Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Weekend review for 4/16 - 17/16.

 Friday night, Melissa brought home Taco Bell for dinner. We ate dinner and watched some shows.

 Saturday, we had to wake up a little earlier than normal because we had an eye appointment to go to. We got ready and we took off. We got to the eye appointment and the air poof and the pictures fucked me up. The picture made my eye so blurry and they had to do it twice for the left eye. Then they're like okay read this. I said my eye is still blurry from the picture. They let me re-read the line and who has two thumbs up and has 20/20!? This guy right here! After the eye appointment, we headed down to Frost for some over priced delicious donuts.

 We stopped by one of my sites and brought one of the receptionists a donut because they were supposed to be by themselves, but there was a trainee there. After that we went to Fred Meyers for some work boots. We headed to Mod for some lunch.

 I made a delicious meat trio with a Hawaiian twist. Pepperoni, Canadian bacon, sausage, olives and pineapple. It was so damn good. After lunch, we hit Walmart and then finally home. I had to mow the lawn and all that. I should have charged the mower the night before, but I didn't and it died. So I had to plug it in for a little bit and I power edged and weed whacked then I finished the back yard. Later on I found out I forgot to the strip near the sidewalk and street, whatever. I got to play some Tomb Raider and then we watched some shows. Saturday night, we had some dinner and then we streamed some shows. 

 Sunday, we slept in a little bit and we did some chores. I had to fix that strip of grass I forgot and then I got to play some Far Cry Primal. I'm only like 8% complete   Damn. That's not very good. We watched some more shows and then we made breakfast burritos for dinner. We had egg, sausage and peppers. We watched Fear The Walking Dead and we went to bed. I really like this show, but it's kinda slow. I'm hoping it picks up, it does show a lot of zombies and that's the bottom line. That was a reference and I hope you got it. Ha ha, till next time. 

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