Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Weekend review for 1/6 - 7/16.

 Friday night, Melissa ordered some Papa Johns pizza for dinner. We were figuring that it would be soft enough for her to eat it and it was. I rented The Visit and The Last Witch Hunter with Vin Diesel. After dinner, I set Melissa up in our bed and popped in her movie. I watched The Last Witch Hunter. It wasn't bad, I hope they make a sequel, but I don't know how good it did in the theaters. 

 Saturday was our complete lazy day. We filed our taxes, watched tv and played some Lego Jurassic Park. At Walmart, I found some cinnamon rolls and some cupcakes. Saturday morning, I heated up the cinnamon rolls. They were amazing! I am gonna get like 10 more packs.  Saturday night, we wanted some McDonalds for dinner so we headed out. I wanted to stop by Walgreens to look for some World Of Nintendo figures. Allegedly, Walgreens has the exclusive green tunic 8 bit Link from The Legend Of Zelda. They had nothing we wanted. Our Target doesn't have much either. We even tried Bartels and nothing. We got our food and we headed home. After dinner we were gonna watch Party Down South on the Hp mini cause Comcast changed CMT and Fx to a "sports" package so we would have to pay 10 more dollars a month for non "sports" channels. Absolutely ridiculous!! We got to watch episode one, but when we tried episode two it said login. Okay fine, they have no Comcast login. And that actually made sense because why would Comcast let you watch for free! Mad, we decided to watch Chelsea Handler on Netflix. 

 Sunday, we woke up at 9 so we could get everything done and have time to relax before the Super Bowl. So we started watching the game and I was so disappointed in the fans at the stadium.  They booed when the super bowl mvps walked out. I don't care if it's not your team, that's an impressive feat. So the game I thought was kinda boring and the commercials were too. The Broncos won even though I wasn't rooting for them, I'm glad Manning can go out on top. We watched a few more shows. Melissa made anew dinner called chicken ranch pinwheels, it was really good. After that we headed off to bed. I hope your weekend was good, till next time. 

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