Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Midweek update 7/29/15.

 Video games, so Monday I told you I played and beat Battlefield Hardline. That was my 7th game I beat for the 10 games of summer challenge.

 All in all, Battlefield Hardline, was not a bad game. I didn't like all the sneaking and stealth missions. The run and gun sections, did not make up for those sections either. It always felt like you had to go about everything ass backwards. It wasn't really fluid to me, but Battlefield 4 wasn't either. I hated how Battlefield 4, you had to make your squad move and engage enemies. I don't play games like that on purpose, so forcing me to do it, really sucks. Hardline, you didn't have to control them, but they didn't really engage until almost after you were done killing everyone. I did like the story as a whole, but the whole tv show vibe I didn't like. I would give Battlefield Hardline a 6 out of 10, just for the game play aspects and slow AI for npcs. And yes, my, not real gamer skills are partially to blame, but other games, newer games haven't had those issues. I really truly hope EA makes Battlefield 5 and maybe another Hardline type game. In my opinion, Battlefield 2 wasn't very good, but 3 blew it out of the water and 4 made it more better. I want another Medal Of Honor game too, speaking of first person shooter war games. I will be buying Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 though, exo suits and all.

 So now, I have to pick my last game and beat 3 more. Nope, not hard at all (sarcasm doesn't write well). I still, really have no idea what my 10th game will be. I did play some A Link To The Past and I took some screen shots, but I didn't upload them in time for this. I am at Ganon's Tower. Fuck this tower! I know it's the last and supposed to be the hardest and it is! I'm at the spot where you have to hit a crystal to lower the blocks, run past spikes, kill two enemies that copy your movements, hit a switch to open a door and re run through the spikes. Oh that's too easy, (sarcasm). I don't even know how many times I've died.I'll keep trying and I will eventually beat it, but damn. I haven't played any other games.

 Tv shows I'm watching, I finished the Tut 3 part series. It was actually really cool, I liked the story and it was crazy to see all the betrayal happening. I think I would watch it again actually. Every single person, was trying in one way or another kill King Tut. They were plotting against him for power and status. It kind of reminded me of Apple and Steve Jobs, how they fucked him over on his own company. Steve Jobs got the last laugh, but Tut never did. It was cool seeing Kylie Bunbury from Under The Dome in there as well. I would watch a full length movie on Tut actually. Speaking of Under The Dome, it has been getting weirder and weirder. No spoilers, Barbie is being weird, Big Jim is the sane guy and Julia is the new bad ass. I'll keep watching it for now. Zoo has been getting more interesting and weird at the same time. The connections are coming together, but the show keeps adding extra little bits that I don't know is necessary. The whole premise is, no spoilers, animals going crazy. Why show some random animal scene? I need a new zombie fix, I can't wait for Fear The Walking Dead. I just hope it doesn't disappoint me. I don't know the last time I brought it up, but they are filming the new Resident Evil movie with Milla Jovovich in it. Too bad I have to wait a year or whatever for it, but I'm still excited.

 Movies I'm watching. I been re doing a lot of movies. Some movies I re did had issues with sound or subtitles or whatever. It's been a lot of work again, but hopefully it will be worth it. I did stream some movies from my office computer to the Hp mini and they looked really good. They had good sound and video, so that part is good. I've been watching the Nolan Batman trilogy again. Those are some really good movies. Melissa even said she would watch The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises with me to prepare for Batman Vs Superman. Shit, I'll take it. I have been watching Jurassic Park trilogy. I started watching the Predator trilogy and I started watching the Alien anthology. I love the Alien franchise, but it's hard to get into the movies again. Alien is kinda slow even during the action parts.

