Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's time for the midweek update. So on the weekend review, I told you about my Raspberry Pi and how it corrupted the sd card after I transferred a lot of my toms over. So I had actually bought a new sd card just for messing around with different OSs for the Raspberry Pi. It finally showed up on Monday, I began the process of reinstalling everything again. This time I made a backup of my sd image though. While I was reinstalling it actually went quicker than before, but it still time consuming. So I tried a few of my MAME ROMs and none of them worked. My PS1 ROMs are huge files so I didn't want to fill the sd card with just those. I copied over some of my NES and SNES ROMs.

 I started up the NES, SNES and they both worked. Yay, now i have to figure out what all I want to play on the Raspberry Pi. Do I want every single ROM on it? Do I just want Nintendo emulation? Do I want a mixture like, Nintendo and PS1? I don't know yet. If I could, I would have a Raspberry Pi Nintendo like below, that only plays Nintendo ROMs up to N64. I would want to use usb SNES controllers, hence the no N64 ROMs.

How sweet is this case! I little bit a refinement and it would perfect.

 A Raspberry Pi in my PS1 that only plays PS1 games and one in my GameCube, to play all of the ROMs I could. In the GameCube and PS1, I would hook up an external hard drive and store the ROMs on it. Then with the GameCube controller I could play all ROMs with the controller and not worry about it. First world problems right. Ha ha. Eventually, I will make all these systems. First I need to figure out how to install and configure RetroPie. If that gets any better, I will write my own how to. Like I said, I use bits and pieces from up to five how to posts when I install a new a fresh copy of RetroPie. You really shouldn't have to do that.

 Movies I'm watching, I tried watching Stephen King's It, but something happened and it wouldn't play the last part of the movie. How sucky is that!?  I am watching Halloween II 1981. It actually had been so long since I have seen part 1, that I have to re-watch part 1 again. I'm still working on Transformers The Rise Of The Fallen. Star Wars Episode I The Phantom Menace.

 Video games I'm playing, I still have been playing The Grinch. It seems to be doing pretty good with the new emulator I found. I have been playing Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare. I think I might be close to the end of the story mode. Then I want to try and finish some other games. I still need to pick up The Minnish Cap, A Link To The Past and The Legend Of Zelda amongst others. I still have so many other games to finish on top of that list I just wrote. 2015 is going to be a busy year.

 I don't have any music or random internet pictures. I know, I know it's going to be long week till the next round of pictures I find. I hope your week is going by as well as it can, till next time.

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