Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melissa's birthday surprise.

 So Melissa did awesome for my birthday. She had a movie night for me on my actual birthday. Made and amazing dinner to go with it. Just all around amazing. So I knew I would have to return the favor. So I started thinking about how I wanted to do it. Then it came to me. A scavenger hunt for gifts. I started thinking about the clues and the locations.

Clue #1
It’s in a place where warmth wear is put.
If you’re getting warmer, you have on one of these.

The coat closet.

Clue #2
Measured correctly, this makes everything sweet.

(I guess I forgot to take a picture of this) A sugar container.

Clue #3
This is never scratched, but babies are attacked.

The cats play toys we call babies. The cat playhouse.

Clue #4
If you’re cold it’s a good start, but frozen is even better.

The freezer.

Clue #5
Small black cubed, but filled with games.
Something that is not the same, should not remain.

Game ottoman. Perks Of Being a Wallflower Blu-ray.

Clue #6
Brown non-clothe, across from brown wood.
Sheba’s perch is a good place to search.

Our bedroom blanket ottoman. Me & You Starbucks coffee mug.

 On to the paper clues for Melissa. Well obviously I had to make the Word document, but then:

 I cut out the clues.

 Then I stuffed the envelopes:

I used familiar locations in our house the Melissa would guess. 

 The finished product.

Hand writing less then desired but it works. 

 The aftermath.

 Melissa said she loved it, and she wants it again, and again. Even saying she wanted it for Easter ha ha. I told her maybe I will do it soon. I'm just all the planning and preparation paid off. This was a month and a half planning for this. And I will try and write more. Things have been hectic so much so I don't have time to write.Till next time.

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