Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas weekend review 2015.

 So where to begin? I had a four day weekend and it was amazing. Wednesday morning, we had Christmas with our little cutie pie niece. She loved everything and actually kind got overwhelmed by her stuff. It was so cute. She would take her time and pull back one strip of paper at a time. We got her a princess time car and it was all over after that. She got in, gangster leaned and just chilled while she watched Frozen. It was so damn cute. After all the fun I had to get ready for work. After work Melissa and I went to Walmart for a few things. It turned into a long night and we were both hangry by the end of it. We finally got to eat dinner and then we headed to bed.

 Thursday, we had some breakfast and we headed out. We stopped by and got some medicine, coffee and gas. After that we headed out to Monroe. We took a wrong turn and it added like 30 minutes to our drive time. We finally got to our nephews house. We got a tour and we say and talked for awhile. It was good seeing how good they were doing. After a couple hours, we headed in down the road. We went over to Melissa's brothers house. Melissa's car had a check engine light come on so we checked it out with a code reader when we got to her brothers house. We cleared the code and that was that. We talked for awhile and opened presents. I got a GameStop gift card and some other stuff. I'm exited cause I have no clue what game in going to buy. I want COD BO3, but I don't know if I can wait till we go to GameStop. We played a new game called Pie Face. The premise is you have to spin a wheel and however many numbers you get, you have to turn the lever and hope to not get whip cream in your face.

 Melissa and I, actually never got creamed. Ha ha. After that we headed on down the road and we picked up Melissa's mom. Then we headed to our other nephews house. I got lost a couple times and started to get angry, but we found it. We headed in and we got to eat some good food and just talk for awhile. We got to open more presents. We all just sat and talked about old times. It was a pretty good time. It was time for us to leave. We dropped off Melissa's mom at her house and then we headed home. Melissa had thrown in a toast before we left and now it had been in the crock pot a little too long. We were bummed about dinner. We headed upstairs to go to bed. 

 Friday morning, we slept in and then went downstairs. We made some coffee and then we opened some presents. We had some Christmas breakfast and then we relaxed. We got some amazing presents. I could see Melissa really liked what I got her I got some new Wii U games so we played some Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival. It was a lot of fun. The. We tried Yoshi's Woolly World. That was a lot of fun too. It reminded me of Little Big Planet. We watched some shows and we had some amazing open face baked roast sandwiches. 

 Saturday, we woke up and we had Melissa's mom come over to the house. We got super excited for more presents and good times. We all had some coffee and then we got to open presents. We opened the stockings first. I got some more Amiibos, some food gift cards and some cash. Melissa got some cash and some gift cards as well. I got some sweet graphic t shirts and I got Star Wars Battlefront. I hooked up my brand new Xbox One! and started doing all the updates and setting up. I couldn't even believe that I had got one and that it was sitting in my living room right now! Before I knew it, we had to leave for the Golden Corral buffet. We got there and there was no line and we started enjoying our food. After we all had our fill, it was time to leave and head home. When I got home, I disconnected the Xbox 360 and started routing the wiring for the Xbox One. I got all the cords and power packs setup and hid. I had to move my heavy ass entertainment center. I got everything back in order and I got to play some Battlefront. After awhile, we watched some shows and we relaxed and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had to do some cleanup and had to get everything ready for our Christmas party. After awhile, all of our friends came over and we started chowing down on some food and treats. We had the football game going and it was all around fun. We got to open some presents and relax. Sunday night, people were headed out and we had some cleanup to do. We both had to work the next day so we cleaned all the party stuff up. After we were done cleaning, we watched some shows and we relaxed. I hope your Christmas was good, I know mine was. Till next time. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Weekend review for 12/19 and 20/15.

 Friday I had to work late, so Melissa got us a pizza for dinner. I got home and we got a few things ready for the next day and had our pizza. We watched a show and we headed to bed. 

