Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weekend review 5/24, 25 and 26/14 and the Midweek update.

 Well from the title I got a three day weekend and fell behind on posts. This is actually pretty rare for me to get three day weekend. Let's see, Friday night I watched Pompeii 2014. It had Emily Browning from Ghost Ship and Sucker Punch. Carrie Anne Moss, Trinity! Kit Harington and Kiefer Sutherland amongst others. I actually have always been fascinated by Pompeii. The story of the volcano erupting and instantly turning the people into cement like statues. I would actually go there and see it if I ever traveled. The movie was kinda slow but the main star of the show is the ending, the volcano, so how are you really supposed to make a long movie with the inevitability of death. If that makes sense. It had good acting and graphics. I would buy it.

I had to mow the lawn and all that. Saturday night, we rented The Nut Job and About Last Night. The Nut Job was horrible. I didn't like it. We actually fast forwarded to the end. About Last Night was funny in parts and extremely slow in others. Movie night was pretty disappointing. 

We went to the Value Village sale they had going on. I had told Melissa that I was going to find a console so I can take it apart. Low and behold I found a PlayStation 1 for five bucks. I couldn't pass it up. This is my first step in my Raspberry Pi endeavour. Sunday afternoon I did a seven hour car stereo install for our friends son. I used to do installs all the time, but I was a little rusty. The son had never worked on a car stereo before so it was very slow going. The car was a 94 Acura Integra 2 door hatchback. So the whole back seat had to come out to get to the interior side panels that had to come out. 

 On an Integra, there is a grommet just underneath the battery. I pulled the grommet off and started fishing the power cable through it. It wouldn't budge. I did some quick research and found out the heater core is right next to the grommet, so you have to push the cable down, not straight in. We finally got the cable through. Long, long story short we got everything all setup. It sounded pretty damn nice too. The only thing he didn't have was the farad capacitor. This was an integral part. Without the farad cap, the battery could die all the time. So I had to rig the stereo so we could hear it, but I disconnected all the jumper wires I had so he couldn't use the stereo without the cap. I know, I know, it's cruel, but he's a teenager and would blown his shit without the cap. Live and learn I guess. 

 Sunday night:
We rented the movie Her with Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson as the the voice of Samantha. It was kinda weird and slow in parts, but I thought it was an altogether really good movie. And I know the end would actually probably happen if this ended up being a reality. (It will make sense if you watch the movie.) 

We did our normal Sunday chores and just relaxed. We had an amazing dinner. Well that was my three day weekend. No for the Midweek update.

Is basically a no go for awhile. My brain is not focused on writing at all. I'm drawing a blank on all of my stories, even the ones I have an outline for. So maybe later, in a few months I can retry. So I will leave out writing in future midweek updates unless I actually have something to write about. 

Again I have no new music. Summer is really starting to kick off, so I'm hoping new summer music will too.

 Video games:
I found a rom for The Legend Of Zelda: Links Awakening DX. I couldn't even remember to talk to the dancing lady twice to continue the game. Ha ha. Then I tried The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons. RoboCop 1, 2 and 3. And Mario 64. Mario 64 I am stuck on trying to remember how to beat level 1. For being a metal covered person, RoboCop sure can't take much bullet damage. It's still fun playing my old games.

 Well that's about it for my weekend review / midweek update mash-up. I hope you had a good weekend. Till next time. 

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