Friday, May 29, 2015


 Flashback Friday, this will be my first of a new kind of post. If I have time and I find interesting stuff for it.  I want to break up the posts I post to make it more interesting, but still have the same kind of flavor. Enjoy.

Doom 1 for the PlayStation 1. One of my all time favorite games.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, damn busy Wednesday. This post should have been written and posted already, but alas it hasn't. These last few weeks at work have been busier than normal. I'm glad there is stuff to do, but I do miss the slower times I had. Anyways, this isn't the midweek bitch fest, this is the midweek update. Video games, I have been playing a lot more of A Link To The Past then I have Link's Awakening. So in A Link To The Past, I went back to the Pond Of Happiness, raised my bombs and arrows to 50 each. I got the Magic Cape.

  I got the Mad Batter to drop my magic by half.

 That's about as far as I got for now. As I'm playing this, I actually miss playing The Minish Cap. The sounds, background music and the animations are all amazing. I should have played these in order, but I was just so mad at my saves and ROM being screwed up, that I needed a break from ALTTP.I am not looking forward to having to beat Mothula again. I used my golden bee last time and I'm going to do it again, but it was a damn hard boss. I post updates later.

 Movies I'm watching. So I finished Batman with Michael Keaton. I need to start Batman Returns. I started watching Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. It still is a damn good movie. I'm still working on Star Wars Episode 3.

 Computer stuff, I don't have a lot of computer stuff I'm working on. I used the Hp stream mini to watch 50 Shades Of Grey over the weekend, but that's really it. I didn't have the same buffering and stuttering problems as I did before, so I'm thinking it was the Windows updates and modem. I like the Raspberry Pi because it doesn't have an underlying OS to cause issues like that. The Ouya doesn't have as many issues as Windows (Issues as not being bad, but meaning updates and background processes.) , but it does have background running applications. The Hp stream mini is the fastest out of the bunch and that's why go to it the most. I need to pull the Raspberry Pi out and start using it again for streaming. I also need to pull out the Raspberry Pi and put RetroPie 3.0 BETA 2 on it. My to do list is getting pretty big. Ha ha. All in due time. I have really been thinking about my Raspberry Pi game console projects. I really, really need to find some parts this summer to start at least some of the beginnings of these projects. Like if I could find some USB extension cables, I could start running them through the PS1 case. Or if I found a power supply, I could start running it for the power switch, stuff like that is what I need to do. My to do list just got that much bigger now. Ha ha.

 I have no music, let's get into random internet pictures.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, May 25, 2015

Weekend review for 5/23 - 24/15.

 Friday night, we watched the Jimi Hendrix movie, Jimi All Is By My Side, with Andre "3000" Benjamin as Jimi Hendrix. It wasn't a bad movie, but it wasn't as good as I thought it would be. I don't know if Andre did a good job on his voice, but his look was pretty good. I was hoping to see maybe the Woodstock performance or something, but there was none of that. And I didn't know that Jimi Hendrix beat up his girlfriend, that was really weird.

 Saturday, we went and played bingo. We try to go at least once a year. We have fun and enjoy ourselves. Melissa and I, were so close a couple times to winning. You have to not go there thinking you'll win cause you won't. Melissa did get a bingo, but they called invalid and we were confused by it. Oh well, better luck next time. After bingo, we headed down to Winco for grocery shopping. Melissa got a coupon for a free drink for Starbucks, so we stopped there and got a s'mores frap and a white mocha and headed into Winco. For being Memorial Day weekend, it wasn't very crowded. We finished hopping and we headed home. After we put away all the groceries, we decided we wanted to watch some movies. I fired up the Hp mini and started doing the updates for it. I think that's what caused the problems last time. We streamed Fifty Shades Of Grey.

 Now I have told you before, I do not like people torturing people and calling it fun or play. Yes, there is certain things that can include whips or being tied up, that can be sexual or whatever you want to call it. So hearing about this movie before hand, I didn't want to see it. I don't want some asshole beating up some girl for kicks. I don't want to see American Psycho part 3. I flat out asked Melissa, if this had any at all type of beating or torture in it. She said no, so I took her word for it and we watched it. I love the typical Seattle scenes, gray, raining and no color. This is the biggest farce about Seattle. Yes we do have gray days and rain, but it's not as dramatic as movies make it look like. So I didn't know what to expect for this movie because, all I had heard about was this controlling guy making some girl sign a contract and then beating her up. I did not like the guy they picked for Christen Grey. He wasn't horrible, but I felt it could have been better. The girl that played Anna, was alright and she did sell her part well, only in the beginning. Towards the end of the movie her believability dropped and her character kind seemed forced. The ladies face looks like she hadn't slept in days and her bags under her eyes were really bad and noticeable and it didn't fit what her character was going through at the time. So the dominate parts, the tying up, chains and the whips actually weren't the torture like I thought it would be, which is good. What I did not like was the belt part. They didn't show contact on her ass or show welts and it wasn't really emphasized, meaning, he wasn't full blown hauling back and beating her. As someone who had a belt used on them as a child, I don't know how anyone would willingly want this done to them. The contract aside, punishment like this I don't like.

