Monday, March 30, 2015

Weekend review for 2/28 - 29/15.

 So Friday was Melissa's birthday. Thursday night, I decorated for her and set out her presents. I totally forgot to take pictures of it too. My Thursday night was extremely crazy, what mattered was I got it all done and ready for her for the morning. Friday morning I woke up early and got to the see the excitement in Melissa's eyes as I showed her the gifts. She was really excited for the Baymax Funko Pop I got her. Now we have a set of Baymax's. Mine is in the suit and hers is the pearlescent white color. Friday night when I got home, I had this bag waiting for me.

The Olaf is a new inside joke for us. The mini Funko is amazing though.

 I finally got my Jason Voorhees Funk Pop. My collection is slowly growing. After had some dinner we headed upstairs and tried to find something to watch. We finally found some documentary, annoyed we went to bed.

 Saturday, we woke and I took Melissa to Target to get some stuff with her birthday money. when we walked in, we headed over to the dollar section. The heavens opened up and shined down on these glass bottles.

A dollar each, I couldn't pass them up. I grabbed three of them. The visions of The Legend Of Zelda's, blue potion, red potion, fairy and good bees were flying through my head.

This is what I was picturing when I saw the bottle.

 I searched everywhere for a fairy that would fit inside the bottle. I couldn't find anything, then I tried finding a bee. No luck. We went to a few different stores and I still couldn't find anything.We went to Red Robin for dinner and we had to wait a long time for service and food. We were disappointed, we ordered some onion rings and cro-nut towers and those were good. My burger wasn't horrible, but could have been better. After dinner, we had to do some grocery shopping. That was not fun, but we need to eat so we had to do it. We got home and it was time to relax. We headed upstairs and Melissa took a bath while I played around on my Hp Stream Mini, (Blog coming later.). Well I was trying to figure out some Xbmc Kodi action and my keyboard mouse combo was freaking out. It was losing signal and making the pointer freak out. I was like I'm going to restart the computer and see if it works. Well, Windows update had other ideas. So the whole time I could have been playing around and streaming, Windows was updating. Oh well, when it was working, the Stream was amazing.

 Sunday, we did our normal house stuff and I was supposed to mow the lawn for the first time this year and the weather was crazy. It turned out that I could have mowed, but that wasn't until it was too late. So I started looking an Amazon for a bee or a fairy, for my bottles. Melissa tried painting one of the bottles. It started looking really, really good, but then the paint started dripping down the side. I'm slowly, but surely turning Melissa into a geek like me. Who would ever think that she would search for a mini fairy figure or paint a bottle to look like a Legend Of Zelda potion bottle. So it was a no go on Amazon, I pre ordered Interstellar and ordered a usb to PS2 controller adapter for the Hp Mini. While I was doing that, Melissa said try the bee that came in my flower bouquet you bought me. I was like it won't fit, she said squeeze the wings a little bit. Voila!

 Here is my homemade Golden Bee in a bottle. I think it is amazing and now I'm even more excited for finding some paint for my red and blue potions. Even Melissa thought the bee looked awesome. A special thank you goes to Melissa, for letting me take her birthday bouquet apart for the bumblebee. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, March 27, 2015

2014 in review.

 Update 3-27-15. I don't know why I never posted this? So here yeah go, just a few months late no big deal. Ha ha.

 I don't even know where to begin with a year in review? I guess just follow along and hopefully it will make sense. I already made some resolutions and they seem like I can stick to them, so I will work on that.

Movies we saw in the theater,
The Hunger Games The Mockingjay Part 1.
Into The Storm.
Transformers Age Of Extinction.
Endless Love.
Stand By Me.
Godzilla (2014).

 I know I'm missing movies and it sucks, but we saw more movies in 2014 then we ever have. We have already planned on seeing even more movies this year. It's a big step because I hate people and movie theaters.

 Video games,
I originally wanted a list of all the video games that I beat or finished. I don't actually remember if I beat any games or not?I actually did not. I just looked back at some old posts. Well, I guess this year I will actually try and beat some games.

