Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend review 12-8-12/12-9-12.

 Well I haven't had one of these weekend reviews in awhile. Well here to make up for some lost time. A weekend review. Yay! so Friday night we got to be treated to a hail storm. Yay!

Makes for a good picture though. 
 So that was our Friday night. Saturday, we went to check out our friends new house. Then we went out to dinner. No pictures, but damn good food at Cristiano's. If you ever have a chance, definitely check out Cristiano's. Everything there is amazing. Saturday night we got to have a treat.

 Hot cocoa, with Pinnacle marshmallow vodka. Damn that was good. I can actually see us going and buying a full size bottle. Yay. OK, OK, I know the "yays" are getting old. I will stop saying typing it. Yay! Then Sunday we did some Craigslist selling.

 This is me when I was getting bored waiting for an hour! to make 100 bucks. I would sit somewhere again for an hour for a 100 bucks. I won't even try and lie.

 Here's some pictures of my house decorated. I haven't gotten around to make that post yet. Hopefully soon.

 Well that was our weekend. I hope you had a good weekend too. Till next time.

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