 Saturday we woke up early to get ready for our ugly sweater party. We got everything all set up and ready to go. We got our frost guest around 12:40 or so and we just talking and catching up. Our next one showed up at like 1 so after that all the other people showed up. We had lots of food and snacks. Other people brought over some treats too. Everyone was having fun just talking and catching up. After awhile, it was time for the ornament exchange. Everyone brought an ornament and put it into the pile. We went around in a circle. When my turn came I decided not to steal anyone's ornament so I grabbed a new one. It was two Starbucks ornaments. I was happy. Next turn, yup, they were stolen from me so I grabbed a new one and it was a light up Seahawks ornament. Okay cool, yup you guessed it, stolen again. My last one was a glass moose mug from Christmas Vacation. So that's cool. Everyone had a blast. One person brought a pickle and wrote a note on why thy brought the pickle. Their family, hid the pickle and whoever found it, got a gift card. Then we also had whoever had the ugliest sweater gift. We had three ribbons and a small gift for each of them. Everyone had a blast. We played a little Cards Against Humanity, it was a hit. People were crying cause they were laughing so much. My throat started hurting toward the end of the night and I thought it was cause of all the junk food I was eating. Everyone left and we headed upstairs we started watching No Escape. We both were really tired and we shut the movie off and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had our regular stuff to do, but we also had to clean up all the party mess. There was so much crap to clean up. We somehow managed to clean it al up and we got to relax a little bit. I felt more sick then Saturday and I barely got any sleep cause I couldn't breath through my nose. That was a fun night. We watched the Childhoods End show from Syfy, that was pretty good. We watched all 6 hours of it. We watched some more shows and played the ds for awhile. All in all, it was a good weekend. We are definitely going to have to have another party at our house again soon. Till next time. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Weekend review for 12/12 - 13/15.

 Friday night, I had to work a little later, but we rented Train Wreck and Melissa ordered pizza. So we had pizza and a movie night. The movie wasn't too bad. Im surprised that John Cena agreed to a lot of that. After the movie we went to bed.

 Saturday, we woke up and had some coffee. I dropped Melissa off at her hair appointment and I ran up to Walgreens for some prescriptions. After Walgreens I went to Bartells to look around while Melissa finished up. Melissa was done and we headed to Bath And Body Works for a soap sale. We were originally supposed to go to the Cedar Creek golf course lights, but we are all still sick and it was raining really hard and it was really windy. We decided not to go, we stopped at our friends house to drop off a few things. We did still go to the golf course, but for lunch. It was damn good too. I had a club sandwich and Melissa had a burger. We ordered a side of tator tots and a bowl of chili. We scarfed our food cause it was so good. 

 We packed up our leftovers and headed home. When we got home we finished wrapping the rest of the presents. We went downstairs and we played the ds for a little bit and watched some shows. Saturday night, we watched Self Less with Ryan Reynolds. It was actually a really good movie. 

 Sunday we did our normal house stuff and watched some shows. We played some more ds. I forgot what night, but I transferred some of my roms and save games from the Nook to Dropbox because Melissa got me some jump drives for me from our advent calendar. My thought was to start playing the games I left on my Nook on my Ouya. I haven't played on the Ouya in a long time. I never got to finish my 10 games for summer either. I'm trying to play catch up. Sunday night, I hooked up the Ouya and started doing all the updates for it and I was going to format the jump drive and by surprise, it was already good to go. Monday morning I was going to transfer the toms over to the jump drive from the Dropbox folder on my computer, but there was some locked properties on each file that couldn't be transferred. Therefore, I need to download each individual file. Not happening, now I'm going to have to hook up the Nook sd card and the jump drive and do the transfer that way. What a pain. Well that was my weekend, till next time. 

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Week 12.