 The love story that was forming was a unique perspective on it. I love, love itself. I love seeing it and when it is performed well and believable it is amazing. I was having a hard time watching the movie as they were trying to stay in character or trying to be in love. A lot of it seemed forced, but when they let go and actually had fun filming, it was really good. I hated how the guy playing Christen would have a firm, definitive tone when it wasn't needed. We watched the extended cut and the montage at the end gave a really cool look at the complicated love story unfolding. I will have to see the other two movies only if there is no more belt scenes or harder play room scenes. The original picks for these characters were Emma Watson as Anna and Charlie Hunnam as Christen. I would have hated to see Emma and Charlie demean them self in these roles. In my opinion, they wouldn't have fit the characters either. So all in all it was a good movie and I hope the next movies are as good.

 Sunday, we had our house chores to do. We knocked out some shows and we finished the Billboard Music Awards. The Kanye performance wasn't even a performance. The smoke and fireworks were totally crazy and uncalled for. Half of his "performance" was silenced and you couldn't see him more than half the time. We watched the Lifetime movie, Kidnapped The Hannah Anderson Story. The girl Jessica Amlee that played Hannah reminds me of a cross between Chloe Grace Moretz and Helena Bonham Carter. The movie wasn't too bad, but I think there is stuff that did happen and they didn't talk about it. The guy who kidnapped her, was psycho and would say stuff like, you're my girl and I have a crush on you. You don't say stuff like that just for the fun of it. I do feel bad for that family and it sounds like the real girl didn't have any input or say into this movie. After the movie we headed upstairs and went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday midweek update.

 I guess I should just start posting this on Friday's since I have been to buys to finish and post this on Wednesday's, ha ha. Wednesday, Wednesday, it has been a long week already. There is still no word on the supervisor for my building. One of our graveyard shift workers has issues. I had to work 12 hours last night because of said graveyard worker. Hey I'll take the money and it was a whole hell of a lot easier then waking up early, to be to work by 10 am. I really, truly hope this transition gets easier. Anyways lets see, I have been playing more A Link To The Past, then I have Links Awakening. I got to the Dark Palace, beat Helmasaur King, got the Magic Hammer and got the crystal to speak to one of the maidens.

 I keep on forgetting how involved and hard this game is. Even when I need to look at a walk through on some parts, damn. It actually makes me appreciate The Minish Cap more because, it was a very impressive game, good graphics, good soundtrack and really good game play. Yes I know, Minish Cap came later after A Link To The Past, I like how it progressed. It's weird, I have games I need to finish that are "A" titles, but I always go back to earlier games because I like them so much. Eventually I will start tackling my backlog, but for now I'm happy with Zelda games. 

 Computer stuff, so I told you over the weekend we used the Hp mini to try and stream some movies. I even tried my Ouya and it was even having some issues. So I feel like it's the modem, ethernet and maybe the service. I have been truly wanting to get back to tinkering with the Raspberry Pi, but I have been so busy and tired. I have big dreams and goals for the Pi and I won't stop until they're accomplished.

 Movies I'm watching, I decided to skip ahead with Die Hard and watch and finish Die Hard 5 A Good Day To Die Hard. It was still actually a good movie. This was more over the top compared to the others, but it was fun and why not? I have heard Furious Seven is extremely over the top. I can't wait to buy it for my collection. I'm still working on Star Wars episode 3. Man, Yoda is a bad as in the prequels. For being 400 years old? He sure knows how to move and fight. I finished Mad Max and now I'm working on Mad Max 2 The Road Warrior. I also have Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome on queue. I cannot wait till I can see Mad Max Fury Road. I can't think of any other movies at the time.

 Music, just picture listening to a bunch of Korn back to back. That's what I did today.

 Random internet pictures:

Wolverine taking out Apocalypse.

No too bad. I forgot why I took this though. Ha ha.
Jimmy Jhons, ha ah.

My amazing wife Melissa got me some treats.

 Till next time.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Weekend review for 5/16 - 17/15.

