Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Weekend review: 9-29-12 / 9-30-12.

 So this was supposed to be published on Monday because it's my weekend review. Well obviously that didn't happen and here's why. Blogger only has a one gig limit on photos in your Picasa web album. I have reached that so now I have to find a new picture hosting website. Now the catch is there's limits on how many photos and bandwidth to use on Flickr for example. Then Flickr also reduces the size of you photos. Photobucket allows unlimited storage of photos and unlimited uploads (within a reasonable amount) which by that way I don't know what limit is. And Photobucket also re sizes your pictures but not as dramatic as Flickr. Now another catch is I have to individually upload each picture then copy the URL and upload one picture at a time to Blogger. That is a pain in my ass. I don't just want to have a link to a slide show. The whole point of this blog was to share the pictures of the sites I have seen while anyone reads along. and if I delete any pictures off of my Picasa web album they will be deleted off of the blog post they are on.

 So I have chosen to go with Photobucket. I actually used to use Photbucket in my Myspace days. The unlimited storage for a free account will be nice. Yes it will be a lot more work for my blogs but it's the way I want my blogs to be laid out. The picture resolution is going to be lower then what I want them to be but there is nothing I can do. I guess I should be happy about having pictures at all, but I am used to the way thing were.

 Well enough of my rant for now. Onto the weekend review. We went to the free museum day. every year most of the museums around the country are free to get into with a printed out coupon you sing up for.

 Our first stop is the Museum of Flight.

I love the SR-71 Blackbird.
 Now there is supposed to be many more pictures of all the planes, but I got extremely frustrated at this upload crap that this is all the pictures I cared to do.

My attempt at a panorama. If NASA can have jagged edges on their panoramas, so can I.

So this was a World War 1 bunker recreation. This is a para scope.

This is what the guys in the trenches saw.

Seattle's worlds fair.

Astronaut food.

Curiosity's older smaller brother.

 Next was the Museum of Glass in Tacoma Washington.

The exhaust stack.

  Again there was supposed to be a lot more pictures. Now both of these museums were on my bucket list. 
The glass museum was very cool, but kinda disappointing for me. I guess I didn't know what to expect. Well here was a short and very frustrating weekend review. If you get a chance check out both museums. The museum of flight is very big and should be planned for an all day trip. Till next time.

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