I did take some pretty cool pictures in 2014, but I don't have a cool way to show them. so here is the link to my Instagram, have fun. I should make another resolution about taking more pictures. My 2014 black on Instagram is kinda lacking. I need to post more also. Well hey two more resolutions, i s a good start.

We found some really cool music in 2014. We need to find as much if not more in 2015. Hey look, another resolution. I'm on a roll.

 Highest page views for a blog post,
Well here is my highest number of page views for a post. The first place would go to this post with 51 for my X1 review, but I disqualify it. The reason is, the keywords X1 and HD DTA. Those are very popular search terms. So my second place for most views goes to a Midweek update with 16. Yay, it actually makes me happy to see my posts are being read with the level of my clicking not affecting the count.

 Memorable moments,
For me, struggling with anxiety when going out to many, many places, I felt 2013 and 2014 have been my best years with dealing with it. I want to continue this year and keep working on it.


Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cellphone pic Thursday.

The Hulk Funko Pop on the DVD shelf with his movies, where he belongs.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's the middle of the week and it's time for the midweek update. Let's begin then, the Raspberry Pi is first. I haven't even messed with it since the weekend, but I have been reading all these blogs, forums and whatever I can find on how to configure controllers and I have either tried it or it's so severely outdated, that there is no way it will work. I'll keep trying, but it's frustrating and this is supposed to fun. Computer stuff I'm working on. I found a couple new emulators that I want to try on my computer, now I just need the time to try them. 

 Movies I'm watching, so I just got done watching Riddick, the third installment of The Chronicles Of Riddick series. I wanted to watch it backwards so I could see if there was anything I didn't see the first time around. It's funny cause I was talking about foreign audio scans before and wouldn't you know it, Pitch Black, would have been perfect for it. I don't like adding the foreign audio scans to my movies though cause it cause problems. I use Vlc on my Nook to watch my movies and if I have fas, it shows three audio tracks, but doesn't seem like it's showing the foreign audio. If that makes sense, oh well whatever. I finished watching The Mangler, a Stephen King book turned into a movie. I still like this movie and actually the acting was very over dramatic, but I haven't seen that type of acting in awhile. It's weird seeing Buffalo Bill in other movies. See if you can figure out who I'm referencing. 

 Video games, I have been playing Battlefield Hardline and it is a lot of fun and different. I'm not a hard core gamer by any means and Battlefield gets kinda hard for me. I have amazing for me news, I have finally beat The Legend Of Zelda for the NES!

  It came out in 1986 and I have been trying to finish it ever since. I did not use any cheat codes or cheat devices. This was months and months of hard work. A couple minutes here and there. I did use a walk through, but i don't feel like that is any type of cheating cause you still have to play the game yourself and it's just like using a strategy guide that you can buy. Anyways, I am damn proud of myself and I have a renewed interest in finishing all my games, (not this year.) but continuing to work at them.

 No music so let's get to random internet pictures.

I'm starting to feel this way.

PSA: Use your fairies, don't let them die in vain.

I would own this. It is way too cool.

 That's what I got for now I'm getting ready for Melissa's birthday and I can't wait, till next time.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Weekend review for 3/21 - 22/15.

 Friday night we watched a documentary on Netflix and went to bed. Nothing too exciting. Saturday, we were supposed to do some yard work, but the weather did not cooperate. I needed to get my wheels on my car re balanced so I called Les Schwab and they were like a two hour wait time. I decided I was going to setup my new ethernet switch since my old one died. I got a crimping tool and I was finally able to fix the craptastic clip I put on my entertainment center Ethernet cable. I thought I would have to re-do the cable, but I actually only had to crimp it using the tool and it was like a brand new cable.

The old and dead D-Link ethernet switch I had for years.

The new Netgear FS205. Yes it is 10/100, but the D-Link was also 10/100.

