Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Midweek update.

 It's Wednesday, it's the middle of the week and it's time for the midweek update. Let's begin then, the Raspberry Pi is first. I haven't even messed with it since the weekend, but I have been reading all these blogs, forums and whatever I can find on how to configure controllers and I have either tried it or it's so severely outdated, that there is no way it will work. I'll keep trying, but it's frustrating and this is supposed to fun. Computer stuff I'm working on. I found a couple new emulators that I want to try on my computer, now I just need the time to try them. 

 Movies I'm watching, so I just got done watching Riddick, the third installment of The Chronicles Of Riddick series. I wanted to watch it backwards so I could see if there was anything I didn't see the first time around. It's funny cause I was talking about foreign audio scans before and wouldn't you know it, Pitch Black, would have been perfect for it. I don't like adding the foreign audio scans to my movies though cause it cause problems. I use Vlc on my Nook to watch my movies and if I have fas, it shows three audio tracks, but doesn't seem like it's showing the foreign audio. If that makes sense, oh well whatever. I finished watching The Mangler, a Stephen King book turned into a movie. I still like this movie and actually the acting was very over dramatic, but I haven't seen that type of acting in awhile. It's weird seeing Buffalo Bill in other movies. See if you can figure out who I'm referencing. 

 Video games, I have been playing Battlefield Hardline and it is a lot of fun and different. I'm not a hard core gamer by any means and Battlefield gets kinda hard for me. I have amazing for me news, I have finally beat The Legend Of Zelda for the NES!

  It came out in 1986 and I have been trying to finish it ever since. I did not use any cheat codes or cheat devices. This was months and months of hard work. A couple minutes here and there. I did use a walk through, but i don't feel like that is any type of cheating cause you still have to play the game yourself and it's just like using a strategy guide that you can buy. Anyways, I am damn proud of myself and I have a renewed interest in finishing all my games, (not this year.) but continuing to work at them.

 No music so let's get to random internet pictures.

I'm starting to feel this way.

PSA: Use your fairies, don't let them die in vain.

I would own this. It is way too cool.

 That's what I got for now I'm getting ready for Melissa's birthday and I can't wait, till next time.

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