Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Midweek update.

 Where to begin? Not much has been happening. After the whole local streaming crap with my network I haven't even retried streaming anything. If I was still playing COD multiplayer, I would be hella pissed with my internet. Walmart, had some crazy Black Friday ish sales on Monday. They had a Nintendo 2DS, new, for $79 bucks! Dafuq? That's an amazing deal. Regular price is $129 ish. It can play almost all DS and all 3DS titles. It has the same functions as the 3DS except 3D (obviously from the name) and it doesn't fold closed, it's basically a tablet. Some of the 3DS's, I've seen go for $200 which isn't bad, but $129 is better. So after my mouth was dry from my jaw being on the floor for so long, I decided to do some research. This crazy sale couldn't be the only time to get a 2DS or 3DS for a good price. Gamestop has refurbished 2DS for $119, not bad but we can do better. I surfed on over to Nintendo, holy jeez the prices over there are amazing. The units are furbished, BUT they come with a 12 month warranty and a price that is unbeatable. $80 for a refurbished 2DS in red and blue. Refurbished 3DS XL for $135!! and Wii U for $200. This price beats anything I've seen around the web.

Nintendo 2DS.

 Video games, I haven't been playing anything lately.

 Music, no new music either.

 Movies, I finished The Incredible Hulk with Live Tyler and Edward Norton. I popped in Iron Man 2. I'm still trying to finish it. Side note on Iron Man 2, it was Melissa and I's 10 year anniversary and our wedding, when I was able to buy Iron Man 2. I went into a video rental place, asked if they had it, they said yes, I asked if I could buy it from them. They thought about for a minute and was like yup here ya go. I walked out with a brand new Iron Man 2 in my hands on the best week of my life. No matter how many times I watch it, I will always think back to that week. The video store rental sticker is still on it to this day and it will never be removed. As I'm writing this, the smile on my face just got bigger. This weekend we are hoping to rent Hercules, Maleficent and A Million Ways To Die In The West, from Redbox. Movie season is finally heating up and we're going to be busy. My weekend review, if all goes well, should have some good movie reviews in it. Stay tuned.

 Not a movie, but I watched the Marvel show called Marvel 75 Years From Pulp To Pop. It was an interesting look back on Marvel's history. What I didn't like about it, was them kinda joking about remaking the Spider-Man comic from the beginning. I feel like the original, origin story should stay the same. The whole different universes, eh whatever, but keep the origin the same. I loved the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man, it was the best. That's pretty much the story I remember from the Spider-Man cartoon I used to watch as a kid. The new The Amazing Spider-Man, I don't like it, at all. The first person view from Spider-Man is awesome and Emma Stone is absolutely amazing in it. She acts so well in the movie, it feels like you're watching it in real life. I guess eventually everything gets "rebooted" but sometimes the original, works better than the remake.

 Pictures from the internet. Now I forgot to post this for my weekend review. I was going through my camera roll and I saw it. How could I forget this? Anyways, Halloween is one of my most favorite times of year. We get to decorate our house in scary stuff and shopping for not "normal" items is the norm. I have to wait for this time of year so I can find black colored items like this blanket below. You can't find skulls and stuff any other time of year for a good price.

You have to admit, these look like they were bought together and not five years apart.
 This sweet blanket was purchased for $7. You can't beat that. It fits my game room amazingly.

 Yes that is my Raiders throw, yes I live close to Seattle, but I love my Raiders too. You can't see it, but my 12th man flag is in the window. My entertainment center, is black, my ottoman is black, my dvd shelves are black, my electronic components are black and that's the way I want it. I would get that white PS4 if I could though. Ha ha.

One of the super good deals Walmart had on Monday.

I had no idea, oh that's right I did. Ha ha.

We just turned our clocks back an hour and this is actually true and it sucks.

I was impressed by this, but not really. I didn't like the part about being the "hero's significant other" though. What's up with that?

 That's what I got for this update, till next time.

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