 Since the new switch was so small, I could actually fit it in the place with all the other connections. I cleaned everything up and we were good to go. The only thing I noticed was with my laptop with a wired connection, it seemed to be surfing the net slow. Obviously I will check it out more later, but it could be just the laptop itself, who knows. I tried calling Les Schwab back and now it was an hour and a half wait. I decided to go and get it done. Waiting for over an hour at Les Schwab, my car was done and I went home. Melissa had steam mopped the floors int he house and it was time for a break. I tried all the consoles to see if I had internet to all of them and they were good to go. I tried working on the Raspberry Pi with RetroPie and setup the Snes usb controller. I seriously have no clue what is going on, but all these config setups will not work with my RetroPie. I don't know if I have a bad image or what, but this is really pissing me off. I said screw that and I put the Raspberry Pi away and I played some Battlefield Hardline. Melissa played some Captain Toad Treasure Tracker, we played for a couple hours and we decided to be done. We had some dinner and watched some shows. We headed upstairs and we threw in A Winters Tale. It was alright, it had a good story, but I didn't like the demon aspect of it. To me it had no place in the movie. Good acting though and they sold their parts very well.

 Sunday, we did our normal house chores and we watched some shows. That's really all I have. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Midweek update.

 Where to begin? I guess I will start with the Raspberry Pi. I told you I decided to do a build of RetroPie 2.6 just for Nintendo emulators. And I told you that it crashed an burned. The only thing that did work on that iteration was gpSP for GBA emulator. I got the Bios loaded, ROMs loaded and controller configured with no issues. Now the other emulators either couldn't read the config file for the usb Snes controller or I did something wrong with it. I still haven't had time to figure that out. I guess I'm going to wipe the sd card and start over with a clean install. I wish the other emulators would let you configure the controller through Emulation Station, it would be so much easier.

 Computer stuff, so I have been wanting to buy a mini computer that would be powerful enough to run some of my GameCube ROMs, PS1, N64 and maybe my Nintendo DS ROMs. I can play GameCube games on my desktop computer now, but not on my laptop, weird I know. I cannot play any DS games on any system I currently have, except for the DS itself. The audio is horrible and the game is so slow, it's unplayable. I have my original consoles, Nook, Ouya, Raspberry Pi, laptop, office computer and the throw away computer that I used to talk about. I haven't tried any games on the throw away, but I'm pretty sure it would work. My whole goal is small, powerful and portable. I want to use multiple controllers and have them just work. I want minimal setup and configuring. I do not want to have to do any command line. I know each system you will and I have had to configure them. It's the Raspberry Pi that I have to do command line which I hate doing. I also want the computer to be used for movies, music, streaming, Netflix, Prime, Xbmc Kodi and Emulators. I really feel like I want Windows because I am very comfortable with it. Windows 8.1 or 8 wouldn't even be bad on a tv environment. The tiles would probably be easier to navigate then Windows 7.

 So here's the dilemma, do I just say no to a mini computer and get something else? Do I use what I have? Or can I have multiple devices that I can do a lot with? I have to figure this out. With the mini pc I could do absolutely everything I wanted to plus more. But, if I chose not to get it, I could upgrade the OS on my office computer to Windows 7. I could upgrade the office computer and buy a NAS. I could buy a NAS, Funko Pops and movies. The key thing is I really want a lot for what I do get. First world problems right. I have done a lot of research with Windows 8 and mini computers running it. Asus has a Vivopc with a dual core processor, 4 gigs of ram, a 500 gig hard drive and Windows 8.1. For a little less, HP has a stream mini with a dual core processor, 2 gigs of ram, a 32 gig ssd hard drive and Windows 8.1. There's a $50 buck difference, but that $50 bucks adds a lot of goodies. People have been able to play GameCube, DS, N64, PS1 and other ROMs on the HP. I haven't seen anyone play those on the Asus, but I'm pretty sure it would be able to. Both run Kodi amazingly and both are full blown computers.

