Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekend review 12-15-12/12-16-12.

 Well here it is again, the weekend review. Wow this is two weeks in a row. I must have had stuff to do. So Saturday, Melissa got her hair cut. And we ran a few errands. After the errands we went to our friends house to decorate for her while she was out of town. Now this isn't anything elaborate, but everyone needs some holiday cheer.

First the tree. Amazingly enough this has 25 feet of lights on it. Ha ha.

 Like I said this isn't anything spectacular but it is some Christmas cheer. After our friends house went to go see a neighborhood light show, then off to dinner. After dinner we went to Flirt Frozen Yogurt.

Eggnog flavored frozen yogurt with Reese's cups. 
 We got home and had a movie night, and relaxed.

 Sunday we did our normal house chores. Sunday night we wrapped the last of our presents. But then we had some fun. Well everyone should remember National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation with Chevy Chase. Well I have always wanted the moose mugs they drink the eggnog out of.

Moose mug shot glass!

 I ordered this from here. It's only a shot glass but this is amazing! Well we got an outfit for the cats last year. This year we found another outfit for them. So now both of them have one. Ha ha.

What's on my head!
Ha ha. What's on your head?

Hey you wan't to run away? OK.
I really hate you, and I'm gonna scratch you. 
 Ha ha. Needless to say they both hated it but, they looked cute. Well that was our weekend. I hope you had a good one too. Till next time.

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