Monday, August 1, 2011

Something new.

This weekend, I got to try something new. It was great, and I had a blast doing it. We checked out a modern, antique store. Normally we just wouldn't do this, but we both were like we have to do this. I am so glad we did. They had a lot of cool stuff in there. Good prices, good atmosphere, and friendly service. We were just going aisle by aisle, just looking, and taking everything in. I saw some old framed photo's of the street that we parked on from like, 1918! It was amazing to me, to see how much this place, we were at had changed. Things were so much different back then. I wish I could go back, in a time machine or something, and check it out first hand. I saw some old toys that were "antiques" that I actually used to play with when I was a kid, this kinda made me feel old, but nostalgic. I remembered the hours, and hours I played with, the old He-Man, and Thundercats action figures. Great memories just filled me with joy.

Sometimes in life, you need to stop the "normal", try something new, and reflect on the past. This will help ease your mind, at least for a couple minutes, and help move toward the future.

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