 Computer stuff, I still have yet to work on the Raspberry Pi, I did some updates on the Hp mini and I reserved the Windows 10 upgrade for it. My work computer was erroneously clicked by a old coworker for the Windows 10 upgrade. It is supposed to be released today, so I checked the status and Windows already downloaded the update to this computer. There was no saying yes or clicking download, it just did it. That's really weird, I didn't think Microsoft would start doing that like Apple does with it's updates, but I guess so. So I need to make some time and see what Windows 10 looks like on the Hp mini, but I'm kinda scared. The mini is working amazing as it sits right now. Windows 8.1 tiles are still annoying, but it is working good otherwise. I know I could always reinstall 8.1, but it takes some work. Another thing is though, if Windows automatically downloads 10's files, it's going to take up a lot of room. Especially since the Hp recovery partition can't be removed. I have some serious thinking to do.

 Random internet pictures,

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Weekend review for 7/25 - 26/15.

 On Friday night, we had an amazing chicken caesar wrap dinner. Melissa had been slow cooking it all day in the crock pot. While we mowed our delicious dinner, we watched some Big Brother. After dinner, we headed upstairs and started flipping through Netflix for something to watch. We couldn't decide on anything so we chose Icetastrophe. It was definitely a "B" movie, I thought it was okay. I like most b movies. Melissa didn't like it too much though.

 Saturday, we had a date planned. We were going to do a movie and a lunch. We bought tickets for Minions 3D. This was my first new 3D movie. I only ever remembered the old fashioned red and blue paper glasses they gave me instant headaches. So I was apprehensive about this new sun glasses looking 3D. Well the screen without the glasses was a lot more blurry than I though it would be. Wearing the glasses was a lot more blurry than I thought it would be. It was so blurry in some places because of the fast movement, that it gave me a headache. I'm not any type of videophile snob, but how are people raving about 3D!? How do so many self proclaimed videophiles like this. It blurs, tears, distorts and isn't really clear. I'm, glad I tried it, but it's not for me. There was some cool 3D moments though, there was a bird that flew from no where, snow flakes falling and stuff like that. Unfortunately, all the new led tvs mostly have 3D built in, so it will go to waste for us. After the movie, my eyes and head hurt. Melissa said she got a headache and her eyes hurt as well. We headed to McDonald's for lunch, we had to get a new Minion toy for the collection. Our food was done and we headed home. At home we had our lunch and we watched some shows. We got to relax and no do too much. We watched some more shows and we had dinner. After dinner we headed upstairs and we watched Horrible Bosses 2. Well at least they weren't lying on the title. It was horrible and pointless. There was a couple funny parts in it, but as a whole, it sucked. What a waste of an hour.

 Sunday, we had our house stuff to do. I got my stuff done and I played some Battlefield Hardline. I finally beat that damn game! We watched some shows we had stacked up. We made another amazing dinner, we had biscuits and gravy. It worked out well because, it was actually cold and rainy. We watched some more shows and Melissa went to bed. I watched a couple episodes of Mythbusters and headed to bed myself. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Friday, July 24, 2015


 This is the Alien Vs Predator Ultimate Showdown Collection. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Midweek update 7/22/15.

 Wednesday, where have you been? Video games, Monday I told you, that I played a few missions on Grand Theft Auto 3. I don't know how many missions total it has, but that's okay. I still haven't picked my 10th game in my, 10 games for summer. I really have been slacking on playing A Link To The Past. I haven't played it in a few weeks, but I have tried some new to me games which are: The Sword Of Mana, The Chronicles Of Narnia The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe and SD Gundam. All for the Game Boy Advance. I'm slowly getting my ROMs in order for these games. I like playing the GBA games on my Nook, it makes it easier. I shouldn't be neglecting the 10 games for summer, but I had to check the games out. I have also been redoing a lot of my movies, so I have been using a lot of my time seeing if the movies look okay or if I have to re do them again. I'll get into that more later though. It's interesting to see how well some video games are made. Some of these new to me GBA games are 12 years old. They have good graphics for what it is and they have good soundtracks. I have two missions left in Battlefield Hardline and I know I'm pretty close to finishing A Link To The Past. I'll keep working at it and try and get re motivated for ALTTP.

