Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Midweek update.

 This is the first one of these I'm going to be doing from now on. The midweek update will let me write down my projects I have for my blog. I keep all these things in my head and I feel it will be easier to do it this way. Obviously some weeks, will have the same projects listed, but it still will help me in the long run. I won't be naming the names I have for specific projects, rather just list like story or review. So let's get into it. First up I have four short story's I'm working on. One story for sure will not be done until closer to the end of the year because of the content in it. The other three can be finished whenever I finish them. Now I just need to get going and finish them. Ha ha. I have a movie review I'm working on. This one is taking me longer than anticipated because of the movie itself. I love the movie and the characters. I just want to make sure I convey what in trying to say about it because I love movies very much. As always there will continue to be cellphone pic Thursday. I actually have quite a few lined up. Weekend reviews will be coming back. I just need something more entertaining than went grocery shopping for the review. Ha ha. So when I actually do something cool I will write about it. Side note, one of my stories I'm writing, how I started it, actually happened. That was really, really crazy. I'm glad the story didn't play out but damn. I feel this midweek update went well. I will leave you with a random picture that I liked.

 Till next time.

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