Monday, May 5, 2014

Weekend review 5/3/14 - 5/414.

On Friday, I watched 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves. I thought it was a really good movie. I even feel like it's a buy for my collection. I guess from what IMDb says, it was a flop and and waste of money. This reminds me of John Carter. Disney spent 250 million on the movie and then another 200 million in advertising and the movie flopped. Me, I loved John Carter and I will buy it. Basically I'm saying, a lot of the times, I like movies when other people don't. Was it kinda weird seeing Keanu when it was all Asian actors? Yeah kinda, but he also is a good actor and I felt like he sold his role well. I love samurai and martial arts inspired movies. This was another example and a good samurai movie. 

We got to have a weekend of not a lot going on which was nice. So during the afternoon, I rented  The Legend Of Hercules. I really liked this movie. From all the different shows or movies I have seen of Hercules, this stayed true to them. It will be interesting to see the other Hercules movie with The Rock as Hercules. Melissa, even commented, saying, she wanted to see Chris Hemsworth as Hercules. I think that would have been amazing too. But I know he can ask for a pretty penny now because of Thor and Avengers. Kellan Lutz, actually did really good playing the part. He didn't seem as cocky as I thought he would be, especially playing a god character. Definitely, check out 47 Ronin and The Legend Of Hercules.

After watching Hercules I played Dust An Elsyian Tale. It was pretty good. It's a side scrolling hack and slash, button masher. Not too bad for free. Saturday night, we watched The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. This was a slow, twisty story, but awesome movie. Melissa, said she didn't like it so much, but after the end of the movie, I appreciated the movie as a whole. I loved the growth of the character. all around good movie.

We had some chores to do. When we first moved in, we bought a bed set. Our first bed set and we were very excited. It looked good and it went well with our bed.

Now cut to almost five years later. What the above picture doesn't show, is the tears and rips we had in the bed skirt. I actually even tried sewing it, but it didn't work. Cut to the picture below.

 Melissa found this trick on Pinterest. We got two single, fitted sheets and put them on the box springs. This hides the mattress' and makes the bed look way better. I love how you can actually see the bed rails and under the bed a little bit. I did like the bed skirt, but I felt like it was time for a change and this project was only 12 or so bucks. We could have probably waited to get a better deal for the sheets, but we saw how bad the bed skirt was and decided we would do this sooner than later. Clean looks for cheap, can't beat that.

 Another quasi project we finished this weekend. Was our glass checkers / chess board. I actually got the board for free from work. There was a couple scratches and some chips out of the glass, but all and all a very good board. We started looking for glass pieces for the board and they were either too small or right size, but too expensive. We thought we would find something eventually and left it at that. Well we had a care package that never got sent. (Long story) we decided we would go through it and get rid of the spoiled food out of it and salvage what we could. Well we found a chess and checkers set. It was little plastic pieces but we thought it would look good on our empty board.

 I opened the packages and found they were connected to the plastic mold branches. (They were basically like the plastic truck or car model kits. You have to cut the pieces away then trim the stub down.) Well since I am older now, I have a few tools that I didn't have then. I got out my dremel and sanded down the plastic edges, instead of trim them with a exacto blade. No picture was taken of the non fun dremel cutting process, just the after pictures for your enjoyment.

The leather cube at the bottom of the picture, is actually another project that's on our list.
 I think they turned out very well for being dollar store plastic pieces. I want to get the outdoor checker set. This set has five inch diameter pieces. They have a smaller outdoor checker set, with three inch diameter pieces, but I want to display one of the pieces on our shelf when it's not being played. Don't take my idea either. Ha ha. Sunday was May 4th. It's the Star Wars Day. They say "May the force be with you." So the play on words is "May the 4th be with you." Below is a cool picture I found to mark the day.

 If you are even a little bit into Star Wars, you know what shape these things make. AT-ATs! I love AT-ATs. I even did the calculations  Googled the dimensions of the AT-ATs. It comes out to about 60 feet tall and 66 feet long! could you imagine, a six story building walking towards you. I would be amazed, then terrified, then amazed again. I would probably be squished while trying to Instagram a picture of it. I hope you had a great weekend. Live long and prosper and may the 4th be with you. See what I did there? Ha ha. Till next time.

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