 Movies I'm watching, So I have been re doing the Alien Anthology, (Side note, my DVD set discs still say, quadrilogy. My Blu-ray set says anthology, basically I have even more of a collectors edition.) so the anthology isn't the remastered version, it's basically just a film to DVD transfer. So I get all sorts of artifacts and pops on screen. I don't have an issue with that, until it blurs scenes while I'm trying to watch it. So when I originally made the digital file, I used mp4, which is fine, but I've noticed on my use and equipment, m4v works better. I normally do older movies in m4v and newer in mp4 anyways. Like I said, the tears and blurs get old, that's why I am re doing them in m4v to see if it helps. I was watching Batman Begins and there was a part where the movie just froze. I'll have to figure that out, but I might be re doing the file again. I am going to re watch the Predator trilogy again. I'm watching The Expendables again. I really, really want to get Days Of Futures Past Rogue Cut! I am so mad I don't have it already and I want The Wolverine Unleashed Extended Cut. Each movie adds more to the story. I probably said it already, but I want the Interstellar Directors Cut if they come out with it. I need to get a Blu-ray drive for my computer too.

 TV shows I'm watching. So The Zoo is staying about the same for me. It is still interesting and I'm looking forward tot he next episode, that's saying a lot. I like end of the world scenarios and this is definitely fitting the description. Under the Dome as of right now, is still holding my interest. I have heard a couple people say that they are done watching the show permanently. Next month, is Fear The Walking Dead, which I can't wait for. I need my zombie fix already. I recorded a mini series called Tut, I am very interested in this show. I watched other period shows and it was fine for me.

 Computer stuff, so re doing movies might go into the computer section, but oh well. I need to work on the Hp mini and get the Windows 10 upgrade going really soon. I need to actually fire up the Raspberry Pi and try out the new RetroPie beta. I need more time to do stuff I want to do, said everyone all the time.

 Random internet pictures, 

Okay, this pisses me off to no end. I hate how Apocalypse looks in the new X-Men movie! There is nothing against Oscar Isaac, but he does not fit the character and suit and makeup sucks!

All the time.

Every damn day!

I'd wear this.

This will happen, these baby g Nikes will be mine!

 So I have been following this guy on Instagram and his dioramas are amazing!! I don't know when or how, but I will attempt to do at least one of these. I have my sweet Link Melissa bought for me and I can take screen grabs from The Legend of Zelda... you can see where this is going. I would have to get all the supplies and patients, but I think this would be amazing! Maybe I could put my Predator in there and chase after toon Link? Maybe I can put Mario in there against, who knows? The point is it would be endless fun. Well that's what I got for now, till next time.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend review for 7/18 - 19/15.

 On Friday night, we got Subway for dinner and we watched Big Brother. After dinner we headed upstairs and we fired up Netflix. We found some weird Australian movie called These Final Hours. So it sounded like either a meteor or something was going to end the world in like 12 hours. It started out really damn weird and kept being weird. So the world is ending, what do you do? Do you kill someone? Do you party like no tomorrow, pun intended? We there's a little bit of everything in this movie. A disturbing part for me was two guys kidnap a 10 year old if that girl. You can see where it is going with that, but the main character saves her with nothing happening to her. It was weird, but interesting.

 Saturday, we had another birthday party to go to. Melissa spent most of Friday afternoon, busting her ass making cupcakes. she had spent at least a month or so getting decorations and and stuff ready for it. I hope she's getting compensated for it. So on a 90 plus degree day, we have to deliver cupcakes and setup a table. It sounded like after the fact that either the girl didn't like something or she was just being a bitch. I told Melissa, our new word will be, no. Can you help with this? No. After the obligatory staying for a little bit, we headed home. We stopped by Target, a couple stores and we got lunch. After I was done shopping, I walked outside and there all this smoke and ash.

