Friday, May 15, 2015

Friday midweek update.

 So this was supposed to be posted on Wednesday, but so much stuff happened on Wednesday, that I couldn't have time to finish it. So my job has been super stressful lately. We got a new management company meaning, my company might not be needed anymore. My old supervisor is no longer my supervisor and a new supervisor position came available. I have always said I wanted to be a supervisor, I have always went above and beyond and I have done a supervisors job like, key inventory, paperwork, documents, training and numerous other things. So why not get paid and recognized for doing it? Here in lies the problem, I would have to change shifts, have a two hour drive time and deal with assholes I don't really have to deal with now. So I did end up applying for the job because, I felt like I had to. I felt like it makes me look better even if I don't get the job. If I do end up getting the job, I will make it work for us.

 Anyways, let's get right into it. Video games I've been playing, I have been working on Links Awakening and A Link To The Past. It's weird going from one platform to the other. Links Awakening, is on the GBC and A Link To The Past is on the GBA. So there's only the d pad and a and b on the GBC and then on the GBA, there's a, b, y, x, l and r. Anyways, it's interesting. And of course A Link To The Past, was originally for the SNES, so therefore it is a longer game. So I have gotten pretty far in A Link To The Past. I found the Pond Of Happiness to get upgraded bombs and arrows. Then I got the third bottle.

  I just got the Pendant of Wisdom and the Master Sword.

 Then I got to Aghanim.

I still haven't gotten to where I originally was my first play through before the ROM and save data got messed up. I still have a long ways to go. In Links Awakening, I got my sword and beat a few bosses, but not much more than that.

 I haven't played any other games. I told you on Sunday, that I tried my slim PS2 with no avail because of the clicking and disc read errors. I played a few minutes of The Matrix Path Of Neo. I still need to finish that game. Add that to my list of stuff I need to do.

 Computer stuff, I haven't touched the Hp mini or the Raspberry Pi in a very long time now. I have just been so tired and stressed with work stuff.

 Random internet pictures. 


 Till next time.

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