 Friday night, we watched Extraterrestrial.It was actually a B+ movie. It had a bigger budget and effects than I thought it would have. I like how it had a different take on alien invasions and abductions. There was some parts that they took from, Fire In The Sky. Fire In The Sky freaked me out when it first came out. I remember seeing the scene in where the guy gets abducted, taken aboard the ship and is dragged down some sort of hallway with what looks like plastic covering his mouth so you can't hear him scream. Extraterrestrial, took bits of that scene, but they did it very well. I didn't like the ending at all. They could have done it better, but all in all, it was a pretty good movie. I do recommend seeing it.

 Saturday, we had some errands to run and we heard there was some garage sales going on in a huge community. So we headed on down the road and started looking for deals. This community was huge, with huge houses in it. Like a three car garage was the norm for this place. We headed to our right when we pulled in. The weather wasn't as good as it was supposed to be, so there weren't that many sales. We found a couple, but nothing sparked our interest.So we're driving around and all of a sudden we see a golf cart driving down the road! What? We keep driving and come to a golf cart gang and the were taking over the golf cart crossing. We actually watched gold carts driving up to garage sales. So now we had to avoid pedestrians, cars, golf carts and golf cart crossings. We stopped at one house and I found a little ride on dinosaur for $7. We looked around a little more and we decided to buy the dinosaur. Our now year old niece will love it. We headed out and found a couple more houses. We were walking up to one house and there was a person carrying this ball game that would have been perfect for our niece and another person was carrying a pink colored Coleman cooler. If we would have showed up a little sooner, we could have scored. We finished getting to the house and we found nothing. This garage slash man-cave was insane. There were pictures, poster, beer signs and toys everywhere. Then on the left side, there was a wall of woman's shoes. We bought a pop and we left.

 We decided we were good with the sales and we headed down to get the oil changed in my car. After the oil change, we headed over to Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Oh my god, I love their food and fries. After taking our time and enjoying this amazing barbecue feast, we headed over to Costco. I fell in absolute electronic love with this Vizio 60 inch led tv. It was only $850. Which is actually a pretty good deal. After drooling over the tv's, we headed over to the clothes. We found a couple outfits for our niece. We looked at the cool out door furniture and we headed over to pastry isle.We got some bagels and pastries and we got in line. After Costco, we headed over to Jamba Juice and it was the very first time they have ever messed our drinks up. It was supposed to be orange dream machine, it ended up being mocha something green tea? What is that? So they remade our drinks and we off and running. We headed down to Safeway, we got a few things and we headed home. At home we watched some shows and relaxed. Saturday night, I pulled out the Hp mini and we were going to stream some movies. Now the last time I tried the HP min, I tried an hd stream and put the cursor halfway into the movie and it was off and running with no buffering. This time though, it was stuttering to even start an sd stream. It was buffering and buffering, it did have Windows updates, but it shouldn't have caused all that buffering. We did get through a couple movies and we headed upstairs.

 Sunday, we had our normal house chores and yard work to do. I finished my house chores, but had to wait for the sun to come out cause the grass was still kind of wet. After the hours of waiting drained all of my strength and motivation, it was time to mow the lawn. So I mowed the lawn, but I had to mow the backyard twice to get it at the same height. Then I had to weed whack? weed eat? I don't know the proper terminology, but I had to do that too. After the strenuous and tedious yard work it was time to relax. We had a good pb&j sandwich and we watched some more shows. Sunday night, we made parmesan / jalapeno chicken for dinner. After awhile it was time for bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday midweek update.

 So this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, but so much stuff happened on Wednesday, that I couldn't have time to finish it. So my job has been super stressful lately. We got a new management company meaning, my company might not be needed anymore. My old supervisor is no longer my supervisor and a new supervisor position came available. I have always said I wanted to be a supervisor, I have always went above and beyond and I have done a supervisors job like, key inventory, paperwork, documents, training and numerous other things. So why not get paid and recognized for doing it? Here in lies the problem, I would have to change shifts, have a two hour drive time and deal with assholes I don't really have to deal with now. So I did end up applying for the job because, I felt like I had to. I felt like it makes me look better even if I don't get the job. If I do end up getting the job, I will make it work for us.

 Anyways, let's get right into it. Video games I've been playing, I have been working on Links Awakening and A Link To The Past. It's weird going from one platform to the other. Links Awakening, is on the GBC and A Link To The Past is on the GBA. So there's only the d pad and a and b on the GBC and then on the GBA, there's a, b, y, x, l and r. Anyways, it's interesting. And of course A Link To The Past, was originally for the SNES, so therefore it is a longer game. So I have gotten pretty far in A Link To The Past. I found the Pond Of Happiness to get upgraded bombs and arrows. Then I got the third bottle.

