Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Video game minute.

 So I haven't been able to blog as much as I was before because of my new job. I'm not complaining at all, but I miss my midweek updates and cellphone pic Thursday's. So I'm going to attempt to have the video game minute when I can. So where to begin? 

 Melissa got me Lego Avengers, The Last Of Us and Resetti Amiibo for Valentine's Day. PSN was having a sale for Valentine's Day and they had Army Of Two The Devils Cartel for $1.99 so of course I bought it. I was going to pay full price for it last year. I'm grabbing a deal when I see it. Last Of Us was $20 that was a score too. So I started playing Last Of Us, not knowing what to expect, but hearing good reviews about it. So far it's a good game. Right now I feel like it was worth the $20. I played a little bit of Devils  Cartel and it is just like The 40th Day. They changed some things like more destructive environment, but that's cool. So I was perusing PSN and they had a sale on Rockstar games. The last time they had his type of sale, I scored GTA 3, Liberty city stories, vice city, vice city stories and stories from Liberty city the PSP game they converted to PS3. So when I saw the sale I was so excited. They had Bully for $1.99 and I didn't have time to download it. My internet is slow as hell and takes awhile to download some gigs worth of stuff. So I said hey I'll get it later. Well, later came and the price was $4.99. Still a good price, but damn! I was pissed, so more than likely, I'll have to wait for next year for another sale. Bully is only for PS2 and they haven't released the remastered disc on PS3 yet. Snooze you lose. Another cool thing I saw was GTA San Andreas remaster on disc for the Xbox 360! Holy shit that's cool. I already bought the digital, but I'm gonna have to buy it on disc too. 

 So on to my next subject about games. I have been doing some research about The Legend Of Zelda. I want to buy the whole series. So some of the games like spirit tracks and phantom hourglass, actually go in order phantom first, but in order. So I need to get the GameCube, ds versions and the game boy advance versions. Like they have Minnish Cap on Wii U digital for $8, but I want the cartridge. 

 Raspberry Pi news, so I checked petrockblog and they have Retropie 3.5 now, damn. Where have I been, ha ha. Last time I checked it was 3.3. I guess they even have support for the retro 8bitdo controllers. Those are the NES and SNES controllers, but Bluetooth wireless. They're really cool, but kinda spendy. It's just cool how much the community has improved on Retropie. I have so much that I want to do, but no time for the stuff I have and not that kind of money for the stuff I want to do. Anyways so I have been keeping a list of games I've gotten and when I started and finished them because of last years 10 games for summer. I wish I had the start dates for a lot of the games I've played. So I will keep this posted. Till next time. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Weekend review for 2/20 - 21/16.

 Friday night, Melissa got Taco Bell for dinner so we could try the new quesalupas. Three of ours didn't even have cheeses in between the shell like it was supposed to. It was still good food though. After dinner we popped in Everest. It was a good movie and it had a lot of tense situations. Very good acting and very believable. There some trivia to this movie too. It has two lead characters that have both played in a terminator movie as a terminator!! How crazy is that!? 

 Saturday, we had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we watched some shows. We got ready and we took of up to Denny's for dinner. It was really good. I had a ham and cheese omelette with a side of pancakes. Melissa had a French toast slam with a side of hash browns. After our delicious meal, we headed up to the Comcast arena. We got tickets for the Silvertips. When we walked in, I was completely overwhelmed. The lights, sounds, people just everything. It took me awhile to get my anxiety in order, but then I was able to enjoy the game and what was happening. It just sucks that anxiety can cause that many issues, but I really have always had that. The Silvertips won by 4 to 3. They scored the last score with like 8 seconds to go. After the game, we headed back to the parking garage and waited for ever to leave. We headed home and we got some McDonald's for dinner. We watched some shows and then headed upstairs. 