 Well we looked across the parking lot and we saw all this smoke. Some trees caught fire and was burning near a power pole. We got in our car and got our of there. After a little bit, we heard that the power had been lost because of the fire. We got our lunch and we drove home. We scarfed our food and then we started working on some more raffle baskets for the palooza that was on Sunday. We finished the baskets and we started to finally relax and watch some shows. After awhile we made a nice cold dinner. We watched a few more shows and headed upstairs.We streamed a movie and we headed to bed.

 Sunday, we had to wake up early and get read for the palooza. We got ready and packed up the cars. We headed to Starbucks and got coffee. We made it to the freeway then it all stopped. There was an earlier accident that was now on the shoulder, not blocking any lanes and people on all three lanes were stopping and gawking. Really!? No one, this day and age, has never seen a wreck? We finally got to the venue and were locked out. The owner was caught in the same traffic as us. We got in the venue it was already 90 degrees and we started setting up. Well, it ended up being 96 degrees and this was the best palooza they had ever had. Melissa had started working on this in January. They raised a good amount of money and people had fun. Finally after many hours, it was our turn to go home. We stopped by Dick's Drive In and we got some burgers. We ate and I ordered some burgers to go and we drove home. When we got home, we got comfortable and watched some of our shows. It was time for Melissa to go to bed. I played a few missions in Grand Theft Auto 3. My Tut recording messed up, but I found it again. After awhile I was so damn tired, I went to bed. I am so proud of Melissa for everything she has been doing and accomplishing lately. She has majorly stepped out of her comfort zone and made stuff happen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Midweek update.

 So on Monday, I told you I played a mission on Battlefield Hardline. I have two missions left and it be will be done. So that means I have finished 6 games. I have beaten, Call Of Duty Black Ops on 6/11/15, Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 on 6/14/15, Battlefield 3 on 6/16/15, Battlefield 4 on 6/23/15, Medal Of Honor Warfighter on 6/27/15 and Army Of Two The 40th Day on 6/27/15. I have four games left on my 10 games of summer list. I want to finish Battlefield Hardline and The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past. That would mean I have two more games to add to the list. I think I might choose Grand Theft Auto 3 for one of them. I have always wanted to beat that game. I came really close to beating it, but I couldn't even tell you where I left off. I keep on thinking that I had more games that I beat, but the games like The Legend Of Zelda and The Minish Cap were finished before I found the 10 games for summer post on June 3rd. I want to stick to the post as much as I can and I need to come up with the 10th game. I'll have to think on it for a little bit. The summer officially ends according to, on September 23rd. I need to get some stuff going. I haven't been motivated enough to play A Link To The Past in a couple of weeks now. Battlefield Hardline isn't a bad game, but it's not the best game. It's hard to want to finish it, because of the missions are becoming more of the same.

 TV shows I'm watching. I have been liking The Zoo. It's been done before, but I like the mysteries it has in it. Last night's episode had some crazy animal experiments going on. Bats taking out an airplane and dogs practice killing on tourists. No spoilers. I'm looking forward to the next episodes. Under The Dome has been weird. It has drawn me back in enough to finish the season, so far. Marg Helgenberger, is an interesting twist. I don't condone spoilers so I won't be getting in depth with episode reviews or anything like that. Anything I do write about has been already seen. August, is supposed to have Fear The Walking Dead come out. I am really excited for that, I need to watch The Walking Dead as well. Big Brother is moving along for me. It's take a little bit, but I know now the people I like. I don't have any picks for the winners yet, but we'll see how the summer plays out. The Supergirl show might be something to check out, but I don't know. As I was typing this, it looks like Supergirl won't even be coming out till October. I probably won't even remember it by then.