  I just got the Pendant of Wisdom and the Master Sword.

 Then I got to Aghanim.

I still haven't gotten to where I originally was my first play through before the ROM and save data got messed up. I still have a long ways to go. In Links Awakening, I got my sword and beat a few bosses, but not much more than that.

 I haven't played any other games. I told you on Sunday, that I tried my slim PS2 with no avail because of the clicking and disc read errors. I played a few minutes of The Matrix Path Of Neo. I still need to finish that game. Add that to my list of stuff I need to do.

 Computer stuff, I haven't touched the Hp mini or the Raspberry Pi in a very long time now. I have just been so tired and stressed with work stuff.

 Random internet pictures. 


 Till next time.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Weekend review for 5/9 - 10/15.

 So Friday night, we watched the Kurt Cobain documentary called Curt Cobain Montage Of Heck. It was interesting, but I don't think it was as good as I thought it would be. I wanted them to focus more on a larger variety of Nirvana's music. They only touched on Bleach, Nevermind, In Utero and Unplugged. They had a lot more songs and albums than that. It was a long movie too. I'm glad I saw it, but more content would have been good for me.

 Saturday, we took Melissa's mom out for Mothers Day. We headed up to Denny's and had some amazing food and service. I tried their new caramel coffee and it was actually really good. It was basically black coffee with whip cream and caramel sauce drizzled on it. Melissa's mom had the cold version of the same and she said it was really good too. I was very happy with the experience. After Denny's, we headed over to a new place called Snohomish Pie Company. The parking lot is absolute shit and I had to park across the street at a grocery store and walk back. I almost got ran over by a dick in a truck and I started yelling at him through his rolled down window. All the fucker did was smirk, smile and drive away. You're lucky I didn't kick or hit your shitty ass truck! After I picked up Melissa and her mom, we headed back to her moms house to talk and relax. After awhile, we headed towards home and we had to go grocery shopping. To sweeten the deal, Melissa got us some Starbucks before we went inside the store. After grocery shopping and being teased with sandwiches as Melissa texted, we headed home. We had our leftover Denny's for dinner and we headed upstairs to watch some crazy ass mail order bride documentary on Netflix.

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. We had to run to Walmart for some things and I just happened to pick out some dvds from the $5 bin. I got Total Recall (2012), Short Circuit 2, The Road Warrior, A Good Day To Die Hard and The Iron Giant. I also, with Melissa's suggestion, picked up a mini figure of Mario. I have a project I want to do with him later. I looked on the box and they have a Link from The Legend Of Zelda! Mario was only $3.75 and I will own Link. We headed home and we watched some shows for a little bit. On Saturday I got a free power pack for my Xbox 360 and an original GameCube memory card. I decided to go ahead and try it. I recently got a new power cord for my slim PS2. I was like why the hell not try all these out. I found my backup power cord for my original PS2, hooked it up and it worked. I wasn't surprised, but I was happy regardless. I hooked up the new power brick for my 360 and it worked as well. I am very happy, now I can take my 360 somewhere without having to remove the power cord from behind my entertainment center. Next I tried the slim PS2 and the power cord worked which is good, but the PS2 itself is having disc read issues. I don't even think you can send them in anymore to be fixed. I don't know what I'm going to do. I fired up my GameCube and tried the memory card. It worked as well. Now I have a memory card to use for my Raspberry Pi GameCube project. When I was testing the PS2's, I popped in The Matrix The Path Of Neo. One of the numerous games I never finished, damn it was still hard as hell. The controls were confusing and the moves you can use sucked. I'll finish it one day, but damn it will be tough. I cooked a pizza for dinner. It was a really good weekend, with good time spent with Melissa. Pics coming later of Mario and the project, till next time.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday update.

 Well on the midweek update, I told you I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. Well on Wednesday night, I finally beat the game! It took 8 months of a few minutes here, a few minutes there. I am very proud of the accomplishment. This game was and is one of my favorites of all time. I love the animation, the details, music and the controls. At first it was hard for me to get the controls down, but after I did, it was smooth sailing. The bosses and levels were damn hard, but it was fun. I'm so proud of myself. Accomplishing a goal is an amazing feeling. Now I am on to (actually, back to) The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past. I need to remember to take a screen grab of when I very first start playing the game and I need to write down the actually date as well. I know I started playing The Minish Cap in October of 2014, but I don't know the date. When I start Oracle Of Ages, Oracle Of Seasons or Links Awakening, I'll have to remember to do all that. 

