Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Midweek update.

 Well this has been a long-ish week. Where to begin. Well, in writing, I came up with a new story. This brings my total stories to eight. Ha ha, I know what you're thinking, cause I'm thinking the same thing. How the hell can he possibly write all these stories? I don't exactly know but I will try my hardest. Like I've said numerous times before, when inspiration hits you either go with it, or you lose it. I personally will always try and go with inspiration wherever I find it. I wrote two paragraphs in the new story. I wrote a paragraph in another. That's really about it.

 Video games:
I have been stuck on level 8 of The Legend Of Zelda. And I haven't played A Link To The Past in awhile. Xbox games wth gold this month is Hitman: Absolution. You can grab it for free if you're gold, until the 15th. 

 I haven't had a chance to find any new music for a couple weeks, so I will keep looking. Inspiration picture moment below 

 Well that's about it. Till next time. 

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