Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend review 6/15/13 - 6/16/13.

 So I finally have something to write about. This weekend was the annual Marysville Strawberry Festival. I set my chairs for the parade out Friday night after work. All day on Friday I was thinking I should have put them out before work. This later will prove to be what I should have done. On Saturday there was a sun event according to some people called a "sun halo." I saw this posted online and I was like hey I'm gonna try to get a picture of this too.

Sun Halo. No filter used. I'm impressed with myself.
 So we  figured out who was all going to the fair and parade. We decided that our friends would meet us at our house and drive together. Well when the showed up they had bought us a brand new barbecue! We were never thinking that anyone would do this type of thing for us. They originally said we could have their old one because they got a new one. That would have worked for us because we didn't have a barbecue at all. So they dropped off this new barbecue, we were dumbfounded. We just have never had anything done for us like this.

 We headed out to the fair first so we can get some good grub to eat. We started walking back towards where I set the chairs the night before. Low and behold as we were walking towards them a block and a half away I saw some asshole start blocking off the street with their blankets. We got up to the chairs and started moving them in the street BEHIND these stupid people. So yay great we get to look at the back of peoples heads all parade long. Then some other little kid in front of us had a vuvuzela or what Pauly D calls a grenade whistle. Yay again, we get listen to a vuvuzela for hours. Even some people in my group wanted to smack the back of the kids head so he would choke on it ask him to stop blowing the vuvuzela. Ha ha. Anyways, our every year tradition now is to get 44oz hot chocolate which was really damn good.

Here's the new barbeque.

 Sunday I had to do the normal grown-up-mow-the-lawn thing. Then I got some Minecraft time. I know I am extremely late to the Minecraft party by a few years but hey whatever at least I'm playing it now. Pictures coming soon. Now I don't have a sweet capture card or anything so it will be cellphone pics in the living room. Sunday night I got to break in the new barbeque.

We weren't prepared for a BBQ so our friends gave us some hot dogs.
Finished product. I probably cooked them a little long but it was pretty good
for my first time on the new barbeque.

 So after dinner we watched some TV and then we watched The Next Three Days. Again we are late to the party, our Netflix queue is like 300 movies deep. Anyways The Next Three Days was actually a really good movie. Other weekend movies we saw was Oz the Great and Powerful. And Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters. Oz was pretty good. It left some unanswered questions actually. Hansel & Gretel was pretty good. I am interested in seeing what they do with number two. Well this was a pretty good weekend review / movie review.Hey if I keep this up I might actually have stuff to write about. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time.

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