 A NAS would be cool and I could store all of my movies and files on it and access it whenever I want to (Providing my ethernet switches don't stop working. Story on that later). But here's the question for that. When would I actually play my movies from it? When I play movies from my computer now to wherever, I just turn on my office computer and play whatever I want. And I have that throw away computer that I could use as a NAS, so it is looking like a no go. Upgrading the office computer to Windows 7 would be really cool. I could have it potentially for numerous more years. The other side to that is, I could do a fresh install of Windows Vista and have the same benefits and I recently did that to the throw away computer. I know a clean install would help the computer a lot and there is tons of programs and stuff I wouldn't need anymore. The backing up of the computer would be the rough part, but a majority of it is already done. It kinda looks like I'm talking my self into the mini computer, but I won't make a rush decision. Okay so this post has been a lot longer than I thought, but oh well on to the ethernet switch story.

 So I use three ethernet switches on my house setup. There is a centralized location for all the wire runs for cable, phone and ethernet. I call it the connection closet. It is literally in a closet, but oh well I made it work. so a few years into living at the house, the brand new ethernet switch in the closet stops working. I try and readjust it and it just is dead. Oh well it sucks, but I have one of the other ones I don't use as often as I thought I would so I unhook it and put it the connection closet. A little while later, the "new" one stops working. What the hell is going on!? I take the one from my entertainment center and hook it up in the closet and use the one from the closet on the entertainment center. They both work like they are supposed to. Cool now worries and I will leave it be. Cut to Monday, Melissa tells me we had a power spike/outage for seconds or minutes. Okay whatever, that's nothing new. She says to check my stuff when I get home, meaning to check out the tv, entertainment center and my consoles. I notice the only light on my ethernet switch is the power light. Normally, there are a few other lights either steady or blinking depending on whats going on. I run to the connection closet and I find that ethernet switch is blinking all of the lights, including the power light. That's not a good sign. I unplug the switch and plug it back in. Now there is a steady power light, but no ethernet port lights. Fuck! It's dead just like the first one and now I don't know if the entertainment center switch works or not cause there is no signal feeding it. Damn, so I had to order some new switches, I hope these work. I will post about them when they show up.

 Video games, I have been playing some The Legend Of Zelda from the beginning since the first emulator I used stopped reading the game save file.

Started from the bottom, no we're here.
 I don't have any music, so here is some random internet pictures:

If this is true, that's some scary shit.

I watched this video and it was amazing.

This is really sweet.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Weekend review for 3/14 - 15/15.

 It's Monday, you know what that means, it's the weekend review. Let's begin then, Friday night we got A Little Bit Of Heaven with Kate Hidson. It actually turned out to be a good movie. Melissa liked it as well. It had a pretty good story and ending. Its definitely worth a rent. 

 Saturday, we had a lot of house work planned if the weather cooperated. Well, the weather didn't, so we got a nice relax Saturday. We had t get emissions done, but we got some Ajs Burgers for lunch when we got home. We played some Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Man that game is starting to get hard. We watched some shows and we watched The Bling Ring on Amazon. I actually thought it would have been better. It had Emma Watson in it, but it was kinda slow and it showed bored, drug using teenagers from California, stuck on celebrity's. After that we watched some more shows and we headed upstairs. We watched Hours with Paul Walker. It was actually a really good movie. It was really different and made you think about what you would do in the same situation. It was about him being stuck at a hospital during hurricane Katrina. I won't go into too many details, but it is definitely worth watching. 

 Sunday, the weather was still bad so we couldn't do anything outside. We started conquering spring cleaning. Mirrors, showers and all that. After we destroyed soap scum and dirty mirrors we relaxed. We watched some shows. We tried the new show The Returned. It was really weird. I'll keep watching it to figure out the story more, but it's weird. It has Mary Elizabeth Winstead amongst a couple other known actors. She played John McCains daughter in Die Hard 4 and she played Mary Todd Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. So on Comcast, you can watch the next weeks episode early. Speaking of Comcast, we just received a notice saying they doubled our internet speed. So I did a speed test and yeah it was doubled. While we were watching Amazon Prime, we noticed that the stream speed was like 45 megs. That's pretty impressive for us and our house. I am very happy with that.