 Sunday, there was a lot I wanted to do. We ordered a curved shower curtain rod awhile ago. I just haven't had any time to install it with everything going on. It was a long process too. I had to remove the old bar, take off the bar stoppers we had installed, fix the damage from the stoppers, install the new bar hardware and then paint! Damn! The end result was really amazing if I can say so myself. It was one of the best jobs I have done. I don't half ass anything, but sometimes it's not as good as it could be. After the shower curtain rod, I patched a few holes and hung some new pictures. We had some old friends picture frames up and we aren't friends with them anymore and it's been like five years. So that was actually very very enjoyable to do. After that I finished vaccuming. We had some breakfast, we relaxed, we watched some shows and I started making my world famous meatballs for dinner. It was a damn good Sunday and I want another one like it. Doing work around the house can be a chore (pun intended), but it's also a way to physically remove negativity from your sanctuary. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Weekend review for 2/13, 14, 15/16.

 Friday night, I stopped by Albertsons to get a flower and some cake and cheesecake. Thy didn't have any of the cheesecakes so I just got the cake. I got home and it was time for our three day weekend. Melissa got Wendy's for dinner, we ate and we watched some shows. We headed to bed after awhile. 

 Saturday, we got up and we got ready to go see Deadpool in the movie theaters. We got there early and the theater was t even open yet. We finally got inside and we got our breakfast. We got the Cinnabon bites, a soda and a water for Melissa. We've never had breakfast at the theater, but it worked out really good. So the movie, I thought it was really dan good. It made us both laugh and there was plenty of action. Now what's weird, they changed his origin story. According to the comics and the movies, Deadpool was an experiment. He got infused with all sorts of different mutants powers. He got infused with adamantium, healing, regeneration, Cyclops' laser sight and a bunch of other stuff. He still had cancer, but his new healing fought off new cancer cells, but not his old cancer cells. This movie, he get injected with something and they removed his oxygen to bring out the mutant gene. It was still a good movie, but I like the old origin better. They had Colossus in it, that was cool. Bottoms line is I'm buying it the day it comes out and I want the special edition. I even told Melissa, that I will buy a Deadpool shirt. After the movie, we headed up to Cristianos for lunch. We had some really good pasta, fried ravioli and some amazing garlic bread. After that we went to the new frozen yogurt place. I tried the cheesecake flavor, Melissa got s swirl and a whole bunch of toppings. We headed home to relax. We watched some shows. 

 Sunday, was our other Saturday so we got up and did nothing. We watched some shows and we played some Lego  Jurassic World. Sunday night we ordered Papa Johns heart pizza. It was on flat bread and we didn't like it too much. We streamed a movie and we went to bed. 

 Monday, we got up and got ready to go. We headed up to Target to do some shopping. We met with some friends and we stared walking the store. I was trying to find some World Of Nintendo figures. They had a few, but not the ones I wanted. I went to the video game section and they still had The Last Of Us for $20 so I grabbed it. I also got Lego Avengers for the Wii U, a new Amiibo and some Amiibo cards. After Target, we headed over to Payless Shoes to get some sneakers for Melissa and our neice. We decided to treat ourself to lunch so we went to Jack In The Box. We ordered and of course when we got home Melissa's order was fucked up. I played some Last Of Us and then we watched some shows. We watched The Grammys  and then Melissa headed to bed. I watched some Diesel Brothers and headed to bed. I hope you had a good weekend, till next time. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend review for 1/6 - 7/16.

 Friday night, Melissa ordered some Papa Johns pizza for dinner. We were figuring that it would be soft enough for her to eat it and it was. I rented The Visit and The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel. After dinner, I set Melissa up in our bed and popped in her movie. I watched The Last Witch Hunter. It wasn't bad, I hope they make a sequel, but I don't know how good it did in the theaters. 

 Saturday was our complete lazy day. We filed our taxes, watched tv and played some Lego Jurassic Park. At Walmart, I found some cinnamon rolls and some cupcakes. Saturday morning, I heated up the cinnamon rolls. They were amazing! I am gonna get like 10 more packs.  Saturday night, we wanted some McDonalds for dinner so we headed out. I wanted to stop by Walgreens to look for some World Of Nintendo figures. Allegedly, Walgreens has the exclusive green tunic 8 bit Link from The Legend Of Zelda. They had nothing we wanted. Our Target doesn't have much either. We even tried Bartels and nothing. We got our food and we headed home. After dinner we were gonna watch Party Down South on the Hp mini cause Comcast changed CMT and Fx to a "sports" package so we would have to pay 10 more dollars a month for non "sports" channels. Absolutely ridiculous!! We got to watch episode one, but when we tried episode two it said login. Okay fine, they have no Comcast login. And that actually made sense because why would Comcast let you watch for free! Mad, we decided to watch Chelsea Handler on Netflix. 

