Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend review 8/24/13 - 8/25/13.

 This weekend, on Saturday we went to a garage sale. The pretense was the items were from storage containers. We figured it was close enough to go check out. I'm hella glad we did. I scored two Sony bookshelf speakers and a Sony center channel.

The speaker with the grill on, is the speakers I had before. 

Little bit of scratches. There's no affect on the sound.

Tiny bit of separation, maybe some water damage, but no problem.

 The grand total of the missing family members? 15 bucks! Even though they had been rained on and had wet cones, it was worth the risk for 15 bucks. After the garage sale we made our way up to Picnic Point for, what else? A picnic.  

A little macro action.

I actually had taken a sweet time lapse video but I couldn't upload it.

A little reflection action. 

 We had another amazing Saturday. Sunday was nothing exciting. I am loving these adventures we're having lately. These will be memories we will never forget. Till next time.

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