 I was going to post this on Friday, but my day got away from me so here it is now. On the midweek update I told you I came up with a brilliant idea for RetroPie 2.6 and my new usb Snes controller just playing Nintendo emulators up to GBA. So I got 30 minutes and I setup up the Snes controller. I ran out of time to move over the ROMs to try them but hopefully it worked. Well, this process of setting up a controller is one of the worst I have ever had with Retropie. I followed videos, posts, old write and anything and everything else I could find. I think I got the Snes controller setup but I won't know for sure. I lost count of how many times I tried sudo ./retropie_setup and all sorts of combos of that. The video I watched (which I'm grateful for) even that was different then what I was seeing. In the video is said: sudo ./ When I got to the command line and typed ls all I got was RetroPie-Setup and RetroPie. And remember, everything is case sensitive. So on Saturday, I got a few minutes and I setup the Raspberry Pi and fired up Retropie. Waiting with baited breath and Emulation Station menu finished loading. I had already gotten some ROMs copied over, I tried some Snes action and... nothing, they controller config did not work. I got gpSP to play amazingly well with it though. I lugged the Snes usb into my laptop and it was up and running withing seconds. I tried a Snes emulator, configured the controller and it was playing flawlessly, so I know it has to do with RetroPie. Oh well, I will keep trying. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Midweek update.

 I don't know where to begin. Melissa and I have been fighting this cold/flu whatever for going on a month. I'll start to feel better then bam, it hits me again. Oh well enough bitching, here we go. So for my birthday Melissa got me a sweet Snes usb controller. Man oh man, have I been waiting for some time to setup this up. I tried a few ROMs and the controller worked, but it needed more programming for some emulators on RetroPie 2.6. Then I had an idea, why don't I setup a Nintendo only emulators on RetroPie 2.6 and just program the Snes usb controller on that. Then I wouldn't lose and controller programming for my PS3 controller. In RetroPie 2.6, it auto configures controllers and it even has the hot buttons pre programmed for saving, loading and exiting the game. Then I could get one of those sweet 3D printed NES cases for the Raspberry Pi. I know, I know, lets try this out first. Computer stuff I have been working on. I tried playing a copy of Transformers Age Of Extinction, Heavy Metal, Starship Trooper and Gone In 60 Seconds on my Nook and there was no subtitles. Back to the drawing board with those. This is what I was explaining last time about all the time and effort that goes into being able to watch movies on my Nook. I know I will figure it out, but it's still annoying. That leads into movies I'm watching. I started with The Mangler, Pinocchio, The Avengers and some others I can't think of right now.

 Well I don't have nay music, so I guess it's on to some random internet pictures.

You know you have a problem when you take a picture of a computer screen with instructions on how to configure a controller. Ha ha.

 That's what I got for this midweek update, till next time.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Weekend review for 3/7 - 8/15.

 Wednesday was my birthday, I woke up to a homemade yellow and chocolate fudge frosting cake.

 Baymax was staring at me from the corner.

  This picture is so deceiving, this Baymax Funko Pop is huge. It says it's six inches, but I think it's taller than that. And I got a sweet USB Snes controller. You will see that a little later in the post. How amazing is Melissa!? My birthday was made, I needed nothing else.

 Friday night we watched The Captive with Ryan Reynolds. It actually had a pretty well known cast. It was interesting to see Ryan Reynolds and Kevin Durand outside of X-Men. Ryan Reynolds was Deadpool and Kevin Durand was Fred Dukes. It was a pretty good movie. We actually streamed it from Amazon Prime. We decided to try it out. It was really cool. No buffering and no pauses. 