 Sunday, we woke up at 9 so we could get everything done and have time to relax before the Super Bowl. So we started watching the game and I was so disappointed in the fans at the stadium.  They booed when the super bowl mvps walked out. I don't care if it's not your team, that's an impressive feat. So the game I thought was kinda boring and the commercials were too. The Broncos won even though I wasn't rooting for them, I'm glad Manning can go out on top. We watched a few more shows. Melissa made anew dinner called chicken ranch pinwheels, it was really good. After that we headed off to bed. I hope your weekend was good, till next time. 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Weekend review update.

 So Melissa had dental surgery. She said her pain had steadily gone up everyday after the surgery. That was really weird. So she had three extractions, but one they had to cut bone in order to get out and she had some fillings done. So Melissa said her bite was so off that only two back teeth were touching when she would eat. Monday was probably the worst for her. She could barely eat or anything. Tuesday she went into the dentist and they looked at her wounds and they were doing good, but every time she would bite, her back tooth would hit her surgery wound. So it was actually re rupturing every time she bit down. Yeah no wonder her pain was so high. So the dentist adjusted all of her fillings and her bit is 95% fixed. She will have to go back and have a little more done, but at least it's not hitting her wounds. She had a better Tuesday night and I keep telling her little steps will make a big difference. You can't jump and change it, you have take small steps in order to do what you need to do. 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Weekend review for 1/30 - 31/16.

 So Melissa had to get dental surgery done for three of her wisdom teeth. So Thursday night they gave her a pill to help calm her down. In the morning, she was like that pill didn't do anything. I said babe you didn't even hardly move all night. I guess it was a anxiety pill of some sort. So she took a shower and took her other pills. Her mom came over to help her and when she was about to leave she said the pills weren't doing anything. But in reality she was really unsteady and kinda stumbling. She got into the car and she headed to the dentist. I headed to work. Friday night I got off work a couple hours early and went home. Melissa seemed to be doing pretty good. She was swollen and in pain, but still seeming good. We got her to eat a little bit of food and she fell asleep. Later it was time for bed so we all went to bed. 

 Saturday, I had my dentist appointment at 1. So in the morning I made Melissa some eggs and I made Melissa's mom and I some breakfast sandwiches. They turned out tinted and way too crispy. After awhile it was my dentist time. This time it only took 15 minutes. They did have to use the scrape hook thing to go under my crown and pull it off. That was a weird feeling. After the dentist I stopped by Walgreens to pick up another prescription and they wouldn't let me. They said cause Melissa already had one they couldn't fill it till tomorrow. What the fuck!? Fucking junkies making it worse for regular people who actually need these pills. These people are the scum of the earth. You've seen it even if you personally haven't seen them. You go into any store and now you have to go to the counter and ask for whatever. And the whole time you're getting judged by what you're buying. And if you go into the store sick, they could even turn you away because you might be the scum that ruined it. Side rant over. I headed home and Melissa's mom left. Melissa and I relaxed on the couch and watched some shows. We tried playing some Lego Jurassic Park, but there was too much motion in the screen and Melissa got nauseous. We turned that off and watched more shows. For dinner I made Melissa some potatoes and I had some with hotdogs. Simple, but filling. I rented Paranormal Activity for Melissa so I set her up so she could wat it. I watched Transporter Refueled. It wasn't too bad, but I really missed Jason Statham. After our movies we watched Chelsea on Metflix and went to bed. 

 Sunday, started out really rough. Melissa felt really really nauseous. It took her a little bit to eat, but after she got some food in her she felt a little better. I did the normal house stuff and then we got to relax on the couch and watch some shows. Sunday night I made some pretty tasty sloppy joes and we watched some more shows. So we found that Melissa was having issues her pain pills if her stomach was empty. Now here's the catch, if she can't eat cause of pain how is her stomach supposed to be full for pain pills. Melissa is super strong and can take apt of pain, but I know this is doing her in.