Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Video game minute.

 So I got to play some more Red Dead Redemption and I passed a few more levels. I got to the level where you have to use the Gatling gun and protect the train. Damn! I couldn't even concentrate on what to do cause all the commotion. I'm trying to shoot the horses so they would fall and kill the riders, but that wasn't working. Then they started to board the train and all the sand bags were protecting them, not me. They started shooting the engine and I failed. Damn! I had to restart, but luckily not from the absolute beginning. After that one I was like, yeah let me go ahead and save and stop playing before I get real mad. I don't rage quit, but I start getting mad and starts playing like shit. So quit while you're ahead.

 Red Dead Redemption was glitchy when I first played it and it still is. Oh nothing just a random dude floating in the air. 

 Melissa sent me a trailer for a video game called No Mans Sky. I watched it and was like dafuq! It looks super cool and I want it really bad. Your like Ben, what's the problem? I say, I don't have a PS4! I want to get one eventually. I wonder if they're going to do like Microsoft and come out with an "s" console. They did for the PS3 twice. The slim then the super slim, but we will see. And if they do, the regular ps4 will come down in price so it's a win win. Wel that's what I got for now, till next time. 

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