Monday, September 21, 2015

A new week.

 So all last week, I was training. This week I am officially on my own. I'm kinda nervous and scared. I have to think back to my first days at my old job. It's hard to do because it's been so long ago. I know I was more scared then. I hated riding elevators, I didn't know how to use the site phone and I was left alone for quite a few hours. That's regular though, that's a common thing with anyone. Soon after I arrived, that all went away, now it's time to figure out what I need to do. I know what to do, but I need to learn these places and it will get easier as it goes. Being at two buildings a day will help with boredom and complacency. So it breaks down to three and a half hours at each place. A half hour for lunch and half hour for drive time. That's not bad at all. 

 Day two, so I'm starting at a different building then I ended at. Then I'm going to the same building as I started with the day before. It sounds weird, but I kinda like it. I get mileage reimbursement for going to a different site. I have computer training class at a different building also today. I'll just take it hour by hour and go from there. This is a marathon, not a race. 

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