 Movies I'm watching. I had to re do Star Wars so I still need to finish episode VI. I finished episodes IV and V. I had to re do Blade Trinity, I had the extended cut, but not the theatrical. I started watching Batman Begins again. I finished the Resident Evil series again. I still can't wait for Resident Evil 6. I want to see how they're even going to start the movie. Resident Evil Retribution, showed the white house as a battleground with humans trying to hold the line with flying bat type things and waves upon waves of zombies, it will be interesting. I finished Aladdin the Disney cartoon. It actually held up well. I started watching Planet Hulk again. I screen grabbed a few shots of the Hulk for future tattoo ideas.

 Computer stuff. So I have been keeping up with RetroPie and they released RetroPie 3.0 beta 4. I downloaded it and actually wrote it to an sd card. I'm trying to get myself pumped up to actually work with my Raspberry Pi. I really, really have been wanting to work on it. This is my opportunity to do so. I was mad that I haven't found anything for my Raspberry Pi projects at garage sales or the Junk In The Trunk show. I need a lot of little odds and ends parts. Even if I can't complete a project because of not having the Pi or hard drive or whatever, I can still try and get the fitting of everything done now. I have numerous Raspberry Pi projects I want to do. So I want to build my PiD1, a pi inside of a PS1 shell. It would have a pi 2 with the PS1 ROMs on a external portable hard drive. I want to use usb adapters with PS2 or PS1 controllers. I want to build Pitendo, a pi inside a NES shell that plays NES, Game Boy and Game Boy Color games only. It would use USB NES controllers and maybe a USB stick inside an old cartridge for the ROMs inside the old cartridge slot. I want to build PiSnes, it would be a pi inside a SNES shell that would play only SNES  and Game Boy Advance games, using a USB SNES controller with a USB stick inside an old cartridge. Next I want to build a PiCube using a pi 2 inside a GameCube shell that would play all ROMs it could. The ROMs would be stored on a hard drive either in the Game Boy Player or in the inside with the Pi. I would want to use all USB controllers, but the respective ones like SNES, NES, Genesis and GameCube. I want the controller ports to be USB ports. I know that is a lot, but the projects are the fun part and the games would be the icing. And after adding it all up, you might be spending less for an original working system, but that's not as fun.

 I was talking to one of my tenants about Windows 10. My Hp mini has windows 8.1 with Bing on it and it is eligible for the Windows 10 upgrade. He said I should go for it, worst case, I don't like 10 or whatever wipe it and re install 8.1 and be done. That sir, is a damn good idea. Now of course it comes down to time for all of these projects I want to do.

 Random internet pictures:

Batman voice: IT'S TIME TO PLOW THE FIELDS! Ha ha.

I think I would roll this.

You know how true this is!? I actually wrote some stories because of how inspired I was with movies I have watched. I love this quote.

 Get inspired and try something new. Try something you never have done before. The end result might surprise you. Sometimes a project isn't for the finishing, it's for the doing. Well that's it for now, till next time.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Weekend review for 7/11 - 12/15.

Friday night, we made some pizza for dinner and we watched Big Brother. We had to wake up early on Saturday so we went upstairs a little early. We watched maybe a half hour of Big Brother After Dark and then we went to bed.

 Saturday was our Junk In The Trunk, Rodz On 3rd and our niece's birthday party. We headed out to the Junk In The Trunk and we walked around. We didn't find anything, but we did have to skim pretty quickly. We didn't have time to check out the car show, but that's okay anyways. Normally, we wouldn't have to rush too much for a birthday party, but Melissa was the even coordinator. She was in charge of all the decorations, cupcakes, punch and burger fixings. She had been gathering supplies for weeks for this. She has been trying to get this going and working on another event for Heather's Lungs. So next weekend, we have another birthday party to go and the palooza for Heather on Sunday. Melissa has been working feverishly on all of this. I couldn't even imagine, having to do all this. Back to Saturday, we got the our niece's house and got to work. Melissa started making the punch as I was helping with tablecloths and decorations. Our nephew was hanging the banners and setting up cupcake boxes.

