Anyways, that was the exciting news I had. Now I just need to figure out a better save state transfer process and I will be set. I need to fine tune all the emulators and organize my game ROMs better and I will be set. I hope this helps anyone else out there, till next time.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Midweek update.

 Damn, this seems like it should Thursday, not Wednesday, anyways lets get into it. Video games, I have been working on how to load my saved games from my Nook tablet to my Ouya. I noticed that I wasn't using the same apps on either platform. I looked in the Google Play store and I found Snes9x, that's the same one I use on the Ouya! Sweet! I downloaded the app on my Nook and started playing The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past on Snes. I already have another save game for ALTTP on Supergnes, but I wanted to see it transfer to the Ouya. I played the first level, added some cheats cause why not and I saved the game. I had everything set up so I could have either Dropbox or OneDrive find the save and upload it. I also tried Mupen64plus with Mario 64. I have Mupen64plus on the Ouya also. I saw a speed run where the guy passed the first level with a glitch and jumped in the cage with the star right away. I tried it, but it never worked. Anyways, I saved the game and uploaded it to Dropbox. Cut to last night, I fired up the Ouya, attached my external hard drive and started playing ALTTP on Snes9x. Everything was the same except the load state option was grayed out. I was like what the hell? I cannot get it to load my save from the Nook. Frustrated, I turned off Snes9x and started Mupen64plus up. I finished configuring the Ouya controller and started Mario 64. I tried loading the game save from the Nook and again it wouldn't load. I really don't understand why the same app can't load a game save from another machine? I think I'm going to send an email to the maker and ask. I can't be the only one wondering this. I love playing games on both devices, but I want to continue were I left off also. I haven't played any other games because I haven't had anytime. So I took a break from writing this and I did some research, I found the support email and I emailed the maker of Snes9x and I will see what they say if they write back.

 Movies I'm watching, so on Netflix, they have the 1990's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I had to watch it. It held up pretty good actually. I'm still continuing to watch the Marvel phase one and two movies in release order. I finished Iron Man 2, then I finished Thor and now I'm working on Captain America The First Avenger. I've talked a couple times about the Marvel movies and some of the movies they have even said was lower tier, but out of the new calendar of movies they released, I'm actually looking forward to Black Panther. I watched an animated Marvel movie and I can't remember what it was, (I know, I know links or it didn't happen.) but it had Black Panther in it and aliens or something was going after the vibranium that Black Panther was protecting. Somehow Dr. Banner, was locked up and was forced to watch Hulk destroy some ships. Bruce noticed that the gamma radiation was able to break the vibranium. Where that all leads to? No clue, but If they bring some story line into the Black Panther movie like that, it would be awesome. Slowly, but surely, this movie calendar is growing on me. I still shouldn't have to wait decades for a new X-Men movie featuring Apocalypse in to arrive.

 Music, really the only new music I have found was Iggy Azalea - Black Widow featuring Rita Ora, but I don't even remember if I have said this before or not. Whatever here ya go. It has some good bass in it too.

 Pictures from the internet,
If you can't figure this out, I feel sorry for you. Ha ha.

I want this shirt so bad. "It's a bit nipply out." Ha ha. It's from National Lampoons Christmas Vacation.

Self explanatory.

I don't know if the addiction is growing or if these just show up in my feed and I have to take them? Admitting you have a problem is the first step though. 

 Well that's what I got for this entry of my life, till next time.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekend review for 11/8 - 9/14.

 It's time for the weekend review, let's begin then. Friday night, we watched Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, as our continuing horror-screw happy holiday- a-thon horror movie queue. This was a PG 13ish type movie, but doing research it's actually rated R, weird. It wasn't that good of movie, maybe if I was a kid watching it would have been good, who knows?