 Saturday, we ran some errands for my birthday. We headed out to GameStop and I preordered Battlefield Hardline for the Xbox 360 and Mario Party 10 for the Wii U. I was getting up sold a whole shitload. I have seen Amiibos and I know what they do, but I don't know if I want to start down that path. Funko Pops are our focus right now. Anyways, if you preorder Mario Party, you could get a gold Mario Amiibo. I said no thanks and they tried to up sell me on Hardline too. I wanted the best prices and free shipping and that's what I got. I was actually a little disappointed in GameStop, they really didn't have a lot of what I was looking for. I was looking for some Bluetooth tablet controllers and nothing. I was looking for some DS games and they had some, but not a lot. Just all around kinda disappointing. After GameStop we headed over to Jimmy Johns for some amazing as always sandwiches. I chowed down my food and we headed out to Costco. I looked through the portable hard drives and the prices weren't as good as I thought they would be. I really want an portable hard drive for just my movies. No ROMs, pictures, game saves or APKs, just movies. I have been reading mixed reviews for NAS', so I figured a portable hard drive would work for what I want also. Even the Raspberry Pi or any computer would be able to read it. Anyways back to Costco, I saw this sweet, sweet looking Vizio led flat screen with millimeter wide bezels and I started to drool. It was only $1500 too. There had to be a little more to it for that price, but it was sweet. Maybe it was 3D? We started looking at some iPod nanos. I with they came in 32 gigs instead of 16.

 We walked around some more and found a blanket Melissa had been wanting. We looked at some sweet patio furniture, a ottoman that turned into a hide a bed. That would be perfect for guests, I guess I am getting older if I'm looking at guest furniture. Ha ha. We headed over to the DVD section and Melissa found The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 1 on Blu-ray, DVD and HD Digital for $23.99. Reading the fine print, it was an instant rebate for $4 dollars off, sweet, I'll take it for $20 brand new. We got some desserts and we headed for the snack bar and got a pizza and swirl frozen yogurt to go. We got home and Melissa being amazing, put away all the stuff and I popped in Mockingjay. We watched that, then I turned on my Raspberry Pi to try out my new Snes USB controller.

 RetroPie, configured the controller and I was up and playing. I have to do some fine tuning in the controller config, but the controller was nice and responsive. It worked so good for Nes, Snes, Gb, Gbc and of course Gba had problems, nothing new there. I can't wait to figure out the controller config and make this a Nintendo only retro console. Saturday night, we watched a documentary called The Culture High. It was actually kind of interesting what was all being said about weed. You should check it out. The whole spring forward the clocks through us off. Before I even knew it was like 3:30 in the morning, jeez it was time for bed.

 Sunday, we had some house chores to do. We relaxed and watched some shows. We made an amazing dinner and before we knew it, Melissa had to head to bed. I started watching part 2 of the Revelations The End Of Days, I talked about before. Side note, I was trying to watch James Bond The World Is Not Enough and it kept giving errors and was unplayable. I took a closer look at the movie and found this:

 The top right edge actually has an air bubble in it. I still cannot believe it. I take such good care of my movies and it's so disheartening that one of my movies could get ruined. This movie is actually only seven to nine years old. I actually have older movies than this. What am I supposed to do? I'm gonna have to keep a close eye on all my movies now. i would advise you to check your collection out too, till next time.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's time for the midweek update. I guess I'll start with my Raspberry Pi. So I have told you numerous times I am trying different arcade type OSs for the Pi. I've settled on Retropie and Lakka. They seem to be the easiest for me to configure and setup. In Retropie I finally figured out how and where to place the gpSP Bios. The OS itself configures the controller now so that saves some headaches and it even has hot buttons pre programmed for saving and loading states. In Lakka it's a basic interface it looks a lot like xmb on the PS3. So I was doing some research and I found out that Lakka needs  scph5501 PS1 Bios in order to play PS1 games. I need to found out how to get the Bios and load them up to Lakka and see if it works. I haven't been doing much with my Raspberry Pi because I still have been fighting some wort of weird cold/flu thing.I want to try some emulators I found for my desktop computer too. I need to feel better real soon.