 So I had two root canals done on my teeth. It's feeling a lot better than it has. I still have pain every once in awhile, but nothing like how it had been. So over the weekend, we went to go see The Hunger Games. There was so many people hacking and coughing, it was disgusting. Cut to Sunday, Melissa starts to feel like shit. We try the normal stuff and it doesn't seem to be helping. Well Tuesday morning, Melissa was having a hard time breathing. We were so close to going to the hospital, but we got her calmed down and propped up in bed. In the morning, Melissa went to the walk in clinic. So they told her she has a viral infection and gave her some stuff to take. It's so crazy how fast things change in sickness wise. Well yesterday was Thanksgiving, so I had Melissa rest and relax on the couch while I attempted making thanksgiving. It actually turned out really good. This year, we are both thankful for this job, because without it we wouldn't be able to go to the doctor or dentist. Thanksgiving turned out good and we got to relax all day. We watched Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. They played off eachother so damn well. I want to see them again in another movie besides the Suicide Squad.

 So as I'm writing these week updates, I'm noticing I'm overlapping some topics with my weekend reviews. I'm gonna have to come up with another way to talk about my week, then again about my weekend. I guess I'll just start a post about work if something happens and I can do another post if something happens during the week away from work. And I will definitely keep the weekend reviews. Well that's my plan, till next time. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Weekend review for 12/5 - 6/15.

 Friday night, we had some dinner and we watched some shows. Saturday we woke up and braved Bath And Body Works, for their three wick candle sale. It was legit Black Friday all over again. We got our stuff and I dropped Melissa off at home. I had to finish Christmas shopping, I headed in down the road and found some good stuff. The checkout line was as long as BNBW was. After I finally checked out, it was time to hit the next store. I had to find some scratch tickets and tried like three stores. The theirs store finally had them. Now it's off to Walmart. I had a lot of shopping to do there as well. Melissa and I FaceTimed for some shopping which was cool. She got to see what she needed and I didn't have to guess. Ha ha. After finishing Walmart, I stopped at Subway to get us some lunch. Well being stuck behind a half exposed disgusting bare ass for 10 minutes, I finally got our food and was headed home. I got home and we had the delicious sandwiches. Saturday night we wrapped some presents for a little bit and then we streamed a movie and went to bed. 

 Sunday, we had the house stuff to do. After the chores were done, we wrapped some more presents. After that, I played the ds for a little bit and we watched some shows. Sunday night we watched some more shows and we went to bed. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Weekend review for 11/28 - 29/15.

 Thanksgiving was on Thursday and I got the day off, we decided to stay home and have our own little family dinner. Melissa is still sick so staying home is good. In the morning I throw the turkey in the crock pot and let it get going. We had some donuts for breakfast and we watched the parade. Melissa's mom showed up and brought Melissa some get well gifts. We all relaxed and talked. I played animal crossing for awhile to get all the thanksgiving special items. I threw the pie in the oven to get that ready. It was nice just resting and relaxing. Melissa did some Black Friday shopping online and got some deals. After awhile, it was time to make all the other dishes. I made mashed potatoes, stuffing, corn, gravy and rolls.

 For doing all this myself, it turned out pretty well. We relaxed some more and watched some shows. Later we watched Focus with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. It was actually a really good movie. Good twists and turns. And it all made sense at the end. They actually play off each other quite well. I want to see them work together again and not just in the Suicide Squad. 

 Friday night, we watched some shows and relaxed. We didn't watch any movies just some tv. Saturday morning, we woke up and it was time to start decorating for Christmas. I pulled out all the totes and bins from the closet. We started sorting through everything. We both decided since Melissa wasn't feeling well, she should stay inside. I started the tedious task of filling the huge bush we have with lights. Our neighbor let me use his ladder. I hate ladders, but I got it all set up. After all the outside was done, we both tackled the last of the inside. Melissa was amazing and got like 95 percent done so I only had a little but to do. I had to run to Walmart for some more extension cords, but all in all, we had everything. Saturday night we relaxed and watched some tv. 

 Sunday, we had our normal house stuff to do and I had to hang some last lights in a couple of the windows. I got to play the ds a little bit and we watched some shows. That's about it, for this weekend, till next time.