 Saturday, we headed out to the movie theater and we watched Interstellar. It was an amazing movie. I loved all three hours and ten minutes of it. I actually wanted a half hour to 45 more minutes more of the movie because it was so good. Mathew McConaughey, is a brilliant actor. He makes his character so believable, you actually feel like it is you making these gut wrenching decisions. I won't give anything away from this movie, you have got to see it. There are other huge name actors and actresses in it. Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain, just to name a few. I give it 10 stars, two thumbs up and I will be buying this the day it releases. I saw a preview for Exodus: Gods And Kings. It's another religious movie in the vein of Noah. This is the story of or a take on the story of Moses. I will be seeing this movie as well. There is something about these movies, let it be religious or not, that I have always wanted to see. The Ten Commandments, is another movie that I liked. I really need to re-watch it. From what I can remember as a kid, it was a good movie. After the amazing emotional roller coaster of a movie, we went and had an amazing dinner at La Hacienda. Great food, great conversations were had by all.

 We headed over to Fred Meyer's to look at their Christmas decorations. Well that didn't necessarily ruin our night, but we were disappointed by their selection. We did see this amazing, at least two foot diameter, Christmas tree bulb yard decoration. It was really cool, it looked like a smaller version of the Rockefeller Center decorations. I all sounds amazing right? Well what wasn't amazing was the $300 dollar price tag, ouch. We passed that up and kept moving. We got home and I started watching Z Nation. Have I ever told you I hate filler episodes? Well, just so you know, I hate filler episodes. It's the episodes were nothing actually important happens and it actually doesn't need to be shown. After that, I popped in Earth To Echo. I didn't think it was too bad, but it could be better. It reminded me of an E.T. reboot, mixed in with Super 8 and *batteries not included.

 Sunday, we did our normal house chores. Sunday night, we made an amazing dinner. We had some meatballs, potato salad and some home made cake. I could have ate the whole crock pot full of meatballs. I watched Mutant World, a SyFy channel movie. It wasn't bad, I felt it needed a little bit more on the characters, what happened during the disaster and more on what happened after the movie. I guess I'm on a more detail kick, but I really feel with the ADD movies, you're actually missing out on stuff. I hope you had a good weekend that was not filled with fillers, till next time.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midweek update.

 Where to begin? Not much has been happening. After the whole local streaming crap with my network I haven't even retried streaming anything. If I was still playing COD multiplayer, I would be hella pissed with my internet. Walmart, had some crazy Black Friday ish sales on Monday. They had a Nintendo 2DS, new, for $79 bucks! Dafuq? That's an amazing deal. Regular price is $129 ish. It can play almost all DS and all 3DS titles. It has the same functions as the 3DS except 3D (obviously from the name) and it doesn't fold closed, it's basically a tablet. Some of the 3DS's, I've seen go for $200 which isn't bad, but $129 is better. So after my mouth was dry from my jaw being on the floor for so long, I decided to do some research. This crazy sale couldn't be the only time to get a 2DS or 3DS for a good price. Gamestop has refurbished 2DS for $119, not bad but we can do better. I surfed on over to Nintendo, holy jeez the prices over there are amazing. The units are furbished, BUT they come with a 12 month warranty and a price that is unbeatable. $80 for a refurbished 2DS in red and blue. Refurbished 3DS XL for $135!! and Wii U for $200. This price beats anything I've seen around the web.

Nintendo 2DS.

 Video games, I haven't been playing anything lately.

 Music, no new music either.

 Movies, I finished The Incredible Hulk with Live Tyler and Edward Norton. I popped in Iron Man 2. I'm still trying to finish it. Side note on Iron Man 2, it was Melissa and I's 10 year anniversary and our wedding, when I was able to buy Iron Man 2. I went into a video rental place, asked if they had it, they said yes, I asked if I could buy it from them. They thought about for a minute and was like yup here ya go. I walked out with a brand new Iron Man 2 in my hands on the best week of my life. No matter how many times I watch it, I will always think back to that week. The video store rental sticker is still on it to this day and it will never be removed. As I'm writing this, the smile on my face just got bigger. This weekend we are hoping to rent Hercules, Maleficent and A Million Ways To Die In The West, from Redbox. Movie season is finally heating up and we're going to be busy. My weekend review, if all goes well, should have some good movie reviews in it. Stay tuned.

 Not a movie, but I watched the Marvel show called Marvel 75 Years From Pulp To Pop. It was an interesting look back on Marvel's history. What I didn't like about it, was them kinda joking about remaking the Spider-Man comic from the beginning. I feel like the original, origin story should stay the same. The whole different universes, eh whatever, but keep the origin the same. I loved the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, it was the best. That's pretty much the story I remember from the Spider-Man cartoon I used to watch as a kid. The new The Amazing Spider-Man, I don't like it, at all. The first person view from Spider-Man is awesome and Emma Stone is absolutely amazing in it. She acts so well in the movie, it feels like you're watching it in real life. I guess eventually everything gets "rebooted" but sometimes the original, works better than the remake.