 Movies I'm watching, so I have been watching a lot of movies on my Nook from my DVD library. (I won't go into any detail on how this is accomplished.) What I will say is, when I watch my movie and it looks really good and I have subtitles and stereo sound I'm good to go. Now the same movie file without surround sound on my living room tv and surround sound system sucks. So that means I need to go back and make a file that will work on my tablet, dvd player, PS3, Xbox, PC and surround sound. I have done the same movie a couple different times just to get all the parameters set correctly. I need a small file size, subtitles, stereo, surround sound and quality. All those put together make a really hard thing to accomplish. I don't really know why I went this small tangent, but oh well. What I'm saying is, it sucks to waste time and energy on something, just to turn around and re do it. I have been watching The Last Airbender live action movie and this is one of the movies I was talking about I had to re do a couple times. Hopefully this will be the last time. I am trying to finish off movies like, Diehard, Transporter, Robin Hood and a few others. For me it's hard to watch a movie when you can recollect the main parts of the movie. I have been working on the same movies for awhile now, but I don't want to not watch the movie, I want to finish the series. First world problems right.

 Music, I haven't found any music.

 Random internet pictures, so this stupid blue and black dress debate popped up every damn where and here are a few of the tidbits.

Of course eBay had to get into it, which is smart.

Then mainstream media had to also. I'm glad it's over.

Um, I have been searching Google feverishly for this 12 inch or so Funko Pop. I don't even know if it's real or not, but I want one.

This would be amazing.

I'm a sucker for quizzes.

 Well this is what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Weekend review for 2/28 - 3/1/15.

Friday night we watched, White Bird In A Blizzard, with Shailene Woodley from Insurgent and Divergent amongst other things. It had a pretty good known cast in it. The movie itself wasn't too bad, but it was slow. There's a huge twist in the end I was not expecting. It's not a buy but it's a rent for sure.

 Saturday, we wanted a lazy day, so we grabbed some blankets and relaxed on the couch watching some shows. After some shows, we played Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. We were playing along and we got to a really hard level with a giant bird and it kicked our ass a couple times. I finally beat it and it turns out it was the boss battle. No wonder why it was so damn hard. And to top it off, I didn't grab all the coins, so we didn't get the completion stamp. Damn, now we're gonna have to replay it for the damn stamp. One thing I noticed when I turned on the Wii U, the home button on the gamepad was blinking blue. I turned on the power and it was an ad for Donkey Kong something. It was making the screen on the tv all glitchy. I had to restart the Wii U and then the screen was fine. I don't know if I like having ads sit on my gamepad wasting batteries. After playing, I went and got teriyaki for dinner and we decided to watch some more movies. We watched Intruders, with Miranda Cosgrove. It was alright, not the best, but not bad. I just hate how the characters act like they're dumb. I would check every inch of my house, if I saw that rooms were added and stuff. After that, we watched Big Hero 6, in surround sound. I love the movie and I'm so glad we bought it. We headed upstairs and we watched a documentary about the big plastic garbage island floating in the sea, called Plastic Paradise The Great Pacific Garbage Patch. It was a really eye opening documentary. It should birds dying because of the plastic chunks stuck in their stomachs. Could you even imagine, slowly dying while plastic shards rip through your bowels then you suffocate? That would be an awful way to die. And they also feed their young and the young are actually being feed plastic chunks and dying. All the things we are told to recycle that can't even be recycled is really fucked up.

 Sunday, we had a lot of house chores to do. After the chores, we watched some shows and relaxed. We made an amazing pot roast in the crock pot with a new way to make baked potatoes. Everything turned out amazing. The potatoes didn't quite turn out the way we thought, but they were still good and it's always worth trying new things. Side note, I have been trying to finish watching a show called Revelations The End Of Days on the History channel. Like I said before, I like religious movies and shows, I find it fascinating. Anyways, the show has stuck with ever since I watched it. In the first couple minutes, they say the when Revelations happen, trumpets and loud noises will be heard around the world. Cut to Friday, I saw this picture on my Facebook.

 Dafuq!? Are you serious?! I saw this and actually got goose bumps a little. I never heard the noises, but that's some scary shit. Even Melissa was like what the fuck after I showed her. Ha ha. Well I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.