Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Video game minute.

 On the weekend review, I told you about getting to go to GameStop to pick up some games. I got Grand Theft Auto V for Xbox One, Rise Of The Tomb Raider for Xbox One and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas for PS3. I told you before that I want to get San Andreas for both the 360 and PS3 so one version down. And I'm also going to have to get Grand Theft Auto V for PS3 and PS4. Speaking on getting the same copies, I'm going to have to get The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past for SNES and GBA. I love digital games, but I'm still stuck on having physical copies of games. And I need to get all the games I want for my collection. So even though I bought San Andreas digital, I need the physical copy too. I wish I could get Stories From Liberty City, or Vice City Stories on disc for the PS3. So Tomb Raider, was a lot of fun. What annoys me about new gen consoles is having to install each disc to the console. Now I am used to that for like Battlefield, GTA and COD, but damn. And this whole you can start now when it's half way loaded. I started loading Tomb Raider and it said it could start so I started playing and it wouldn't play past a certain point because it wasn't finished loading. The hard drive for the One is over half way full already. I'll have to look into the portable hard drives they have and what they do to help. I played the first episode of GTA V and all the controls are different from the 360. Switching people was so difficult and I started recording when I didn't want to. I'll have to figure all that out. I got good deals on the games and I am very happy with that. I still need to figure out the ten games for summer. I have to pick a game and finish it. Or at least dedicate my game time to one game at a time. 

 I read an article about a new Attack On Titans video game. It released in Japan first, but it supposed to come out in the u.s. soon. Anyways it looks amazing, you have to use your supplies wisely and you only get so many blades and gas. You hack and slash their legs, arms and then their neck. If you hit certain spots you get extra xp. There's a cool game for the ds, but Japan only and you would need a Japan spec ds in order to play it. This would be the times that I wish I knew Japanese. Well that's what I got for now, till next time. 

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