Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend review 3/8/14 - 3/9/14.

 So my birthday was on Wednesday, that meant we had to wait for the weekend to celebrate it. Wednesday night after work, Melissa made and amazing dinner for me.

Amazing dinner recipe right here courtesy of Melissa.

 She decorated the house and bought a damn good chocolate cake.

The cake was actually not a lie, but damn good.

 Now, I know you're saying, "Ben, how could it get any better than that?" And I will say, "But wait, it does!" You will say, "How?" Well, Melissa rented Thor The Dark World and had it ready to play for me, when I got home. That's how it gets better. We had an amazing dinner and watched an amazing movie. Side note, let me geek out for a minute, I would love to see movies follow the same timeline. For instance after the Avengers, New York City should be in ruins. So during Thor, you're seeing different parts of the world, but New York looks fine. And how come you never see Spider-Man, flying by? Or see the Fantastic 4? They live in the same New York as the Avengers took place. And how come during, the Avengers, you don't see Rhodey, or War Machine? Oh well whatever. 

 Friday we didn't really do much. We watched Temptation: Confessions of a Marriage Counselor. The movie actually wasn't bad and had a good message. A couple things I didn't understand, why Tyler Perry decided to put in the movie. First was the main woman character was a really goods actress, sold her part very, very well, but she looked like she was bulimic or anorexic. Her legs and arms were very gross to see. I personally wouldn't want that in my movie, but whatever. The second thing is when they were doing drugs, they would cut away so you almost couldn't tell what they were doing. The only reason I knew they were doing cocaine was because of the constant nose sniffing the characters were doing. But again, I thought this was a good underrated movie. 

 Saturday, we had plans to go to dinner and a movie. We had time to kill before our movie, so we went to Fred Meyers and I grabbed The Hunger Games Catching Fire. After our little shopping trip, we headed for the theater. We got inside and we were told the only non 3D showing of 300: Rise Of An Empire was at 6:10. Side tangent, I don't want to see movies in 3D, period. I don't know if it will make me sick, or give me a headache? So why am I going to pay extra for this fad, that I hope dies really soon and have to suffer through a movie that will look like crap without the glasses on? Pissed off, we left and went to Cristiano's Pizza Etc. The food was amazing as always. We ordered extra, so we could have leftovers later that night. We had plenty of time for dinner, grabbing dessert, taking the dessert and leftovers home and driving back to the movie theater. Well we got to the movie theater at 5:50, got inside to get our tickets and that's when the guy said it was actually 6:30. Great, now we had to sit for 40 minutes. Whatever, the movie was really good. I like how they picked up right where 300, left off.

 Saturday night, we decided to rent About Time and Free Birds. About Time was a very slow, but well thought out masterpiece of a movie. I haven't seen a movie like this in a long, long time. The characters were well played, and they sold themselves very, very well. No spoilers here, but the movie makes you think, a lot, of what you would do in the situation. Bill Nighy, deserves an award, period. He is a great actor and deserves accolades. He is from the Underworld series, that's where I first saw him and I was intrigued with him. Harry Potter's Uncle Vernon, Richard Griffiths made an appearance in About Time. Not a big part, but it was cool to see him since he passed away last year. Definitely see About Time. Free Birds wasn't bad, but the trailers made it seem better.

 Sunday, we decided to watch my recently purchased Hunger Games. It was definitely the re watch. I was told by some people that this book was actually really slow and not much fun when reading it. I don't read so I don't know first hand, but I do know this movie is amazing. I can't wait to see part three. We had to do some chores and that's about it. So this blog took so long to post was because of it being so long with links and pretty pictures and the internet was down at my work. One thing after another. I guess that's why they call it Monday. Please check out the movies if you can, I don't think you will be disappointed. Till next time.  

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