Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Midweek update.

 Here we go again, it's Wednesday and time for the midweek update. There's actually not much going on. Today is supposed to be mid 80s for our high. Seattle doesn't know how to handle those kind of temps. It's 82 already at almost 2 pm. That's crazy.

 Writing: I haven't got anything done with writing at all. I actually have been sick with a cold so my head is all sorts of congested and stuffed, so the last thing I want to do is try and write. I will work on it again soon.

 Video games:
I tried that Castlevania rom awhile ago and haven't touched video games since. I have been thinking about making a raspberry pi computer for emulators. Thinking is the key word here, but I think it would be absolutely amazing and fun to build and program. I have read really cool build stories and the end product are very interesting. 

 Imagine playing Nintendo roms on a Super Nintendo computer. Or playing Super Nintendo roms on a GameCube computer. Or playing Sega roms on a PlayStation 2 computer. The possibilities are endless. 

Here's another one that I just haven't found anything for awhile now. 


 This place is actually in Washington state. I would love to find it and sit there for awhile and just take in the scenery. It looks really scary with no handrails or whatever, but it still would be cool. Well that's it for now. Here's to feeling better and a clear head. Till next time. 

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