Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Midweek update.

 So it's Wednesday, it's my birthday and it's time for the midweek update. So on the story front, I am working on six different stories. I am making real progress on one of them. Another, I have written a paragraph. The format I am working on is different than what I usually use so it will take some interesting wording (pun intended) to complete. The picture below is captured from my blog stats. This was taken after I had written my midweek update last week. It's pretty cool that people actually went back and read some of my old stories, so thanks for that. Again It's not for page views or comments, but it's nice to see.

Shameless self promotion, worked. Thanks for the views people. 

 Let's see, nothing to report about for video game process, as I haven't had time to play anything. This weekend, I am planning on going out to see a movie, so the weekend review should have movie review. 

Got my hat ready for next season. Go Hawks!

 I finally, finally, received my Seahawks hat! After they dominated the Super Bowl, of course I wanted to get one. I want a hat so I can have it for next season. Big thank you to my beautiful wife for that. Below are some inspirational pictures I found throughout the week.

This is very true. One would be wise to remember it, in the heat of the moment.

This one isn't inspiration, it is reality. No one cares, unless it's happening to them.
 Well that's it for this weeks update. Get inspired and do something for yourself. No one else will. Close doors so you can focus on the hallway. Till next time.

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