Monday, September 17, 2012

App Review: Diptic.

 So I have been noticing people on Instagram, have been uploading collages. I started doing research for collage apps. Now, I did have a collage app already, but I didn't like it. There weren't any premade layouts. You had to move and size all the photos yourself. That's fine but I have big fingers so it's hard to maneuver those photos.

This is the old collage app. This picture turned out decent but I know it could have been easier.

 So one app that kept showing up on my search results was, Diptic. So I did some reading about Diptic, and learned it has premade layouts. In the picture sections, you can slide the picture around and size it to your liking. You can round the corners inside, and outside of the picture. It was what I was looking for.

You can see the difference in this picture compared to the other one.

We recently switched our cellphone plan, no we can see the minutes and data side by side.

Melissa's pictures from the Jimi Hendrix grave.

 Sometimes it saves the files as PNG at 640x640 resolution. I don't understand this. The other file type is JPG, at resolution of 1024x1024. (I have a iPhone 3GS or the resolution would be higher). Facebook, and Blogger can accept PNG's so it shouldn't matter what the file type is but it's still annoying. Another catch is that when you round the corners on the picture, then transfer it to Instagram the corners are rounded but the very edge of them or filled in by white.

If you look close the corners are filled out in white, instead of being black like the border.
 So this app does do what I want it to, but there is a couple of catches. It also has a shake to clear function. Meaning if you mess up, you shake your phone and it asks if you want to clear all photos and settings. It was worth 99 cents even with the few annoying things. I hope you liked the review, and it helps you find your collage app needs. Till next time.

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