Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Why do people hold "family" in such high regards?

I have never understood why people hold a "family" member in such a high regard? I look at it like this, if a stranger comes up to you and and tells you to fuck off, what are you gonna do? You're going to tell them to fuck off and walk away. If a friend comes up to you and tells you to fuck off, you're again going to tell them to fuck off and walk away. Now when it comes to a family member, they come up to you and tell you to fuck off, most people will be like oh OK no big deal. Nope, not happening, me you tell me to fuck off irregardless of who you think you are, I'm telling you to fuck off and we ain't talking for awhile, or if it was that serious, we ain't family or friends anymore. I will not take that kind of shit from anyone who would consider themselves "family". A family member is no one other than who you are stuck with, if you want to be, not me. I will drop any and all communication with anyone.

I haven't talked to my sister in over 3 and a half years! Good riddance, that was the best move I could have made for me and my life, she was a cesspool, a virus of negativity, and hatred. I would be in the best mood, go over to her house and an overwhelming sensation of a bad mood, or just negativity would come over me and I would be in that type of mood until I left her house. If I would have had a choice in a sibling I damn sure would not have picked her, and I know damn well that she would not have had picked me either. We have had hate for each other ever since I could remember. She lost her precious attention from our mother when I was born and I have paid for it ever since. For example I was in an extremely bad car accident (I'm not going into details in this particular blog but I might later). I was taken to the hospital and I asked my wife to call my sister so she could come up and visit. Later I found out from my wife, that she had to literally talk, and convince my sister to come up and see me! What?! Really?! You had to be talked into coming up to see me, your only brother?! Damn! That's just foul as hell, that shows you guys what I have known my whole life, I almost died and she couldn't give a shit less about me. So that was one reason out of many that I decided to cease all communication with her.

I haven't talked to most of my family for many of years, for various valid reasons, to me there's just no point, I don't have anything in common with these people anymore. Why try? All it is, is obligatory because we're "family". So if I can do this to "family" why the hell can't I do this with anybody else?

If any person is constantly, mean, rude, and backstabbing, to you why do you HAVE to keep them in your life? Even if they are "family" you don't need to be treated like shit, ever! A person's title should have no bearing on if you want them in your life, or not. Every person deserves to be treated with respect!.

2nd chances are a blessing that some people, don't deserve! You have the right, to be happy. Be happy.

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