Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 13 of 2013.

 This is not in order but here is my top 13 of 2013.

 1 The EMP Museum.

 2 Snoqualmie Falls.

 3 The Ice Caves and The Fish Ladder

 4 Picnic Point.

 5. Beth's Cafe.

 6. The Gum Wall.

 7. The Junk In The Trunk Show.

This whole bundle was 20 bucks.

 8. Our new barbecue.

 9. Some cool pictures for the year.

10. Our anniversary. 13 years being together, married for three of them. 

 11. Motivational pictures. Everyone needs some motivation. I found these.

I really truly like this one. If you have kept up with my blog in the least you know I really hate fake friends and bullshit family. I would rather be by myself than have fake friends and family.

 12. This was a hard one to pick for me. There was a lot of things that could be my top. Well I decided to pick music as one of my tops. There's not a year that has went by since I could remember that didn't have a favorite or a top song for that year. Now these might have came out in a different year but they were influential and I found them in 2013. So without further ado:

Rihanna - Stay
Rihanna - Diamonds
Imagine Dragons - Radioactive
Lorde - Royals
Benny Benassi - Cinema Skrillex remix
Eminem - Survival 
Drake - Take Care featuring Rihanna
Pitbull - Give Me Everything featuring Ne-Yo 
Foreign Beggars - Typhoon featuring Chasing Shadows

 I could fill this list with many of these so I just put a few. 

 13. Me writing a full length story. I worked very hard on writing, character development, plot lines. This was the one of the hardest things I have ever written. Yes, I did write some other short story's but nothing like this. It ended up being 12 chapters. 14 actual story's. That's crazy to me. I poured my whole heart and soul into that story. My wish for 2014 is to somehow have it made into a digital movie or an animated movie. Please check it out here.

 14. When I first wrote this post I forgot to even mention movies. I love movies, movies are my life basically. Again you can't go a year without a movie impacting your life or at least letting you lose reality for an hour or so. In no order these are my top movies of 2013.

Pacific Rim
Man Of Steel
Despicable Me 2
Monsters University
The Wolverine
Star Trek Into Darkness
Iron Man 3
Fast And Furious 6
World War Z
Oz: The Great And Powerful
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Carrie (2013)

 This list could go on for awhile. Honorable mentions I found some anime that I liked. They weren't from 2013 but I still liked them.

 Other things from 2013 that were on my top list. My modified Xbox 360 controller I got for my birthday.

I know this one will stir up stuff for everyone. This my opinion and mine alone.

  There were a lot of up's and downs in 2013. I was so proud of Melissa and I, for breaking down some mental boundaries with all of our Summer adventures. We hiked three miles to see the amazing Ice Caves. We are even considering going back and hiking the other trail we passed the first time. We made strides for eating and being more healthy. We will do even more this year.

 Time changes, seasons change. The only thing that never changes is your memories. Go out and make some memories so you can have something to write about in the new year. One of my new year resolutions is more blogs. I need to make time to write down all of these things I have in my head. Welcome to a new year. Yes I know this is late but better late then never. Till next time. 

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