Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Midweek update.

 Wednesday, what is in a Wednesday? To some, it's hump day. To others, it's halfway over. To me, it's time to update what's going on for my blog.

 Writing: I finished another paragraph for one of my stories. That story, is actually pretty close to be completed. I haven't focused any other attention to anything else. For me, it's hard to continue an established line of events. That will make more sense when the story is published.

 Video games:
I am still stuck on level nine of a Link To The Past. I haven't touched The Legend Of Zelda since I beat the last dungeon. 

I haven't found any new music in a while. I guess when I do hear something new it will be worth it. 

 Inspiration below or a wake up call. It's up to you, how you, interpret these pictures.

 Yes, I have posted the last picture before, but it actually strikes a deep chord with me and if this helps anyone, not go through what I did, then it was worth it. And this saying is truth if you think about it. Friendship, is never a competition. Till next time. 

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