 Pictures from the internet. Now I forgot to post this for my weekend review. I was going through my camera roll and I saw it. How could I forget this? Anyways, Halloween is one of my most favorite times of year. We get to decorate our house in scary stuff and shopping for not "normal" items is the norm. I have to wait for this time of year so I can find black colored items like this blanket below. You can't find skulls and stuff any other time of year for a good price.

You have to admit, these look like they were bought together and not five years apart.
 This sweet blanket was purchased for $7. You can't beat that. It fits my game room amazingly.

 Yes that is my Raiders throw, yes I live close to Seattle, but I love my Raiders too. You can't see it, but my 12th man flag is in the window. My entertainment center, is black, my ottoman is black, my dvd shelves are black, my electronic components are black and that's the way I want it. I would get that white PS4 if I could though. Ha ha.

One of the super good deals Walmart had on Monday.

I had no idea, oh that's right I did. Ha ha.

We just turned our clocks back an hour and this is actually true and it sucks.

I was impressed by this, but not really. I didn't like the part about being the "hero's significant other" though. What's up with that?

 That's what I got for this update, till next time.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Weekend review for 11/1 - 2/14.

 Friday night, was Halloween. We wanted to have a spook-tacular dinner, so we made spider pizza and monster pumpkin donuts.

 The pizza and donuts were amazing. After our amazing dinner, we popped in Smiley. We rearranged out Netflix queue, to have a horror movie month for just Halloween, that has now turned into months. Smiley was a new take on the old urban legend about Bloody Mary. (I will not be providing any links what so ever, for said urban legend.) Smiley, has chatroulette and a psycho killer. What really annoys me, is jump scares. Yeah I do jump, but that should not be the only way for you to get scares. If you've seen enough horror movies, you know when to expect certain things. I guess that's why they do jump scares, but it shouldn't be your only go to. Smiley was alright, it took things in a modern way, but got really slow towards the middle. The main girl character, I swear was bi-polar. She would be over extremely happy, then crazy scared the next, but not when it was needed. The library guy character was somewhat believable, but was very odd. This movie definitely is not a buy, or a rent again.

 Saturday, we had to take down my favorite holiday's decorations, so we can decorate for Thanksgiving. 

 We finally got our first cornucopia. We actually don't have that Thanksgiving decorations. My Dollar shave club order showed up.

 While we were trying to decorate, I turned on my PS3 and tried to stream so local network movies. What a cluster fuck that was. This "new" Comcast modem we got totally sucks. What I didn't get into with that Comcast story was, I had to drive down to Comcast, wait in fucking line, drive home, call the crappy customer service number, wait for them to understand what I was saying and then set it up. The first modem/router we got from Comcast actually was pretty good, but now, I really think I'm going to have them bridge theirs and use my old wifi router, even if it's slow. Wifi is horrible, ethernet is horrible. How in the fuck can an ethernet wired connection suck? This is local network and my movie was actually stuttering and pausing. It was acting like it was buffering, but you can't buffer when it's local. So after I unscrewed the coaxial cable, unplugged the modem and reset it, it was okay, but I was still pissed I even have to do this. Saturday night, after we decorated, we had a movie night. We watched Good People with James Franco and Kate Hudson. The movie wasn't to bad, but lots of parts weren't believable, which kills it for me in a reality based movie. We headed upstairs and we turned on Netflix and we watched Uganda Be Kidding Me with Chelsea Handler. I shouldn't have even written that, let alone linked it. All around dumb, slow and she changed her voice pitch from Chelsea Lately, which was really weird.

 Sunday, we did our normal house stuff. I had to mow the lawn. Why in the hell do you have to mow your lawn in November? I found out Sunday that Wayne Static, aka Wayne Wells  passed away on Saturday either from an overdose or something else. I love Static-X and his voice was very distinct and he will be missed. Sunday night I watched Z Nation and went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.