 We were finally done setting up everything and waiting for the birthday girl to show up. My nephew was like we need to go play Smash Bros'. I said sure, we headed downstairs and fired up the Wii. I hate Smash Bros' and I don't do very well at all. A lot of the time, I accidentally kill myself by falling off the ledge. Anyways, we played some rounds and I was doing alright. I did get some KO's, which was amazing. Well cut to another round, I don't know how it happened. I actually won a round. My nephews probably let me win, but I'm celebrating anyways.

 The birthday girl got home with her friends and wanted so play Smash Bros' so the nephews and I let them play. I was on victory high and wanted to stop playing before I came back to reality. The mom wanted something from the store, so my nephew and I went. After the store, it was time to eat. We had some slider burgers, baked beans, salad and cupcakes. I actually didn't end up having a cupcake, but the burgers were amazing. See, they were sliders, so having six of them isn't as bad as it sounds. Ha ha, I know I probably shouldn't have had so many. After awhile, it was time for presents. She opened her stuff, she got a new DSLR Nikon camera. It's a beginners one, but it is 22 mega pixels. I know it's really not about mega pixels, but damn. After we hung out for a little bit, we headed home.

 We got home and we had to start working on some raffle baskets for the Palooza. After what seemed like an eternity, we were done. We got 16 baskets done and like 19 items so far for the raffle. We had some left over pizza and we watched some shows. We headed upstairs and watched a movie.

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do. Heather stopped by to see the amazing raffle baskets we made the night before. Her and her husband were very impressed. Which is really good, these will be raffled off to raise money to help pay her medical bills. We sat and talked for awhile. After they left it was time to get back to work, house work that is. I finished the house work and we watched some shows. So the fair is coming up and we are submitting pictures for it like Melissa did last year. These are my submissions for it.

 I do not have any type of hopes up or anything, but I am so very excited to do something like this. I am not a person to do this type of thing. I like people seeing my pictures and enjoying them. I don't feel like my pictures are professional by any means. My pictures are very good to me though. I don't just take pictures to take pictures. I take pictures for that moment, for that enjoyment I saw in the scene I am capturing. If someone at the fair, saw my picture and got a moment of enjoyment out it, then I did what I wanted to do. It's amazing to see my digital pictures printed out.

 I had to go the bathroom and noticed the toilet paper need to be refilled. I went and grabbed the pack from the pantry and started filling it up. All of a sudden, I heard a clank noise. I looked in the bag and it was Melissa's rings!!!! I told you that we lost something. We have been searching for seven days straight! I was almost for sure that they were gone for good. My heart lit up and I was excited to have them back. We watched some more shows and Melissa started an amazing manicotti. We both started filling and stuffing them. Dinner turned out so damn good. After dinner we watched some more shows and Melissa went to bed. I turned on Battlefield Hardline, I played a mission and then turned it off. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

No bonds will ever be as strong as these.

Friday, July 10, 2015


#FlashbackFriday American McGee Alice and the Cheshire Cat action figure.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, Wednesday, where to begin. This has been a long damn week and the heat is not helping. Again, I know it has been hotter other places, but if you're not use to living in an area that gets that hot, it sucks. It's been a cluster fuck of a week. I told you on Saturday I was basically dying and Sunday I did feel better, but still not 100 percent. Don't you hate when you misplace something, tear up your house looking for it and still can't find it? That's what we have been dealing with since Sunday. We have been racking our brains trying to retrace steps and remember what we did with what and where we put everything. So frustrating, whatever, so I have not played a single video game since last Saturday. I have had no time and the heat is relentless. The night doesn't cool down enough to sit there and play for hours on a game. And they say that it is going to get worse, not just this year, but the coming years too. I am not in the mood for this today, till next time.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Weekend review for 7/4 - 5/15.

 So Friday night, we got subway for dinner since it was again 95 degrees outside. We've been in at least a week long in 85 plus degree weather. This is gettign really old and it's starting to really affect me. We watched some Big Brother and we went upstairs. We finished watching the Antarctica documentary and the Titanic documentary.

