Monday, January 26, 2015

Weekend review for 1/24 - 25/15.

 Friday night, we tried to watch Netflix. I say tried because, either our wireless wasn't working or Netflix was having problems. We tried watching another show. Same problem, we decided to go to sleep. Saturday, we ran up to Walmart for a few things. I needed to get a new filler for my toilet cause ours is broken and it's leaking. 

Water should not be pooled on the top of this.

There should not be water sprinkling the side of the tank.

 So I got the piece and we picked up a few movies. I saw a couple other things I wanted. They had an 500 gig external portable hard drive for $54 bucks. Amazon has a terabyte portable external hard drive for like $62 ish. We got some damn good movie deals. I got X-Men Origins Wolverine on dvd for $3.50. We got Ghostbusters, Batman double pack with, Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) for $5, so $2.50 per movie and we got a triple pack for $5. That was some scores. In the Blu-ray bin, they had Roadhouse, Goonies and quite a few other ones. I looked for the Friday the 13th pack, but they were still completely sold out. Oh well, I will grab them around October, of course they had A Nightmare On Elm Street. We got home and I started working on the filler. I got it all setup and cleaned up.

It's hard to see, but just in the 20 or so minutes I was gone, the water lever dropped and the water was refilling.

 I noticed there was still leaking water sounds coming from the toilet. I pushed on the flapper and the sounds stopped. Of course I didn't buy a flapper the first time so I had to run back to Walmart and buy a flapper. It's kinda weird not seeing the float ball anymore.

The finished project. Let's see how it does for the next few years.

 After that whole ordeal, I went downstairs and we popped in Ghostbusters. It was so much fun watching a classic movie like that. We watched some shows and Saturday night we headed upstairs to watch some Netflix. The same issues were happening. Freezing, buffering for like two minutes and stopping and starting the stream again. Having had enough, I grabbed and ethernet cable and strung it from our modem and plugged it in to the Sony Blu-ray player. We fired up Netflix and what do you know? No buffering or freezing. So it's either my wifi or my Sony Blu-ray player's wifi. Who knows? I do know that a better wifi router is gonna cost around $200 plus. Late Saturday nigh, I went to use the bathroom and I noticed a leaking sound coming from the other toilet. What the hell. And the best part, I started feeling like shit, like I was getting sick. Yay.

 Sunday, we had our normal stuff to do. I finished what I had to and I headed back to Walmart for another new filler and flapper. I installed it and it seemed like it was good to go. Now completely feeling like shit, we watched some shows and we relaxed. Sunday night, we made an amazing homemade Manicotti. For dessert we had some strawberry shortcake. It's really crazy when you get sick. I was so tired, I took some NyQuil and I couldn't get to sleep for anything. I'm definitely feeling no sleep now. This is going to be a long Monday. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

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