So after two rounds of the final boss battle, I finally defeated Vaati. Two round boss battles suck.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, this week seems to flying by a little bit. Well actually, this year seems to be flying by. It's already May! What happened to January, February and March? Anyways, video games I've been playing. I have been playing The Legend Of Zelda The Minish Cap. So I finally got the Wind Element. The Wind Palace was really hard, I can only imagine what lies ahead.

 You can't see, but I don't have all 20 hearts. I read in a walk through that you have to collect 130 figurines in order to impress a guy, to have the guy give you a key to his house to then walk in his house and collect the heart container.

You know how annoying it is, to talk to him, say how many shells, then pull the lever, then see the figurine animation and talk to him again numerous times?

 Cut to the picture above, this is me trying to collect all the figurines. I had 999 mysterious shells. I spent all 999 of them, got more and came back and still don't have all figurines. Eh, oh well. Off to Dark Hyrule Castle I go. I know I should have been better at the mysterious shells earlier in the game, because there was numerous times I got 200 shells, but it didn't count because I was maxed at 999. So basically I wasted those shells that I could have used for this and now actually need. And in order to get some figures, I was using like 40 shells per. That's not very good. I really haven't played any other video games. I'm trying to focus more on one at a time, instead of multiple at a time. You know I'll probably go back to multiple at a time though. Ha ha. I might have mentioned it before, but I'm doing it again. I found out that before Animal Crossing was released on the GameCube, it was released only in Japan on the N64. It was called Dōbutsu no Mori or Animal Forest. Now I need to get a Japanese N64 and this game stat! What I did read was, you can modify a US N64 to accept Japanese games and there are no issues. So I need a Japanese Fire Orange console, Animal Forest and an Orange US N64 and a broken N64 so I can modify that one so I don't break the good ones. That is an extreme tall order. eBay has fire orange Japanese consoles for $100 because it's Japanese only. The game isn't too bad and the US orange is about $40 or so. I also must, must get a Orange Spice Japanese only GameCube, with a spice orange Game Boy Player. I will get these eventually, oh yes I will.

 Computer stuff, I really don't have any computer stuff. I still haven't tried RetroPie 3.0 beta 1 yet. I haven't even touched the Hp mini.

 Music, I don't have any music.

 Movies and shows I'm watching. I finished watching I, Robot with Will Smith. Man was that a good movie. I really wish they would make a sequel. I finished watching Minority Report. Damn, was that another good movie! I started watching The Secret World Of Arriety, man I love good animation and I love when they get the scale of things correctly. See the picture below, this is an amazing example of good animation.

I want to see someone cosplay Arriety.

 I started watching Star Wars episode III. That's it for movies, now on to shows. I have been watching a lot of Through The Wormhole and NASA's Unexplained Files. These are fascinating to me. Through The Wormhole actually makes you think about what is being talked about. The Unexplained Files, is just interesting because of what it covers. I almost caught up on The Lizzie Borden Chronicles. I have lost count on how many of the characters that get killed per episode. Pretty soon there won't be any main characters left. Christina Ricci, is amazing as a psycho killer.

 Random internet pictures.

This is really cute, but Wolverine would probably rip Baymax to shreds.

Dutch!? I don't even know. Ha ha.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend review for 5/2 - 3/15.

 Well first of all, May the 4th be with you. Ha ha. Friday night, Melissa got some amazing croissant sandwiches from Winco so we had those for dinner. We watched a documentary on what it's like after a gun death. It was pretty interesting.

 Saturday, we had to do our Sunday house work because we had a birthday party to go to. So I mowed the lawn and all that. We got some food prep done for the party and then we finally got to relax. We watched the Cleveland Abduction movie. I don't like seeing people being abused, tied up, chained up or anything else like that. I know it's unfortunately a part of life, but I don't need to see it. It wasn't as graphic as it could have been, but at times, it was too much for me.

 Sunday, we woke up a little early and get ready for the birthday party. We got the car loaded up and we headed over to pick our best friend and Melissa's mom. We soon got to the birthday party and Melissa had to take some pictures so I found a water and sat on a bench watching the Puget sound with our friend and Melissa's mom. It was time for the birthday girl to open some presents and then time for her to go crazy with her cake. She ate way more frosting then I thought she would. She seemed to be loving it. After the party, we headed home. We stopped by Dicks to grab some milk shakes. We dropped off Melissa's mom, then we dropped off our friend. We stopped by McDonald's for some lunch. We finally got home and we watched some shows and relaxed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.