 Saturday was the 4th of July. We watched some shows before we were supposed to go to our friends house. They needed us to pick some more ice since it was already 92 degrees. We stopped at Walmart and they were sold out of ice. Albertsons, Bartells and Safeway were sold out of ice. I had the brilliant idea to stop by our new Walgreens. Melissa called first and they said they had 14 bags left. We booked it there and I was basically Army crawling in the freezer for the ice. I grabbed 5 bags and this guy was standing behind us looking pissed. I told him there was 3 left, we headed up the cashier. I said I should have grabbed 6 bags. The cashier said oh we have another pallet full. I was like okay lets go get another bag. The guy who was standing behind us, gave us one of his bags and headed back tot he cooler. He had probably about 8 or so bags of ice. We lucked out, I guess there were gas stations that never got their shipments and had to turn people away. We were like why not put a sign up saying that. We drove up tour friends house and the heat was on. It was already so damn hot.

 I got a drink, food and found shade and stuffed my face. I had already drank like 4 bottles of water, 1 bottle Coke and a Sprite. We I should have kept up on the water. I felt like shit later and I was really dizzy. More on that later. It started gettign a little dark and more fireworks were being let off. Normally, fireworks don't really bother me unless it's like an m100 or something. Mortars were being let off and when they popped, I was actually jumping. I kept on trying to drink a lot, but it wasn't enough. We met a couple guys from the band, I made a request for Bad Company, Bad Company. They didn't end up playing it, but they did play Feel Like Making Love which was awesome. We stayed and listened to the band for a little bit, but soon retreated to the back deck again.

 Melissa caught this amazing video of a firework exploding in slow motion. I had to copy her because it was amazing. So yes Melissa I did copy you, but I am admitting it.

A video posted by Ben C (@_b_e_n_c_) on

 I can't mess with the size, but oh well. We watched some more fireworks and we were tired. We decided to head home, but we were hungry. Oh and a side note. They had plenty of food left over, but it makes me nervous since it was so hot that it was spoiled. They had mayonnaise and cheese slices without any ice near them. I had burgers with just the bun, burger, ketchup and barbeque sauce. It was good, but I did miss cheese and mayo. We headed down and suffered in the heat for Wendys. Yes, we could have used ac, but now I don't know why we didn't. We got into our house and it said 72 degrees and we felt hot. I felt so hot, like over heated to the core. I kinda felt dizzy, but thought it was cause of food. We watched a show and we ate. We did try the Baconator fries, they were actually pretty good. I'm feeling the same after eating and getting dizzier. We decided to head upstairs and our ac was blasting. I did start to feel cooler, but I was still really dizzy. I got an ice pack for my head and I don't know how I got through the movie. We got through the movie and went to bed.

 Sunday, I woke up feeling a lot better, but not a hundred percent. I had some house projects to do and the normal house stuff to do. I had to install the vent hose and housing correctly for the portable ac. I should have taken pictures, but I didn't. There are pieces the the vent hose attaches to and they slide to take up the remaining section of window. What I had to do was cut the second piece so it would make the vent hose sturdy. Oh and I had to turn the ac off while I was working on it, so the house started heating up. Anyways, I got the piece cut and assembled. I screwed the vent hose end to the plate which in turn screwed in the sliding pieces to the plate. So basically I made everything nice and tight. I added the foam stripping tot he top of the plate and shut the window down on it. I got a piece of pvc pipe and cut it to length to keep the window shut and put tension on the hose vent plate. Booyah, I normally shoot for 98 percent, but I feel that I reached 99 percent good install for this.

 I worked on a couple other things then just sat down for awhile. For the bedroom ac, I took another pvc pipe and just stuck it in the window to keep tension on the unit. I guess I should have use foam and stuff. The accordion flaps on the side need to be screwed or nailed down, but I didn't want to do that. If ti keeps gettign as hot as it has been, I will definitely have to start thinking about these little things. We had an amazing dinner and we watched some more shows. I was getting over heated again and I went to bed early. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time.

