Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Weekend review for 3/5 - 6/16.

 Thursday I came home to some gifts. I got to open some early. I got a couple Knex Nintendo figures.

 I was excited to add these to my collection. 

So Friday night, I came home to the house decorated for my birthday.

 I got to open a few presents and I was blown away by what I saw next...

 Melissa got me my coveted green 8 bit Link I have been wanting for what seemed like years. For dinner we had some Subway. We watched a few shows and we went upstairs and we watched The Night Before. It was actually really funny. I hadn't laughed that loud in a long time. After that we went to bed. 

 Saturday we got up and we had some cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We got ready and we headed out. We went to the casino to get the birthday cash for some slot play. I lost all the free money, but I got to cash out $13 bucks! Woo hoo, after that, we headed up to Target. I had some cash in my pocket burnin a hole in it. I was looking for the iOS jump drive they had. It's supposed to hook into your phone and you can transfer all your photos and videos. I couldn't find it anywhere so off to the video games I went. I found Tomb Raider definitive collection for $30, which is a sweet deal. I grabbed Far Cry Primal, both for Xbox One. I love the premise of Far Cry, it starts in the prehistoric era. After Target, we headed to Ixtapa for some good Mexican food. We sat down and orders some food. Our other friends showed up and we were having fun. One of our friends starts freaking out. We were like what the hell? We thought maybe it was her ex or something. She's hyperventilating and I turn around and look at a women that looks like Anna Farris, no way, I look again and the guy takes off his hat and it looks like Chris Pratt. I look at the lady again and it is for sure Anna Farris and Chris Pratt. Holy shit!! We told the waiter to offer to buy them a drink, but they declined. So we waited for them to finish and then we asked the waiter if it was okay to take a picture, Chris Pratt said yes and we got a picture. How cool is that!! After lunch we headed home. I popped in Far Cry primal and it was fun as hell. I like the concept of it. I played for a couple hours and threw in Tomb Raider. Tomb Raider is fun too. We watched some shows for a little bit and then went upstairs and we watched a movie. 

 Sunday, we did our normal house stuff. I got a couple more hours on Tomb Raider, but I got stuck on one place so I didn't get a chance to play Primal. After some internet research I got through the puzzle. We made an amazing dinner and we watched some shows. After awhile we went to bed. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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