Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Midweek update.

  So on Sunday I told you I played a mission of Battlefield 4. That meant I had one last mission to do. Cut to Monday night, I started playing the final mission. I don't know how many times I died and had to start all over because of the checkpoint saves were really far apart. Well whatever, I beat it, I won't touch that game again for a couple more years. So my tally for my "10 games to beat this summer" is: Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Black Ops and Black Ops 2. Now full disclosure, I have not finalized my 10 games list, but I do have a partial one. I still need to take inventory of my PS3 games. All these have been for Xbox 360. On PS3 I have Medal Of Honor Warfighter, Saints Row 2, 3 and 4, Heavy Rain and Grand Theft Auto Stories From Liberty City. For Wii U, Melissa wants to add Captain Toad Treasure Tracker and Super Mario 3D World. Now this isn't all my PS3 or Wii U games, but this is a good list to complete the 10 games list.  

 Tuesday night, I decided to do the PS3 inventory. Heavy Rain (16) missions left to do. Army of Two the 40th Day (1?) mission left to do. I couldn't be absolutely sure if there was indeed 1 mission left to do. The lost and damned (22) missions left to do (game save was missing.) The Ballad of Gay Tony (26) missions left to do. Saints Row 2 (39) missions left to do. Saints Row 3 (25) missions left to do. Saints Row 4 (12) missions left to do. Medal Of Honor Warfighter I have (1) mission left to do. So that got me thinking about Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. Why were there so many missions left to do? Why was the game save data missing? After I was done on the PS3 I turned the Xbox on and checked a few more of those games. On the Xbox, the Ballad of Gay Tony had (19) missions left to do. The Lost and Damned had (16) missions left to do. I didn't forget I had both versions of GTA IV, but I guess I forgot I had both versions of the Stories from Liberty City. I had the PS3 version on disc, but the Xbox version is digital. Microsoft got the dlc (Downloadable content.) first and I didn't want to wait for it on disc. When it came out on PS3, it was disc only. I want to buy GTA V for PS3 as well. I really want the special edition for the PS3 since I have the special edition for the Xbox of GTA IV. 

I have San Andreas on both, but I doubt I will buy the digital Liberty City Stories or Vice City Stories for Xbox. Well shit, I don't know actually. Ha ha, I might end up buying it because I love the franchise. Gears of War 2 had (21) missions left to do. And Doom 3 had (38) missions left to do. What happened to me playing Saint Row 2? I have played more Saints Row 4 than I have 2. That's weird, I wonder if something else came out while that did? I just need to really figure out what is feasible to finish this summer. I haven't played any A Link To The Past or Link's Awakening since last week. My main focus has been console games. Tuesday night I should have just played the last mission of Medal Of Honor Warfigher, but I wanted to do the inventory. So the games with less missions to do would probably be the ones to pick for the 10 games. So that would be Warfigher, Army Of Two, Battlefield Hardline and A Link To The Past. That would bring my finished total to 8, which leaves 2 left. Jeez, I can't catch a break in this.

  Movies I've been watching. So I finished watching The Legend Of Hercules. It was kinda funny, I saw a women that looked exactly like the actress that played Hera. I wanted to start the Jurassic Park trilogy again, but the digital copy I had of Jurassic Park 1 was messed up so I have to re do it. I started watching Star Wars episode 4. It does make more sense when you watch them in order too. I started watching Sekirei again. I really want to watch Chobits again, but it's not on Netflix and I don't own it yet. I want to find a new anime to get into, but I don't know what. I also don't want to start a series that started years ago that still hasn't released season 2 yet. I know that's a lot to ask for. 

TV shows I have been watching. So I wanted to add this section in here because I have not had music in a really long time. I have been watching so really cool shows and I'm waiting for the summer ones to air. So the first new show we watched was The Whispers. I told you on the weekend review we had three episodes stacked up. It was actually a pretty good show. Melissa and I are excited to see the outcome. Next I'm waiting for Fear The Walking Dead. It is tied into the Walking Dead. It's not that I don't like the show, it's I never had a chance to watch it. It is on my to do to watch list for Netflix. I am still waiting for Z Nation. As I was typing, I did a quick search and it says it's coming in the fall. Damn, that sucks. I guess they don't want to go against Fear The Walking Dead. And I'm waiting for Big Brother. 

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 That's what I got for now, till next time.

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