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Midweek update.

 Video games, on Saturday I played Medal Of Honor Warfighter and Army Of Two The 40th Day. Those were games 6 and 7 I finished for my 10 games for summer list. So looked back on my game list and I finished The Minish Cap on 5/6/15. That was before the 10 games for summer was even a thing. So I need 3 more games to finish for summer, more than likely that will include, A Link To The Past with 2 missions left to do. Battlefield Hardline with 3 missions left to do. I  need to find 1 more. I keep on thinking that there is a deadline looming to do this, there is no deadline coming up. The only "deadline" is the end of summer. I was picking games that had only a few missions left to do. I think I need to pick 1 game that needs a lot more time to play and finish. I'll have to think on that one. Melissa and I don't get very much time to dedicate to play games on the weekend. That means I probably won't be adding any games that we have played.I haven't touched any games since Saturday. Everything has been extremely hectic lately.

 Movies I'm watching, I finished watching Terminator 1. I need to start watching Terminator 2 next. I finished Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil Apocalypse. I am going to start watching Resident Evil Extinction. I read a rumor that they're making Resident Evil The Final Chapter, but I follow Milla Jovovich on Instagram and she basically just gave birth a few months ago. I highly doubt that there will be any Resident Evil movies this year. If I'm wrong I will be happy, but sad that it might be the last movie. Or it might be the last movie with Milla Jovovich, who knows how long these actors are going to be willing to play these characters. Look at Christian Bale and being Batman. I added Blade II to the list. I'm watching The One with Jet Li, I love multiverse and parallel worlds. That stuff fascinates me, so having a kick ass movie with that as the premise, yes please. I'm still watching Star Wars episode IV. I know I'm forgetting some movies, but that's okay. side note, I love letting people watch movies that I watch. I let a friend borrow Gravity and Interstellar. He watched Gravity first and loved it. He is more technical than me and he saw the science holes, but he loved it as a whole like me. Now I can't for him to watch Interstellar and see what he says.

 Computer stuff, on Saturday we streamed a movie with Hp mini. I have noticed a correlation between Windows updates and streaming. We had some stuttering and buffering issues and then after the updates were downloaded, it was smooth again. I really, really need to work on the Raspberry Pi again. I think I might have lost the little programming I did know.

 We're basically going through a heatwave and it has been in the upper 80's for awhile and now this week, it has been low 90's.  I know there are places that are hotter, but we're just not used tot his kind of weather. We finally said fuck it and tried buying an air conditioner. The first one we bought originally said it was for 300 square feet. The one that showed up was for 200 square feet. We hooked up anyways thinking it would at least be cooler air. Wrong, it was nothing more than a loud fan. I felt so damn bad for Melissa, I sit at work with ac until it cuts off at 4:30 5 ish, but I get relief. Even if I'm dripping sweat, I can use ac in my car and then at work. Melissa doesn't have shit, we were desperate to try something. So we now have to return this one and I ordered a new one yesterday. It should work out price wise. The refund from the old one pays for the new one and maybe a tiny difference. Anyways, we ordered a 10,000 confirmed btu one for the actual 300 square feet. The problem we have is the downstairs is really open and right near the living room, the stairs are there. I don't have high hopes for this one turning downstairs to ice, but I'm hoping it will cool down at least 10 degrees. That's not asking too much. so now for our bedroom, we have been suffering at night too, because it's not cooling down. It's staying at 70 degrees until like 4 in the morning. We found a 5000 btu window unit and I hooked it up last night. It did cool our room, it was not ice cold by any means. I'm hoping that tonight if it has enough cool down time before Melissa goes to bed, it will be good. Now we just have to wait on the shipping for the new unit. And speaking of shipping, the old one was supposed to be delivered on Monday, but it wasn't delivered until Tuesday.

 Well that's what I got for now, till next time.